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  1. So the clubs patch is finally here, half a year after release. Can't say I'm not a bit dissapointed by the lack of additional tweaks to the game, so I am probably not even going to install it again, maybe if leagues really get going and the car classes that don't feel super weird are preferred by people.

    Pretty much the only item on the "fixes" list that I am interested in is this: -Tuning setups can now be used with lower skill rated teams

    How does that translate to the skill of your own engineer? Is he going to refuse to set up my car in a hissy fit because I came in second against someone faster than me online? And how is that going to work in leagues?

    EDIT: oh I forgot to ask, is there still no workshop support for setups?

    To say something positive, I just looked around the features offered in Leagues and apparently you can restrict palyers to interior cameras, if this really works this is a great plus, I just hope it is not like in MP lobbies/pro tour, where the setting doesn't make a difference.
  2. I would call that interpretation realistic instead of pessimistic. The radio silence is absolutely telling, and the minimal statements we have gotten so far are classic PR speak to maintain plausible deniability. I would love to be wrong, but I don't have high hopes.
  3. gfRally said:
    JZStudios said:
    tbtstt said:
    Not DiRT related, but it's been announced that Forza Motorsport 7 won't have any Toyota production cars, only racing models. Toyota's licensing is becoming a law unto themselves!
    An exclusive license deal with Polyphony perhaps? Be interesting to see what makes it into GT Sport.
    Somehow I don't believe that, though they are Japanese, so it could be true. Think Forza 6 and H3 had to skip on VW altogether for some reason.
    Real shame, and it's weird that they won't license out the street cars. Even AC has a few. I always liked the MR2, but I don't want to buy an Xbone just for Forza when my wheel won't work with it. Really hope they manage to make the Win10 version actually work.
    I might be late on this, but I just noticed the Hyundai R5 rally car is available for purchase as a DLC now 

    The Team Booster Pack is available as well http://store.steampowered.com/app/437121/Team_Booster_Pack/
    Figures. And it's the worst possible outcome. Selling the pre-order bonus is always bullshit.
    Not sure what you paid for your copy and can't remember what the pre-order price was, but the 2 packs only cost $5 total, not exactly braking the bank, and if  you didn't pay the retail price anyhow, possibly you are still getting the base+DLC for less than the initial pre-order.  Not trying to argue at all, I know DLC is somehow taboo around here, but I don't think its that big of a deal.  
    Maybe he is coming from a different perspective, maybe he is mad because he wanted the pre-order car, so he bought the game in advnace without waiting for reviews, and is now left disappointed. Would CM have told us that the car will be there as DLC after release he may have ended up not buying the game, but if he liked it he might not mind paying a little extra to get the car.
    Preorder just seemed to be a way to secure sales then, if the DLC is available for everyone now, without properly communicating that prior to release.
    I'm sure I can find the direct quote from @kickup somewhere in the gossip, but paraphrasingly he said "because of the suits, preorder was the only way to get the car into the game"

  4. I might be late on this, but I just noticed the Hyundai R5 rally car is available for purchase as a DLC now 

    The Team Booster Pack is available as well http://store.steampowered.com/app/437121/Team_Booster_Pack/


  5. KickUp said:
    Have you got the required tuning skill to use them?
    I have struggled with this aswell, if there is a way to save more than 4 setups per car, I have not found it.
    I had 4 setups done for a car for asphalt/gravel, when I then switched to sweden I could not create a new setup, no matter what I did, had to delete one of the other 4. I know it is supposed to be 4 setups per car per surface, but so far I have not found a way to do it.
  6. @BrySkye

    Well I did say procedurally generated, that does not necessarily mean random, it just means that it gets computed "live", and the whole map does not need to be pre-loaded, you could create real life stages like this, although that would present a unique challenge for the development of every single stage.
    In contrast to that if you look at the possibility of having randomly generated stages, I think with today's possibilities you could  create a much more life-like environment. One "simple" way I could think of is having certain set-pieces as landmarks and then have them connected by generated roads.

    So IF we get procedural generation in a modern rally game, there needs to be found a balance, or rather made a decision which way to go, both will give us the longest rally game to that date, and none of our bodies will ever be too short again.

  7. 'While I think it's vitally important that we did what we did with Dirt Rally directly to the core audience first, what I want to do now is take people who are excited by seeing Dirt Rally but a little bit put off by what it means to play it, take them by the hand and lead them into the experience. I'm not talking about dumbing down. I'm talking about taking novice players and making them confident and capable.'

