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  1. In unrelated news, Riders Republic (aka Steep 2) was supposed to launch in February and has been indefinitely delayed with no footage, photos, or anything since reveal announcement. Games are getting more and more "Give us your money but we're not even going to show anything about it first."
  2. Ironically, Porsche may or may not be present.
  3. Jus sayin, every time there's a question it's like "Don't look at me!" You dodge more questions than a scandalous politician.
  4. So what exactly is it, that you do do?
  5. So I went on the internet and I found this.
  6. It looks shockingly similar to DR without the filters though. On RD there's some guy who just ported over textures from DR's levels to D3. There's also someone who's done physics modding for DR, no idea if it's any good, but I guess you can put that physics mod into D3 too. What auto barrel roll software?
  7. On a completely different note, I'm reinstalling Dirt 3 for some slidey drifty fun, and I'm curious how it must've felt/feel to be on the art team, put all this work into the environments and colors, make everything look really good and well balanced, and then have someone come in and put ****** color graded filters over everything. I mean, this extends well beyond Dirt, and any game that lets you mod these filters out always looks better. Same with Dirt 2, it looks WAY better without filters.
  8. But there's still 40+gb of other tracks I don't own. And my point remains valid. The day before it was fine, and now there's a 9gb update for something that seemingly only affected single player, and not even something you would have to worry about. It's just bloat and it's becoming common in everything. A lot of games now I don't even bother with because I don't want to download 100gb of poorly space optimized games because they need to jam in skins and DLC I don't own so I can quickly buy it to access something that's already on my PC.
  9. Well good thing I uninstalled the game like a year ago. I'm sick of trying to launch a game and needing a 10gb update when it was fine yesterday just so I can host content I don't "own" on my PC.
  10. Did I miss something? Why is there an update, and why so large?
  11. Signing a deal with EA is like making a deal with the devil. The laundry list of companies they've taken to the cleaners is extensive and in a few cases even shuttered some companies outside EA. I'm going to be optimistic and give CM 2 or 3 games under hellish conditions before EA shutters them or folds them in with the crippled Criterion to work on Need for Speed. EA's website claims 20 studios under it's belt, at least 8 of them are mobile devs or part time support, the rest are questionable as to what they actually do outside the few known names. They've shuttered at least 14 studios.
  12. Tucson has an annual gem show every February that's been going on straight since 1955 and it's completely cancelled as far as I'm aware. Wouldn't want people out n about buying stuff. though no one probably has money now anyway. The fact that you responded to that with a game on the Ps1 from over 20 years ago that has that feature is pretty great. I'm certainly no game maker, but it's pretty ludicrous that they could do that in every game since the PS1 and CM hasn't ever done it.
  13. Pretty sure Showdown doesn't have rally. At least, I've beaten the game and I don't remember any.
  14. I don't like his lispy voice either, but he also physically says a lot of memes that annoys me. Never watched him commentate on races. At least with SlapTrain if you think about it like the car version of the typical surfer bum it's not so bad.
  15. What insult? I'm frankly getting really fed up with people being insulted for no reason. I don't even care if I did, grow up and get over it. How do people go through life like that? I can only assume you're offended because I said no one knows who he is. His last 20 videos have an average of 2271 views in a range from 156 to 5000 at the peak, minus a WR run with 20k. That's the peak of his views. No one's heard of him outside this forum and maybe people looking at the Dirt leaderboards. Jimmy Broadbent's last 20 videos have an average of 140700 in a range of 72000 to 486000.
  16. No, I'm being factual. You have a product to sell. Do you sponsor someone with 4 million viewers, or someone with 30 viewers? Which gives you more exposure and in turn more sales? Why do you think SlapTrain and Donut Media are in Dirt 5? They get views. You guys need to grow up.
  17. That's an oxymoron. The pick the content creators with the most views. That's YouTube/Twitch in a nutshell. I don't think enough people really care enough to follow dirt and watch all the posted videos outside series fans. i.e. I highly doubt CM and the Dirt team are making a big impact either way. Jimmy Broadbent sucks and I personally hate that he's a full grown man literally living in a shed in his parents back yard but has $6000 of sim gear, but he's entertaining. Apparently. Watching some guy do the same race without any commentary or engagement of any sort is really boring.
  18. Oh, it's definitely some excellent work, I just don't like the way it looks. The split front lip is one of my biggest dislikes. I guess if it's designed for Safari that makes more sense as a rally raid thing. Wow. I just watched that, and man it's boring. I had more excitement watching James May organize wrenches. Does anyone still watch Top Gear? Well duh. It's marketing. The sole intention is to get it to the eyeholes of as many people as possible. No one's heard of you or the rest of the alien squad. You might be more interested in silent world record runs, but the vast
  19. Yeah, I'm glad the company is still around, but it looks very odd. Way more Baja/Rally raid than rally. The lift kit and little front fins make it look... I don't even know.
  20. I keep saying it's false because it's false. The wheel can and will turn just as fast as my arms can physically move holding nothing but a dinner plate. If I turn the drift mode up it will literally spin faster than I can keep up with, bounce off one opposite lock, spin all the way across the range, and bounce off the other. You can very much argue that having no FFB will make you faster, and I'd probably agree. Not for me, because I hate it, but for people who are used to it, yes. I'm disagreeing with you saying the Logi wheel turns faster. That particular statement makes no sense. Just
  21. Do they race with shovels? Well, there's a few reasons for that. I bought my wheel right as DR and PCars 1 came out. At the time I had very little experience with wheels at all. As such my setup was all kinds of screwy trying to figure out the mess that "sim racing" FFB is. Also at the time, I didn't even have a car yet. Might've had a license, but no driving experience and no drivers ed. My first day of going to a new job also marked my first day driving. Buying the wheel was intended to be practice for driving. I quickly learned sim racing is a super ****** alternative
  22. Actually it directly does as the motor is assisting you in changing direction, but you can keep arguing something that isn't true if you'd like. This too. The "mechanical" (Because gears aren't mechanical now I guess) wheels can be turned to low DOR and FFB. That is if you're a silly man baby playing sims but have to play it in an expressly unrealistic way.
  23. Fanatec has a drift mode setting that will literally spin the wheel from lock to lock bouncing back and forth. I use 2/5 to keep the FFB in a reasonable range.
  24. It's basically guaranteed. With or without EA the servers would eventually be shut down. When has EA shut down servers very early for a game that wasn't a massive flop that no one plays? I'm pretty sure Anthem still has servers running. And there's no way you can be sure EA will make your nonsense concerns. Compared to Battlefield, Fifa, Madden, Battlefront, Anthem, NFS games that have more than 1 car at a time, no. It's not hugely multiplayer. Most people will do the "online" career mode or single races. There's no incentive to do online rallying when it's just the same as doing
  25. That was always going to happen anyway. CM titles all get pulled off the store shelf because they don't update licenses. It's using a central CM server instead of private. I don't think EA is going to expedite the closure of the servers though. I get the get feeling they'd do that anyway. We all knew going into it an online career mode was what's widely regarded as a "bad move" and they did anyways. Again, I don't know why you think EA would push for that. It's not a hugely multiplayer title, and even Battlefield has a single player campaign. NFS Heat also seems to let you play offline.
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