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  1. Coming soon to a System near you. And yes, it's real. This will actually be in game.
  2. Oh, I wasn't being nostalgic. The first time I watched it was a week ago. It was just funny that after shooting him he just throws the gun in his face. For slightly more context, there's a channel here that shows some cheesy movies with a "presenter" for some added humor.
  3. @PJTierney For context, it's called Billy the Kid Vs Dracula. After shooting him 12 times, which does literally nothing, Billy the kid just chucks his gun at his face and that knocks him out. It was fantastic. Not even Doctor Who is at that level.
  4. This is unrelated to anything, it was just the ending of a cheesy movie that was on the other night I thought was funny.
  5. I just played some D2 with the awful color filters removed, and it still looks shockingly good, especially the reflections are super sharp. Locations are cool too. Hope D5 has a good handling model.
  6. Holy **** the lockdown needs to end soon.
  7. Youtube keeps recommending this, and I can't tell if it's real or not. *Edit: Oh my God, it's actually legit. It's sponsored by the actual Envision Virgin Racing. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV-oK1xe9nSAUUrNI-TrS0g
  8. Has anyone seen the info about the PS5 audio engine? They're really leaning into it. Seems like what was available on PCs 17 years ago is finally coming back.
  9. The only thing I kind of dislike about the new method of HDRs is that they feel pasted onto a skybox, and not as 3D as FH2's system. I can understand the HDR method being simpler though. I remember them talking about how in FH2 the atmosphere is physically calculated, and you can see physical rainbows after the rain if you're in the right spot. I don't see how that would be done with the HDR system without having the rainbow baked in or forced on in certain areas. Part of me wishes they did something like Burnout Paradise and let you change the time scale or match local time. I always tho
  10. Oh, wow, that's way more impressive. I was thinking it would need at least a 10 series or something. If you can actually run it on a 970 that's pretty crazy. They had a demo with some UE4 integration, but it didn't seem to handle in game scene light data very well. For reference it was a cave in scene, but when some sprites kicked up when most of the light was extinguished the dust sprites were pretty bright. I guess that's unlikely to be a major issue here though since it's primarily outdoors in sunlight. Little disappointing that there won't be any volumetrics, even low res ones. B
  11. that was pretty clear from the get go.
  12. Oooh, best be ready gents, next gen dust coming #soon. Just out of curiosity, since it's actually running real time, what kind of hardware is needed for that? It also claims to have game integration, but I'm kind of assuming that's still primarily sprite based or something. Also, are you primarily focusing on one title, or are you working on multiples?
  13. Oh? I didn't know Mr. The Block worked with them. @urgaffel How does this make you feel? https://jangafx.com/software/embergen/
  14. I thought it was supposed to be too taxing on the CPU, because for whatever reason it was dynamic instead of just a filter.
  15. Huh? Most sound design is done in the studio and CM have pushed hard into sound design since the launch of the 360. Doing field or foley recording isn't particularly difficult. BeamNG literally didn't have a sound designer until they got the guy from CM. Kunos Simulazioni is garbage and can't tell their ass from their elbows. They actually had a big post on their forum about how they do their sound recording, and it's most of the same equipment and it still sounds bad. They barely have functioning surround sound. I mean, that might've changed with the switch to UE4, but AC is not good.
  16. No offense to the guy, but nothing in that video is anything someone else couldn't do. I mean, he probably does other stuff, but recording isn't that hard.
  17. Eh, one of them left CM and they're working with the BeamNG guys, so they're finally starting to get some audio going. Spread the love man. Since that CM guy went to BeamNG it's gotten proper engine audio, 5.1 support, foley sound, impacts, surface types, etc.
  18. Straw man arguments. I'm not responding to "counterarguments" which equate to "What you're actually saying is..." See, this is a perfect example. I never said there was only one type of orange. Though I will admit, I thought of tangerines as their own fruit and not a variety of orange. If they do it right it should operate something like Turn 10 and Playground games, where they have a game every alternating year, and they help each other out to enhance the engine and add new features. In a sense Horizon (D5 in this case) is like a test bed for new features like dynamic l
  19. This week Mr. The Block beats a 13 year old girl into submission. Also, seems like intentionally wrecking the **** out of whatever your driving is genetic.
  20. Better start a BTCC thread in the DR section and get that **** out of here. This is only for Dirt Rally discussion. Why would it come in small waves? The life cycle for DR2 is done and there isn't any more DLC planned, outside of supposed small changes. And D5 looks nothing like micro machines.
  21. It's still dumb. We still use this thread to discuss a vast array of things, and there isn't an actual Dirt 5 forum section anyone can use. Even the other "Dirt gossip thread" is still in the Dirt Rally section. If we talk about WRC 8, Assetto Corsa, classic arcade games, and Jennifer Aniston, why do we have to talk about D5 in another thread in the same Dirt Rally section? As to the D5 devs, it's not like they can't also just be in this thread, especially considering there isn't a D5 section. It's not a very complicated line of thought. It's not like the Dirt Rally thread is going t
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