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  1. Hi Has anyone here tried playing F1 2019 with the HP Reverb headset? Was looking at hiring one so just wondered if it worked. Thanks
  2. LFCNZ

    Region Selection?

    Sorry sure this has been covered somewhere else, but is there an option for online to choose the region you are located in?
  3. How does this work in regards to matchmaking and ping? Im in NZ and ended up in a race with people from all over the world? Guessing that would cause major teleporting etc...? Which it seemed to be doing.
  4. LFCNZ

    Aus/NZ League racing PC - new season with 2019 game

    Hi, Im keen, having said that I'm pretty awful so will def be in the lowest league you have if still spaces. Steam account is: LFCNZ71 Cheers