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  1. Ah, okay. ...so this week Mr. The Block talks about why he hates New Zealand and gives the "I haven't driven this car much" excuse as a reasoning for placing a measly third with his burned alive co-driver from his previous escort. Then again, he didn't place dead last so he probably did a sneaky driver switch Top Gear style and actually had The Ben Collins drive.
  2. I'm not a musician... no... ? I'm very confused.
  3. I feel like I'm missing something...
  4. I concur. I never agreed to this. I didn't validate my measurement in your statistics.
  5. And the difference would be? No! shut up! I super hate him though!
  6. That reminds me of Dukes of Hazzard when they go over a jump and you can see the frame buckling and the panels bending, next shot it's perfectly fine. Also reminds me that I was watching Travis Pastrana do some trophy truck racing and someone was upset because he does too many sports. Yeah, becoming a world class instrumentalist is really easy too... you only need practice and focus...
  7. Who exactly are you trying to appease? We're all friends in the Mr. Block hate club. Edit* while I have your attention, does DR2 still show up as practically nothing in your control panel? Mine still has no icon, name, publisher info, size, or version number, despite the multiple updates in Steam. I can't believe it's already been coming up to 2 years now.
  8. PCSX2 isn't a perfect emulator, and there's a lot of reasons why, primarily PS2 hardware limitations. The PS2 actually kind of sucks, but for whatever reason people made emulators for that instead of the Xbox. A big thing is that everything it does is interlaced, so it's all real fuzzy. Gran Turismo 4 is one of the very few games that supports 480p (As opposed to the norm on Xbox, with The Matrix even actually hitting 1080p) but it resets itself to 480i every time it boots, and in PCSX2 setting it to 480p makes the menus all blurry. Als, when you lose framerate, it doesn't just drop frames, th
  9. Oh, you for sure hate him. Almost as much as me. You just wish when he took that line into a rock it was he who burst into flames so his co-driver could watch HIM burn. Unfortunately the Fates are cruel mistresses and cut down the wrong person instead. Life isn't fair, why do the good die so young, and the incompetent fools with reckless abandon and evil souls continue to live? Holy **** he also hated McRae and his crowning achievement is causing him to crash. Joe Coggings: What is the best moment of your career? That’s a really tough one but one of the most amazing
  10. On a completely random topic, I've gotten PCSX2 up and running and was playing some old games like Burnout 3, Midnight Club 3, GT4, and Enthusia, and decided to try out my wheel. Enthusia is surprisingly phenomenal. It requires some sort of spring force, which thankfully my wheel has, but after getting the FFB dialed in, it's shockingly good. A real shame it never got a sequel.
  11. How can I love a man so arrogantly hell-bent on wanton destruction of classic rally cars and his co-drivers?
  12. Did you just use Mr. The Block as a positive example? No, no no, this simply will not stand. To the gulag with you!
  13. I absolutely hate this asinine reason to dislike something because of an optional feature. Don't use it. Problem solved. Next you'll tell me that you can't enjoy the game because someone else played it on an easier difficulty. As to liveries, me personally, I couldn't really care less. So when the forum is full of pages of posts about liveries I just moan and scroll past them. That being said, a lot of the default liveries are quite boring and/or ugly. A lot of them I end up just going for plain white/black/red.
  14. Oh yeah? Well tell me how ***** isn't family friendly? Not to mention sometimes the censor just breaks. Haha, amazing example. Edit* the censor started to work. **** Please PJ, keep your Fulvia between you and your doctor. *Imagine John Lithgow and Jane Curtin here* Dr. Mary Albright: For future reference: I have a red Volvo. Dr. **** Solomon: Please, Dr. Albright, we barely know each other.
  15. That's disappointing. I thought maybe I would learn a new word today.
  16. I don't know what 3 letter word the forum would censor that makes any sense in that context. I understand 4 of those translated words. In completely unrelated topic, @PJTierney could you bother someone on the Grid crew to fix the 21:9 HUD? It's basically just what seems to be regular 16:9, but set to the left. Which is all sorts of wrong.
  17. Well tell them they did it wrong.
  18. What bothers me more than the Tesla sized panel gaps is the manufacturer logos that are too big and seem to just barely squeeze in.
  19. Yeah, you can just add a subsurf to the road, boom, done. Ship the game.
  20. At least you know what gear you're in.
  21. Dirt 4 and DR2 use a PBR pipeline, unless the ground has emission shaders in it, it's a mix of being slightly too reflective with exposure issues. Maybe toss bloom in there too. Is it damaged?
  22. This game doesn't have heat haze. Yes, and no. No and yes. But this game doesn't have it either way. It seems more like an exposure problem than a material problem, though the materials do seem a bit over reflective. 2 weeks of work. But after 3 games, it probably should've been fixed by now.
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