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  1. I haven't seen one yet, so maybe @Loore can create one and sticky it, then consolidate all reported bugs in the first post or something. I have encountered 2 bugs so far on PS3, neither game-breaking. 1. For the second race of an event where the grid is supposed to be in reversed order, I've had it happen where I don't start in the proper position and it just puts me on pole. I have seen another person report this happening on this forum as well, so I'm not the only one. I quit and resumed the season and it went back to how it was supposed to be. [EDIT] Just saw that this one is going to be fixed with the first patch. 2. When racing open-wheel, after the race when it shows a close-up of my car, the driver goes missing and the car is just driving itself. This is not a random glitch, it happens every single time that I've played.
  2. I got it a day before release date I guess because the post office was efficient :p As typical of every recent Codemasters game I've ever played, the first thing I had to do was spend at least 15 minutes messing around with the Advanced Wheel Settings. But this time I kind of screwed it up for myself, because thinking that I have a 900 degree steering wheel I should set Multiturn to ON. That was a mistake. I spent like 10 minutes fiddling around with the settings and nothing I did made the game even remotely playable. I then turned Multiturn OFF, and it was more or less perfect with the default settings *facepalm*. As I've complained with every CM game, they should really have a description for what each setting actually does. Now that I got the negativity over with, on to the fun bit :D I'm playing Career mode with very hard AI, full damage, 5x flashbacks, all aids off except ABS, interior dashboard view (no steering wheel), and 5x race distance. I just did the first race in Touring, and had a choice between Team Oakley with a Chevy Cruz and Team Razer with a Ford Focus. I chose Team Razer because I like the Focus more. I would guess that these are teams at the lower end of the field, and even though Touring has more or less equal cars, the lower end teams are less developed and has less upgrades which make them slightly slower. The first race was on a version of the Istanbul circuit. I did the full Practice session to get the hang of the car and track. The handling of the cars are very good. They are still a touch floaty, with less sense of weight than I would like, but nowhere near the extent of how GRID 1 was. That being said, however, I was still a bit disappointed because I was expecting for it to feel more like their F1 games. The handling of the cars in their F1 games feel rock solid, with no floatiness whatsoever. So that shows me that they are definitely capable of producing a handling model that feels absolutely solid, but they chose not to. I don't know why they made this choice, maybe it's a distinctive GRID thing. But it's still very good and definitely very playable, even if it doesn't feel like you're as much in control of the car as you'd think you should be. Maybe open wheel would feel more like the F1 cars, but I haven't played that yet. But if I've never played the F1 games to compare, I'd still be more than happy with the handling. I then did Qualifying, which is just 3 flying laps. I ended up qualifying 5th, behind the two Ravenwest cars on the front row and the two Team Kicker cars in the second row. Now the race is where this game really shines. I'm playing 5x race distance, so this is a 15 lap race. On very hard AI difficulty, the AI are fast. It really seemed like they were wringing out the last ounce of performance in those cars, because I could barely keep up when I was driving flat out. When you first start out with a crappy team, you wouldn't expect to start winning every race... and in this game you don't. I was lucky on the first lap to get past the 4th place Team Kicker car when the field was still bunched together. But as the laps went on, the leading three cars pulled away from me at about half a second per lap, and the Kicker car I just passed was all over my back like a bad suit. The AI are very quick and very professional. They do bump a bit sometimes, but nothing crazy. The odd thing I noticed was that they sometimes hit me on the rear quarter panel at the end of the straight when they cut back across the track to the racing line after pulling out to get alongside me. But I think this is just a bit of a glitch in their programming, and not done intentionally to be dirty. I had to race defensively the whole race to keep the guy behind me. Then around 2/3 through the race, I suddenly saw the 3rd place car a lot closer to me than in the previous few laps. I got closer and saw sparks flying out of the car. Even then he kept a pretty good pace, and it took me a couple of laps to close up behind him. He eventually made a mistake, and I passed him around the outside of turn 1. I ended up finishing 3rd in my first race, 8.5 seconds behind the race winner. The race was so intense I was literally breaking out in a cold sweat at the end. In real life racing, you wouldn't expect to be winning every race, especially in an inferior car. Unlike most other racing games, which pander to the lowest common denominator, and give you more than a good chance to win every race, GRID Autosport made me feel ecstatic to finish 3rd. I felt happier and more excited getting this 3rd place than winning any race in Gran Turismo. So far I am very impressed. The racing in this game is far better than any non-Codemasters racing game I've ever played. It is a home run smash hit as far as I'm concerned. [EDIT] Changed the thread title because I just realized there's another thread with the exact same title.
  3. Awong124

    F1 2015 No Career mode??