    The above is quite cryptic and I honestly don't know what to expect. This just proves I wouldn't make a good games designer :)

    'a little bit put off by what it means to play it' - Hmmm?

    I'll have to think this over :)
    Well my guess of course is as good as anyone's, but I believe that there will be more hand-holding, more assists&aids and more guidance throughout a improved career mode, maybe even a rally-school. Right now playing DRally means getting thrown onto a stage in a car, and you have to figure out the rest for yourself (more or less), so from a game-design perspective, that is less than ideal. Game designers (or at least the ones that aim for commercial success) want to appeal to as many people as possible, but that doesn't help rally enthusiasts in the slightest.
    I think that everyone who hoped for more hardcore stuff will get a bit disappointed by the next game. I was mentally ready for no DLC, at least I thought I was, but after reading the article myself I feel that CM have taken 2 steps forward with DRally, and now they'll take one step back (exhibit A: rally enthusiasts are not exactly crazy about RX and PP additions, which were not pre-planned like most of early access).
    This might all sound very pessimistic, but I am more than happy with what I got out of DRally, I am just not as excited for the future anymore.
  8. Hatward said:
    Dytut said:
    I sure hope they make an exception for fixing leagues. Kinda sucks if leagues will be broken for two months more.
    What's up with Leagues?

    We're looking at potential new functionality, but obviously very keen to fix anything that's broken.
    No, please someone wake me up form this bad dream. As people have poninted out above already, since the introduction of new settings for leagues in 1.0 we have no longer the ability to allow tuning/career engineers in leagues, which is game breaking.

    Sorry to doubt you, now my hope is that his statement does indeed not include the league bugs (;
  9. Just reporting that I can confirm that there will be no further updates until the console release, yes not even bug-fixing. All that is being put into one big build. News from Paul himself.
    quite the statement without any sources.
  10. I remember him saying that they had reached their target prior to release even, so management has to be at least satisfied.
    JZStudios said:
    gfRally said:
    Remember DR has been a bit of a test bed for the future.  There are many things they need to improve and add that is on Pauls bucket list.  Now that they have proven to management that they can succeed in producing a 'simulation' type of rally game that generates a profit, the future game may get more resources (people and money) to allow for a lot of these other features.
    I'm just wondering exactly how well it did. I don't think that we got a game budget number, much less where it stands compared to sales.

  11. versedi said:
    KevM said:
    If its life-like, we should find more grip than we currently have at the top of the Col desente due to studded tyres.  If, however, its similar and really slippy, I will also hate the snow....  :)
    Yes - indeed.
    The upper part of mountain is covered with ice while we're driving slicks - so it has to be slippery and actually I find it really close to real feeling on a tarmac covered with ice. But as you've pointed tyres should be studded which gives overall pretty nice grip on snow combined with really narrow wheels.

    Part I'm worried about are the banks and how wide the stages will be.
    All of this is covered in the last DiRT show, tyres will be studded and stages will be narrow (;
  12. Soo, here is something, regarding the speculation of zero-cars !


    I realised that the white porsche SUVs now have a number "0" on their door, before 0.7 they were just plain white. So I think that explains what the zero cars will be, mabye :D
    not gossip worthy, I'm just blind
  13. I have seen random rocks both on and off the racing line as well, but it's hardly a new thing. Codies implemented this long ago.
    Really? wow, I did not know, after 240h of gameplay this is my first encounter with something like this.
  14. Hm, never had that happen to me, also I could clearly see the rock move in slow  motion in the replay.
    This is what it looked like from the drivers seat, watch from 33:33

  15. Allright gossipers, I have got something for you.
    On the tarmac terrors DiRTshow Paul talked about how they wanted to explore ways of deformable terrain, or terrain that changes over time (deeper racing lines etc),or some kind of randomized element on the stages, and I thought that would be cool. Little did I know they are already starting to implement that stuff !!!
    I found this viciously placed rock behind a crest on the right side of the road, I had a good pace and more or less landet right on it *loud crack* I have never seen  this rock before, on top of that, it was an animated object, with physics, as you can see from the pictures (I dragged it under me a couple of meters). I was lucky it only scraped the protective plates under the car, and I did not suffer a puncture, maybe a little suspension damage.
    Sadly steam did choose not to save the screenshot which shows the rock from the hood cam, otherwise I could better show you how dangerous that was.
    So, am I dreaming, was that stone always there? If not, is this the beginning of Codies placing mines like these all over the stages ?

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