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  1. It's a shame, because I just got a T300RS and I wouldn't get to enjoy F1 2015 with it.
  2. I have all all the F1 games since 2010, but if there is no career mode I'm definitely not buying it.
  3. Same. Career mode was really the main reason I played the games. If it's gone, I'd probably not buy it.
  4. It won't, I'd be surprised if any AAA games support it. You need a really high resolution and a very high framerate, the PS4 isn't powerful enough for that and still have decent graphics. I wouldn't be surprised if Morpheus was for PS5  PCARS is supposedly going to support Project Morpheus.
  5. I have had the same issue. AI race pace is too close to qualifying pace.
  6. GRID and the F1 games are made by separate studios.
  7. Yes, I've complained about this as well. In F1 2013 and F1 2014 the race pace is too close to qualifying pace. The AI's fastest race laps are only 1-2 seconds slower than their qualifying laps, whereas in real life the difference is more like 3-4 seconds.
  8. I hope F1 2015 will have Project Morpheus and Oculus Rift support.
  9. I've seen people post this before, but did not notice this to be the case personally.
  10. This was not the case in F1 2010. In F1 2010, the AI was extremely slow in the wet. If you had a wet race, you were pretty much guaranteed a win.
  11. I wasn't expecting live the life to return for 2014 anyway especially after it was confirmed it was a old gen game.  I always thought we'd have to wait until this series goes next gen at least before that can enter the discussion so hopefully in 2015 there's a chance that can come back. I agree. I wasn't disappointed about 2014 lacking live the life in particular, but as the series progressed as a whole.
  12. I think 2014 is a slight improvement over 2013, but yeah, not really enough of a difference to warrant a completely new game. It's still a good game on it's own, but considering 2013 already exists it's a bit disappointing. I think that having the license requires them to produce a new game every year, so I don't really blame them. I'm still going to have fun playing it, so I have no regrets buying the game. In particular, I'm disappointed that all the "live the life" stuff has been reduced year after year. Since 2010, I was expecting that aspect to become more and more prominent with each ne
  13. PS3 G27. I put Linearity on 40% and the rest 0% and it feels pretty good to me.
  14. I hope they've rebalanced the AI pace between qualify and race. In F1 2013 the race pace was too close to qualifying pace.
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