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  1. Adding 4 times the  amount of stages overall is needed for a serious rally game. Making some stages 3 to 4 times longer with much longer straights/ very long high sweepers would be good, still wouldn't be as many as needed or long enough... but at least it would be a start.
  2. So are they going to finish the game, and then close down all the forums and wipe all the posts like they have before, many times? Then stop all the forum posts, social media posts, response to bug reports, and patches for the game as well like they always do on all the games, like the bug files F1 games?  Is that what is happening here? Is it starting now?
  3. Stop being so impatient. They're working on the FFB fix, and they want to test it throughly before releasing it to the public, so that people like you don't then moan that it's still broken or something stupid.  Stop defending the indefensible. If CM were some brand new company I would feel completely differently. We all know their track record of leaving in huge, glaring, game breaking bugs in games long  after they say they will fix it.  Therefore, I distrust them and don't believe the hype as you do. Stop whining and crying about my posts.
  4. I cannot believe they didn't release a FFB fix patch before all this other content patch and fixes. The one thing the game seriously needs, and they ignore it. Well, it is CM after all, I guess I can believe it :-/
  5. RBR is EASY!  It is HARD to go really really fast without crashing, just as in REAL life, but just driving the car in RBR is incredibly easy, because the physics are so realistic. It is totally natural, just like a real car is very easy until you start pushing the speed beyond your capabilities/ talent as a driver.
  6. Ok, the physics and force feedback have some glaring issues!
  7. That RBR clRufusBaggsby said: Quote -agree.   Wow my temp ban is lifted apparently. I only have 26yrs car driving experience though, but driving go carts and 3 wheelers and bikes/motorcycles for most of my 42 years on this planet.   Not that it matters.  I drive my Impreza on snow and dirt and it is heavier and less powerful, but easier to control that the Impreza in DirtRally. 
  8. I haven't seen anyone get banned? I can no longer post in the thread.
  9. test Don't say anything too negative about Dirt rally in the Feedback thread or they ban you from commenting.
  10. Well I finally found a setup for FFb that works ok, and the physics feel much better with a wheel WHEN you get the FFb working "ok".  It is not great FFB at all no matter what. It needs a huge overhaul. BUT, I used my Fanatec CSR in G25 emulation mode, used one of the "fixed" effectsetup files  (the one from Race Department), and then I was able to adjust in some acceptable FFB, at least enough to drive and not be cursing at the FFB the entire time. There are still major physics issues, especially concerning overall balance of the cars and how they react with handbrake turns and la
  11. Why am I getting so many freaking email updates from this thread! It is ridiculous!  No other forum does this crap. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-C8iuRLfv2MA/VUGfb-OWcuI/AAAAAAAAIEk/a_SyhPi7pn8/s1000/CM%2520ridiculous%2520forum%2520updates.jpg
  12. Ok well I wrote this last night right after I got done testing the game with a gamepad.  There's no real FFB anyways, so I guess it's probably the best way to play right now.  I am going to try the FFB "FIX" and try the game again. Below is what I thought after using an analog stick. _+__+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+__+_+_+_+__ Wow I just downloaded the game and spent a few hours driving with a Sixaxis DS3 for now. Will get out the wheel later.. if it's even worth it, I don't know. Ok, so the GFX are fine, but with some really nasty sprites and low res textures held over fro
  13. I agree, CM, check out RBR and copy physics as best you can. Adjust your current physics engine to feel as much like RBR as you possibly can. RBR is easier to me than arcade games because it feels real and that makes sense to my brain when driving. Also need more LONG STRAIGHTS in this rally sim/ game whatever. In real life there a a hell of a lot more longer straights than in any rally sim ever made. We have the space on our hard drives, I want to use 5th and 6th gear a lot more with some tricky high speed sections and gentle bends in the road at 100 - 120MPH.  This is realistic, we wa
  14. No Manual wipers.  Make it an option w/ auto wipers  as the default if anything. I do not want to have to deal with that.
  15. Won't help. No one there cares, and no one at CM cares anymore, they just  don't, it is so obvious. They won't even fix the bugs after several years. Then they try to sell a stripped down re-hash of a re-hash of a re-hashed  re-hash fort $50?  Insanity.
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