    It's a shame, because I just got a T300RS and I wouldn't get to enjoy F1 2015 with it.
  4. Awong124

    F1 2015 No Career mode??

    I have all all the F1 games since 2010, but if there is no career mode I'm definitely not buying it.
  5. Awong124

    Little research

    Same. Career mode was really the main reason I played the games. If it's gone, I'd probably not buy it.
  6. Awong124

    oculus vr implementation

    It won't, I'd be surprised if any AAA games support it. You need a really high resolution and a very high framerate, the PS4 isn't powerful enough for that and still have decent graphics. I wouldn't be surprised if Morpheus was for PS5  PCARS is supposedly going to support Project Morpheus.
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    I have had the same issue. AI race pace is too close to qualifying pace.
  8. Awong124

    Patch confirmation?

    GRID and the F1 games are made by separate studios.
  9. Awong124

    Difference between qualifying pace and race pace

    Yes, I've complained about this as well. In F1 2013 and F1 2014 the race pace is too close to qualifying pace. The AI's fastest race laps are only 1-2 seconds slower than their qualifying laps, whereas in real life the difference is more like 3-4 seconds.
  10. Awong124

    oculus vr implementation

    I hope F1 2015 will have Project Morpheus and Oculus Rift support.
  11. Awong124

    Slipstream is OP

    I've seen people post this before, but did not notice this to be the case personally.
  12. Awong124

    Started race in pole, finish 19

    This was not the case in F1 2010. In F1 2010, the AI was extremely slow in the wet. If you had a wet race, you were pretty much guaranteed a win.
  13. Awong124

    F1 2015 Game Ideas and Suggestions

    Morpheus/Oculus capability.
  14. Awong124

    2014 should have been an add-on

    I wasn't expecting live the life to return for 2014 anyway especially after it was confirmed it was a old gen game.  I always thought we'd have to wait until this series goes next gen at least before that can enter the discussion so hopefully in 2015 there's a chance that can come back. I agree. I wasn't disappointed about 2014 lacking live the life in particular, but as the series progressed as a whole.
  15. Awong124

    2014 should have been an add-on

    I think 2014 is a slight improvement over 2013, but yeah, not really enough of a difference to warrant a completely new game. It's still a good game on it's own, but considering 2013 already exists it's a bit disappointing. I think that having the license requires them to produce a new game every year, so I don't really blame them. I'm still going to have fun playing it, so I have no regrets buying the game. In particular, I'm disappointed that all the "live the life" stuff has been reduced year after year. Since 2010, I was expecting that aspect to become more and more prominent with each new game, but it turned out to be the complete opposite. Without that, career mode gets stale pretty fast.
  16. Awong124

    Suggested Wheel Configuration

    PS3 G27. I put Linearity on 40% and the rest 0% and it feels pretty good to me.
  17. Awong124

    F1 2014 Artificial Intelligence ?

    I hope they've rebalanced the AI pace between qualify and race. In F1 2013 the race pace was too close to qualifying pace.
  18. Awong124

    questions about gearbox and top speeds

    They should be the same. Real life rules dictate that the same ratios are used across the entire calendar, so ratios are chosen and set at the beginning of the season.
  19. Awong124

    A.I Difficulty

    In F1 2013, the AI's fastest race laps are within 1-2 seconds of their qualifying lap. The gap should be more like 3-4 seconds.
  20. Awong124


    Hatta confirmed that F1 2014 will be available on disc in NA. At least it is planned to. http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/189/will-disc-copies-of-f1-2014-be-available-in-north-america
  21. Awong124

    Nelly Furtado satisfied with F1 2014 announcement.

    Like The Jimmy from Seinfeld. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Jimmy
  22. I think the game is great. I haven't run into the corrupt save game issue myself though.
  23. Awong124

    F1 2014 Cockpit View

    No, but I'm aware iRacing has that. I personally don't want that. I wasn't asking about your video in particular. I was asking about F1 2014 in case Hatta reads the thread.
  24. Awong124

    F1 2014 Cockpit View

    Can an option be added to remove the steering wheel and hands?
  25. Awong124

    [VIDEO] Singapore 3-Laps

    The previous games might already have already been pushing last gen console capabilities to their limits, so I'm not that surprised that graphics quality hasn't improved. But I guess there should be an improvement on PC.