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  1. I 100% won't be there if that happens. I think the last EA game I actually was interested in was BF4 in 2013.
  2. I can if it's true. Just because it isn't a regulated standard doesn't mean it's not a standard.
  3. 99% of websites stick to grayscale and of all the major websites, Steam is the only one that does something off grayscale. And it is a "standard" for eye strain relief. It's much less hard to look at white or black than bright colors like red, green, yellow, and purer tones of blue.
  4. That doesn't answer the question. There's basic website design standards, and one of the big ones is "Don't use a bright irritating background color." You stick within the grayscale as it's easiest on the eyes.
  5. Nevermind. I don't really care about "dark mode" and I'm perfectly fine with white, but I don't know who thought red was a good idea.
  6. Not when I joined in 2015.
  7. Red was not always the default. It used to be black, then it became red and I hated it. You could make it black again somehow. With any luck they removed that feature so now no one will want to be here. They did fix the icon... unfortunately it's also red now too. think just black on alpha would look better than a red square. It could also then be bigger for improved clarity. Compared to something like this
  8. I've been wanting to say this for a while, your... webpage tag logo seems missing or broken? It's a small thing but it's very annoying to me. Just the CM logo should be there. And how do I make it not red again, and more importantly who thought that was a good idea?
  9. Stuff like that is why I don't do online races. I do what I find fun rather than fast. Like Forza online everyone else will be in S class GT3 cars and I'm in a A class Focus. Slow car fast > Fast car fast.
  10. I mean, what's the point in a Subaru if you don't go sideways?
  11. I think I mentioned before I tried the Horizon 4 demo and took some screenshots I liked. But I like this one, try to guess which one is me.
  12. Well yeah, but that's what I said in the first place. He bought it, said he would "modernize" it, then did that. Then frickin' Steve here is all like "Well actually, garbled mumbo technical nerd speak jumble, yes." Way to go and make things all complicated.
  13. I feel like you're forgetting the part where you're super into it and I'm like "Ooh, look! Shiny!" I have no idea what any of that means.
  14. He said in the initial build videos he was going to "modernize" it with better kit.
  15. Seems like a throwback to the old Subaru DC Shoes paint drips. I still have a pair of those DCs around I haven't worn in a very long time.
  16. I do like the re-introduction of the paint drip theme. Curious if he's keeping the RS 200.
  17. I heard from PRC that D5 isn't actually much like D2 at all, which was a fantastic game. WRC can't license an entire region.
  18. Croatia confirmed DiRT 2 remake.
  19. @PJTierney Well this is some sad ****. Our boy Austin got sacked by the EA/CM HR team over that lunatic Jason Jacoby after Ian Bell defended him and tried to keep him on. Some more info in his blog post: https://pretendracecars.net/2021/04/17/dear-sim-devs-stop-being-insane/
  20. Considering I've only used an Xbox controller I've never had any problems with it on any game across any platform. I could list probably a dozen instances of Steam not caring about the "gamers" in favor of money. In either case, that's simply a feature which is probably a byproduct of something else they tried to do for money rather than Good Guy Valve doing something for the "gamers." ...? It's the same or lower price as Steam? Not one of their "exclusives" nor any other standard title has been priced higher by being on EGS.
  21. It's really not anti-consumer though. You're still very capable of buying it at the same price. It's a dumb argument. "I won't buy that game on EGS, I'll just buy it on Steam so EGS doesn't get any traction and fails." EGS decides they need to do something to bring people to their platform, so they try a limited exclusivity deal that benefits the developers. "I won't buy that game on EGS, I'll just buy it on Steam later so EGS doesn't get any traction and fails." What's irritating to me is that people have this weird Stockholm syndrome thing going on with Steam, and
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