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  1. OK rwb, but when can we expect a fix, because as it is I cant play this game with my wheel (T300RS) and I did pay for the thing after all...
  2. Much the same but with interesting observation for you - I got this game while I was using a G27, and actually the force feedback was all right. Twitchy and challenging but very playable, except for the problem with the G27 I had where the centre position is pretty dead and sloppy for the first 10-20 degrees. A known problem for the G27, which I hate. So - I spent good money and bought a new Thrustmaster T300RS, thinking now this will be great. BUT - it's way worse. It's like you all say, there is pretty much NO Force Feedback making it practically hopeless to play.  You just cant fe
  3. Got the news today and pre-ordered after seeing the preview video and from what I read. As a big motorsport racing game fan I loved GRID1 and was so looking forward to GRID2. But man was I disappointed with that game. Never bothered to finish it. Hate it. I want back to basics real track based racing. Realistic scenarios and realistic challenging AI. I HOPE this version brings that to life and is not another disappointment. Can't figure why they are releasing for PS3 and not PS4 however? Anyone at Codemasters got the answer to that?
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