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  1. i dont know if its a problem from my side though i checked things and it seemed ok , but online keeping up with wheel user is impossible , using the same cars and line , im still behind with a 3-4 sec difference , overall its like every car from wheel user has better acceleration than mine from a large marging , especially noticeable on stock car track with the long straight . im on auto and changing to manual and highest gear transmission doesnt seem to do a thing . im aware that wheel can make it a bit faster , its always been the case in any grid game , a i myself used a G27 for a while in dirt/grid series , but i dont remember gamepad would be so penalizing with a so large laptime difference , something might be wrong .. a strange thing also , i cant even do a 360 spin with the jupiter in skirmish using the throttle and handbrake , i barely turn at all as it has half its power to proppel 😕 using a 360 controller here ... steam version.
  2. Derdak2rot

    POLL | Race Driver: Grid - Remastered

    forgot to say , if they cant for license reasons or whatever , why not giving us back the servers so we can play it again .
  3. Derdak2rot

    POLL | Race Driver: Grid - Remastered

    voted , give us back the lobbies with classes and the chat , interactions with players , making friends online and race clean together was the success of the original grid 🙂 as for the handling , it was the best out of all the GRID game series , from mass transfer , full damage , agressive engine power acceleration , it was perfect 🙂
  4. Derdak2rot

    Matchmaking problems ...

    its impossible to find a session this evening on PC ( the search going on forever ) , same thing happened last night 😕 strange though that i played all the day without any problems 😕 i also notice there some text going on and off at the bottom of screen but the blurry effect on the screen make it so its not readable ( error or connection message ? )
  5. ditto , the good ol times 🙂 at last the game was still playable on xbox 360 ... but was missing all the friends
  6. Derdak2rot

    Look back view

    same here , its a important thing at least for me , always used it in any grid and dirt game 😕
  7. Derdak2rot

    Only DX12... ***, really?!

    damnit , im still on win7 until i get my new rig next year 😕 argh codies !!
  8. Derdak2rot

    Chat option in GRID Autosport!!

    yes, definetly its just one of the details that made GRID a accessible and friendly experience , who would want to drive anonymous without interact with people online , to me its a important feature for a online game these days , and not everyone like to play with a mic and mute everything ingame :P
  9. Derdak2rot

    Flashbacks in online races Yes/No?

    a definete no , should only be accessible in offline game , period
  10. voted touring obviously :P i see some familiar faces , hello friends !!
  11. Derdak2rot

    What you want to see from GRID

    i dont know if its good or bad news , but after GRID2 disaster , i totally lost faith in this company . i totally agree with what being said since page one . all the good points that made GRID1 stands out vanished on the second episode , and damn , what was that handling/physics system , i played GRID2 for like few hours and returned it . would have been better just to keep GRID1 great handling and physics models and adds more contents around it .. marketing is killing this industry :/