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  1. @miche34 That's a good suggestion thanks, I don't have separate amps but my multi-channel amp does have line outs for each channel so I can connect a headphone amp to the center channel and plug in some normal headphones.. That of course assumes that the co-driver is mixed to the center in the soundcard.. something to try out. Thanks Matt
  2. Hi Folks, First post here although been playing Dirt rally since end of April. My lad and I are thoroughly enjoying it. Currently we play with home made MDF sim rig with a real bucket seat and a G27. We use a HD projector and a 101" screen which give a good immersive experience. However we find the audio not quite as immersive. I run an ASUS D1 Sonar audio card and connect it through Dolby digital to 7.1 surround speakers.  Now while that sounds great I find the co driver sometimes difficult to hear over the engine and effect sounds even after turning those down in the audio options. So we then tried headphones which is OK for the driver (player) but not so good for anyone watching (which we do). Now I know windows mixer is a bit... well awkward, but what we think would be good would be to deliver full sound and co driver to the 7.1  speakers and just the Co-Driver to the headphones. Has anyone found a way? or got close to it? Am I on to something or is it a daft idea? Matt