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  1. ditto , the good ol times 🙂 at last the game was still playable on xbox 360 ... but was missing all the friends
  2. Derdak2rot

    Chat option in GRID Autosport!!

    yes, definetly its just one of the details that made GRID a accessible and friendly experience , who would want to drive anonymous without interact with people online , to me its a important feature for a online game these days , and not everyone like to play with a mic and mute everything ingame :P
  3. Derdak2rot

    Flashbacks in online races Yes/No?

    a definete no , should only be accessible in offline game , period
  4. voted touring obviously :P i see some familiar faces , hello friends !!
  5. Derdak2rot

    What you want to see from GRID

    i dont know if its good or bad news , but after GRID2 disaster , i totally lost faith in this company . i totally agree with what being said since page one . all the good points that made GRID1 stands out vanished on the second episode , and damn , what was that handling/physics system , i played GRID2 for like few hours and returned it . would have been better just to keep GRID1 great handling and physics models and adds more contents around it .. marketing is killing this industry :/