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  1. One drinks too many - please excuse my approximate rant. I actually never had the chance to try the mirror. Took so long, and when I installed the update, I started getting Steam not connected issues, couldn't play the game, never tried again. Doesn't change my overall deception - though I usually keep it to myself and I will again. Please disregard....
  2. Still no mirror on pc, still freezes on xbox, still you're working on it, still it's thru QA. You CM are a disgrace and an offence to my own intelligence. My contempt can only be expressed by my wallet being closed to you forerver. Go and live your painful slow death through mediocrity.
  3. You're very wrong NWRCharger, it's obvious you don't want to hear anything that contradicts you're own opinion. I still disagree with you, live with it. Or don't and watch me care. No offence intended.
  4. My opinion is worth as much as yours m8, and I would say as little a yours, although you may feel a sense of self entitlement I don't.
  5. I didn't even flag you....and loosers - losers i care little... anyway, back to my vows )
  6. Loosers always complain about the winners. If you can't deal with the game's physics, go try Assetto Corsa and wall riding, it might suit you more , although it might be more difficult to get in the top 5...... There are no special prizes in the game but if you're good lads, I might send you some lollies. Honestly, you do come out as pathetic. And honestly again, do try Assetto Corsa, it's a gem.
  7. This thread is so laughable it deserves to be kept open. (but seriously, what a shame and a new low point reached by this forum - glad it's beta, but that will be used as an excuse by CM to flush everything once again, disregarding all the proper comments and feedback)
  8. Auto-pilot might get you platinum /irony
  9. I started it 3 or 4 times - never finished the first lap. It is a disgrace - I might finally decide to forget about the racenet challenges. I play for fun, not to get frustrated.
  10. I meant thick as a brick, which is another expression  I guess, I'm happy if your girlfriend enjoys it. Joke aside, the AI IS useless, I'm sorry if u feel like you have to defend it.
  11. V8R3L3NTL3SS1, you're not being thick on purpose are you?
  12. Everything is black & grey, and there is a middle ground for everyone.
  13. Unfortunately, there's no text chat, so either you choose to go the headset way (and be prepared for some annoying races if you didn't mute people- or some good fun if you find normal people), or you mute everyone and you end up in noones land. It may take some time to find your marks.....good luck tho.
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