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  1. Pretty much. It should really look like this, The sad thing is, that's actually really close to how DiRT 1 and 2 looked. I got a mod for D2 that kills the filters and it looks so much better. What's kind of weird is some of the menu stuff was intentionally designed with the filters, so without them they end up being kind of dark and weird, but the tracks look great.
  2. Not really a massive difference. I'd like to see more content in general like the first 2 games had. And ACAT. Like Kamaz on tiny hillclimb courses.
  3. Ah. I haven't tried it with a controller, but I've only heard it's not great. Then again, so is basically anything else that isn't CM. So at least they've got that going for them.
  4. I did a race around Laguna Seca in the Lotus 49 which was pretty good. Then I did a race around Nurburgring in go-karts. If you manage to not touch dirt or spin it's really easy to beat the AI. I didn't, but I did get a screenshot of ~5 karts on the carousel. The base driving is actually really enjoyable now. I'm just currently at the point where I want my desk space more than a racing wheel. I'd say it's worth checking out. It has a lot of cars and tracks with a bunch of little customization options in terms of setups and race rules n such. If you're curious, here's the link to the FFB f
  5. Just to sum up along with some additional points, I said that AC isn't very good and is only really supported by mods, to which you responded with "Well yeah, but there's mods." Like, that really doesn't invalidate my argument. As an aside, I also don't like AC personally because the triple screen mode doesn't function correctly. It reports 60+ fps, yet it still gets half second long screen tears across all 3 monitors. It's the only game with that issue. The argument about it being an indie studio, thus it doesn't look good, again, the shader patch, and also there's a small team from
  6. Agreed, a lot of stock AC cars are terrible. Once again, not very convincing that it's a good game. The most noticeable one that immediately stands out is the GT86 which in reality is fantastic at low speed drifting, something PC2 handles quite well. It doesn't drift at all in AC and is an outright bore. Base game content should however have a baseline performance metric to match up to in terms of quality. The number of gears, sure, that's easy to find. The correct gear ratios, suspension geometry, spring rates, wheel angle/rotation, etc. aren't so easy to find. It's not like modd
  7. That by definition means it's not that great and is held up by mods. "It doesn't suck, it's just not as good as anything else." I also find it interesting that everything they said was impossible (like night time and multiple light sources) was implemented by modders in an engine created by the devs. I'll see if I can find it, but Lord Kunos himself said they shut down the mod section because people were "inflating their ego" and not releasing finished products. I'd call that butthurt when you add on top the fact that the largest modders were continually on the verge of being bann
  8. Assetto Corsa sucks though. The only reason it's alive always has been mods the devs got all butthurt about and banned from their forum.
  9. Would've been cool if Sony and MS weren't such buttholes moving from last gen to current gen. My Fanatec initially worked fine on PS4 until Sony patched it out because it wasn't an official "PS4 wheel." Same thing with MS, except it never worked. No reason the Xone couldn't use it.
  10. I knew a girl once with a battle beaver, except... nevermind. This is a family friendly forum.
  11. I need to get a new thumbstick. Over time the left one has worn out and it's not super accurate anymore in diagonal directions.
  12. Once again, I always found DriveClub, much like Onrush and Dirt 5, to be very exaggerated. Thus blatantly CG/video gamey. It's kind of like how you can just tell UE4 games from the look because everything has a weird amount of gloss to it. DR2 doesn't do that. I just don't get it.
  13. Ironically, every time I look at Driveclub I'm acutely aware that it's a game. Just looks a little off, kind of like the new God of War. Something about it just looks a tad weird. But again, aside from the trees being too dark and a bit weird overall, DR2 is really good. That comparison is really not good though. One is in an open environment on a bright sunny day, the other is in a forest on an overcast day. Either way, even with dark trees it doesn't look like a drawing. And if trees were the only issue, only Wales would look bad. The other environments have fewer trees that don't look
  14. A few years ago we had some Japanese guys come out for business. We dropped them off there and a few hours later we got a call from a rather confused lady at the counter. Jeez. Still smaller than COD. What's the difference between Bing and Google? Other than the fact I forgot Bing exists?
  15. So you want the game to actively look like misplaced objects? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. It makes no sense. Nothing in RBR blends in together in a realistic fashion. It doesn't look "photographic" or photorealistic. DR2 looks pretty photorealistic. A photo collage by definition is just a bunch of random pictures mashed together that basically have no correlation, and thus are explicitly not photorealistic. I still don't understand what you're talking about, other than I guess DR2 should just say "**** lighting and realistic materials for a photorealistic look, let's
  16. I don't mean to be rude, but yeah, no ****. It's not like the textures in DR2 aren't taken from actual photographic reference material. Why would they send scouting teams with cameras to locations to just not utilize any of it? Unless you're doing something with a specific art style or the physical object doesn't exist you'll be using photographic references and textures. The only difference here is once again that RBR has no shadows. If the colors are "oversaturated" then turn the saturation down. Problem solved. But I'll tell you with 100% certainty that they aren't. I don't understa
  17. I just find it interesting that I know (mildly) a bunch of American and British aircraft, and of course the Zero, but barely any German. Seems odd the Brits wouldn't know icons like the Mustang and Corsair. It's not like the Spitfire ever flew over here. Luckily here we have the airplane graveyard and the Pima Air & Space which is like the largest private museum. Probably not as cool as the Smithsonian, but they do restorations and most of it is donated. Then there's the air base airshows if you want to see modern stuff. How big is the download for MSFS?
  18. That doesn't even make sense. The game has basic flat lighting with little to no shadows and photographed textures. It literally can't be anything other than "photographic." Unless you're talking about... cinematic or something. I'm assuming you're talking about the graphics, and I'm telling you that with basic flat lighting and photographed 2d tree sprites it will only look "photographic" unless you do something like Auto Modellista and do cel shading. And I can verifiably prove that. Kingdom Come Deliverance is using the Cryengine, which still has by far the best rendering engine of any
  19. Not necessarily. There's a guy on YouTube I've been watching called ColourShed and he's been reviewing a whole bunch of racing/driving games he'd never played, Forza included. He only recently played FM4 for the review for the first time and he thoroughly enjoyed it. It's actually kind of neat to see someone play old nostalgic games like Midnight Club and Burnout and come to the conclusion that they're still actually pretty fun. RBR though? RBR is not very good now, and has been outclassed for a while. It's mostly only alive because there's mods and there hasn't been too
  20. It's supposed to be a Spitfire, but at this scale in Lego they look very similar. Not really shown here is a small air scoop underneath and the two wing box things. Hurricane don't have that. Based on this image of the two though, I couldn't possibly differentiate between the two at this scale. Although given the tail rudder is so massive, maybe I should just call it the Hurricane... To be 100%, I didn't make the Mustang but I don't think I'd change anything about it. I guess with some color variation it could look more like a German plane. As to the Spitfire insignia, it was just t
  21. Definitively not a Stuka. The wingtips are round and it's blue. The 109 I can see, but no. Correct, correct, I don't even know what that is. That's what I thought. Doesn't look like a Stuka at all. It has the round nose and the distinctive wings. Here I wasn't happy with the Spitfire, but apparently the corsair is just straight terribad.
  22. In entirely unrelated news, I got bored and messed around with Lego. 50 points to whoever can guess what they are.
  23. The next proper Dirt game is Dirt 5.
  24. I get why it exists, but I hate it. Makes it hard to really know where the car is pointed.
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