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  1. I hit RBR physics the other day. I drive a Monaco-ish road every day to work and they had set marble-sized pothole filler that shifted me half-way down my lane on a turn. Don't want RBR physics.  :D

    More environment artists would be good indeed.

  2. bogani said:

    Anyone know what's going to be affected on the Groub B RWD? Was kind of scared, as if driving with my wheel would no longer be necessary.
    What do you mean by not necessary? 
    Oh, I'm just being a turd. I'm guessing it will be a good change, just want the experience to continue to be terrifying. ;)

  3. TPJP said:
    SLRE will have a Proton Satria... Oh wow, I guess DR will need its own S2000 cars now. ;)

    Yikes. Not at all a criticism of the game, but that looks like old plastic Blender 3D renders I made from the 90's (car lit for night, sky late afternoon, road neither). Codies have always executed their art side well...despite their name's emphasis on being coders. :)

  4. The two wheel thing looks perfectly normal to me.
    My only issue with rolling is that, on lower speeds, one can't quite steer towards the roll to slap the car back down and the roof collision mesh is more like a pyramid that auto-rolls you back on all fours.  

  5. The community manager ensures that a beautiful 3 wheeled car isn't made, not so much that timelines are met.
    If I understand it right, they manage and filter the community's eroding mental health, statements made directly after a rage quit/beers, and unrealistic expectations...thus providing relevant data to the team. The product is already quite polished thanks to @justbiglee and the devs who love this game, so all should be good -lest the community flip out and a trolling exec runs off the deep end.

    No three wheeled cars....unless Mr. Bean shows up crossing the stage like the deer/hare.  :)

  6. Noo. 
    Seriously though, fantastic job for early access. Most companies communicate too little, some throw too much to the wolves. Others get fanboyish and interfere in conversations they shouldn't. Dead on mate and a brilliant finish on the last roadbook.

    I hope they follow your example on the next title!

  7. This post by @justbiglee on reddit is well worth a read for those didn't know the story behind what the game was called while in development...


    It's community driven and based on how all the players perform.

    Fun fact - The pre-release prototype version of DiRT Rally was called DiRT Delta and the whole career in the game revolved around competing against the community set deltas for each stage.
    While we were deciding what to call the version of the game you're now playing the name "DiRT Delta" got benched and was replaced by DiRT Pulse, this made a lot of people very angry and was widely regarded as a bad idea.

    I kept fighting for it to be named DiRT Delta because I thought it had a lot of cool hooks to it... Forth letter of the Greek Alphabet, the in-game community Delta, Lancia Delta is the most successful ever rally car and it has a nice kinda gaming thing to it Alpha, Beta... Delta thinking our early access period would be "better than a Beta".

    It wasn't to be though, people felt it made no sense and the term Delta didn't mean anything and we settled on DiRT Rally because the game shares more in common with the Colin McRae Rally bloodline than the duuuuuddddde DiRT 2 & 3 bloodline (which is why it's not called DiRT 4). The orange of the "rally" in the logo being a nod to the first Colin McRae DiRT too.

    DiRT Delta still lives on though, there are little nods to it here and there and now you know the story you'll start to spot a few more of them maybe.

    Really proud of the game we've made though regardless of what it was called, DiRT Rally fits - it does exactly what it says on the tin and you kinda know what you're getting just from the name.

    So there you go, the story of DiRT Delta and what would become DiRT Rally.

    Dirt Delta would have been good. Though I probably would have done some research before buying. Dirt Rally though...that was an instant flip of the wallet. No questions asked. :smiley: 

  8. Yeah, I always tried to skip the unwanted events in D3. I even did it on purpose in the hopes Codies were gathering useful stats for the next title. :)

    Pikes has been fantastic as well. Now that they have the complete mesh modeled, I hope it will only get better in the future. Don't mind new iterations at all as PC performance increases.

  9. tbtstt said:
    TPJP said:
    Milestone have launched a new gameplay video for Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo:
    Looking good tho, but my bet's still on Dirt Rally for best rally game :)

    Interesting, the circuit in the rallycross clips look very much like the 2012 X-Games (Los Angeles) track.

    Still on the fence for Seb Loeb Rally: I'm not writing it off, but I'm not that excited for it at present!
    Definitely looks like a step up in the art department. Terrain seems presented a little flat..maybe because the last title was all in 2nd gear.
    I loved watching Seb drive clean lines in the last X-games while everyone else was losing in Gymkhana mode (drifting).