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  1. Hatward is on vacation so no dirt show this week according to Paul's twittah! Well doesn't that just figure.
  2. Well, they keep mentioning you on console release, so I guess there's that. Maybe you'll get VIP status. Don't really think there would be a maybe to that. Everyone that got called up to visit Codemasters and play the game months before it was announced was always going to be a VIP, and rightly so. It's hard to really think what could better qualify someone for the shield.. That much was talked about way back in July. Come to think of it, I think everyone that visited Codemasters is in the credits. I can check that and post a screen if you want @tbtstt  Just as long as he's th
  3. I think we need another visit to Codies HQ to make sure progress is going well on the console version ;) This may well be the best post in the thread.  Have you actually even touched the game yet? In the last couple of months, no. :( I last played it just prior to the release of the World Rallycross content and the most play time I've had with it was waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in October last year at Codemasters... ...hopefully you can see why I'm desperate to play it again! Well, they keep mentioning you on console release, so I guess there's that. Maybe you'll get VIP status.
  4. I think we need another visit to Codies HQ to make sure progress is going well on the console version ;) This may well be the best post in the thread.  Have you actually even touched the game yet?
  5. I don't remember that ever actually being an option. I did however make a poll about the ability to change tire types, but I don't think anyone looked at it. It makes more sense than changing grip levels for some reason?
  6. For anyone wondering about the new cars sound, I have a cheap pair of Logitech 5.1 speakers tied to my chair, playing from internal view is as follows; Polo: sounds great, nice backfire popping behind me. Hyundai: Holy HELL!! Who let out the pissed off panther behind me?! It sounds like it hasn't eaten in 3 weeks and has it's eyes on me. https://youtu.be/SYNOroZMSGI
  7. But I spent countless hours making a slow motion video that was posted in a road book!  I want VIP!  Btw, how do you check lol. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8scNHa9swBs 136 likes no dislikes I helped!  haha Btw I plan on doing another video once Sweden is released.  Undecided it if should be all slow motion again or a mix, thinking of making it a community effort.  Maybe a mix of my clips and clips from the CM forum members.  Have to pick a song to get started, then I'll probably make a thread for it where you can send me your videos.  Soon.. It doe
  8. The name "Tarmac Terrors" is a play on the words, due to the fact that it brought Group B RWD cars into the game and Group B has a phrase going around it "We The Terrors". Nothing "Call of Duty" about it. Believe it or not, but the word terrorists derives from the word "terror", which means something terrifying and was "invented" way before Activision even became a thought. I like how Activision somehow begat terror, or something? I'm confused.
  9. I can't help but notice the lack of grey-ness. Probably the biggest reason I don't play on Wales much, it's more depressing than Seattle. Has anyone made a color fix for it?
  10. What the? :D Can I have some of the stuff you're on? (thanks for the praise ;) ) I like your hat.
  11. @RinusRally Let's also be fair, if VIP is simply a couple new liveries, I give it about 24 hours for it to become publicly available.
  12. The problem is, mods don't actually make it in the game, or affect it at all really. They don't change development or make the game... more attractive? I can't think of the right words, but unofficial modded liveries and xml changes really don't affect anything. Porky (as far as I know) has been here since the beginning. I bought after the PP update. Porky has always kept the community alive and laughing, and other people have helped make bigger decisions and are more invested. Don't get me wrong, the mods are great, but they didn't really change anything. The entirety of the community was com
  13. Not sure if VIP really does anything other than a few extra liveries, but I nominate @Porkhammer  if he isn't already. Entire tributes and movies, including documentaries and comedies could be solely based on him. Here's to you, Porky! Live on! https://youtu.be/7oday_Fc-Gc
  14. Tease what? Steamworks integration for tuning and FFB setups was revealed via Twitter. A car was teased with a really heavily cropped part of a really obscure part, and all but confirmed within a few hours so it didn't even spark a protracted period of discussion. Amazon.de dropped a clanger. Winter Wonderland features Sweden and it's going to be snowy. Ratings boards are starting to suggest that not only could a console version be happening, it might be sooner than we thought. Well all the other updates had a little teaser trailer/commercial, don't know when it's release was compared to
  15. The easiest fix is to simply disable the mouse in game, leaving it enabled when paused or in menus. No special trickery involved of any kind, and obliterates the problem entirely. Realistically, there's absolutely no reason to have mouse function in game, it doesn't do anything until the pause menu pops up.
  16. As much as I don't like hackers, it could be fun to mess with, and makes me think mods could be possible. Frankly, I don't care much for online stuff, but he's obviously being an ass on purpose.
  17. Nah, I don't know Kylotonnes licensing agreement, but unless they have full exclusivity, like EA and Porsche, any other game with the right stuff (usually money) can license it as well.
  18. Mmmm... floppies, a whopping 1.4 Mb of storage, combined with a PC that had a 1.2 Ghz dual core, 40 Mb of HDD and 128 Mb of ram, and they called you insane, you'd never need that much storage and speed. We still have a large collection of floppies, disc drives, and 258 MB DDR333 ram cards, and 1 old Nvidia GTX.
  19. I can't believe what I'm reading. I think Dirt 2 had the most hateful menu system in human history. I also thought the interaction was shit, what race driver talks to his opponents mid-race? Dirt 3's menus were shit too, not because of their style, but because they were so awfully slow. Getting from one spot in the menus to another took longer than driving a stage. My main gripe with Dirt Rally's menu is that you can't read anything against the bright background, but thankfully I know what is where anyway. I think menus aren't games, they're supposed to get me where I want to go quickly and
  20. Yeah, I like Dirt 2's menu system. I don't like 1 or 3s weird floating tiles against white speckly space. It's just kind of weird. I also liked the interaction of Dirt 2 more than 3. In 2 if you smack into someone they get on they radio and yell at you, in 3 there's no interaction whatsoever. However looking back on it, Dirt 1 had the most types of vehicles, and I always wanted to try the big truck racing. I still feel like the next dirt game could be like that, more off road in general, but maybe people didn't like the trucks?
  21. I played the DiRT 1 and 2 demos on the 360, and my wheel worked great with them. I would've liked the original DiRT but I can't get that either. DiRT 3 is fine, but I liked 2.
  22. Just wish I could've played Dirt 2, but nooo, had to pull it off the market just because windows live went down. Grr! ended up getting Dirt 3.
  23. I like when you revisit a Youtube video or something you saw when it came out and realize, "Good lord, that was 5 years ago?"
  24. Wow. Surprisingly I still think Clarkson is better.
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