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    GRID Autosport Feedback

    This is my feedback on Grid Autosport; [ G27, GFGT, i7 4770 nvidia 760, realistic settings no TC, framerate well above 60 ] + Thank you for adding split screen mode! This was a significant factor in my decision to purchase the game, the game runs well in split screen with 2 players and adds a great level of enjoyment locally, would enjoy more if speaker output were biased for each player to enable distinction of rpm for manual shifting + Game sounds, excellent game sounds, distinct tire sounds to evaluate loss of traction, good peripheral track sounds, good engine sounds and differences between cars + Graphics amazing job at optimization, achieving well over 60 fps split screen locally on High gfx settings, fluid game play adds so much to immersion over low framerates I have played few games that render so much graphical output at such high frame rate + Wheel feedback, excellent feedback for G27 on default settings in game and in windows Logitech profiler; = Very heavy wheel is excellent counter for its typically sloppy center - best feedback I have felt in a game as most make the wheel light which accentuates this wheels weakness = Great loss of traction sensation in RWD, great wheel forces enable me to drive to edge of traction in corners, I think this is helped by the heavy default wheel forces compared to other games, = Great force feedback effects, rumbles and bumps etc, lots of extra detail really add to immersion, please continue with excellent ffb support in future + Great single player career mode, great selection of sponsors, love the sponsor objectives and re playability + Excellent attention to graphical detail on tracks periphery, variations in people, grass, railings, texture of kerbs, track surface texturing etc. These really enhance the sensation of speed in the game which is so poorly conveyed through a pc monitor, greatly helps with braking in time, the point to point races are excellent at conveying speed via the graphical detailing. + Graphical detail excellent in general, small details add to immersion, news crews, crowd variations, clouds, hot air balloons, helicopters, well rendered stands, my preference is frame rate versus detail in general, but the graphical detail in this game and the eye catching focal points are very handy in enhancing sense of speed as opposed to repetition of generic crowd or tree models in other games, I considered the sky box textures and air borne "traffic" a little over kill at first but it enhances overall sense of movement in a 3d environment which is imo a great weakness of racing games [ games as opposed to reality] + Car selection very good, car details very good + Good brake light visibility on rear of cars to aid in braking, though could be better visually - I have seen P-C do this better with some sort of glow effect + Collisions between cars have consequences which I like, damage textures very good, damage modelling seems simple but is a decent detrimental factor to make me brake and avoid collisions + Cars each feel different, good conveyance through handling of weight of car and RWD FWD AWD, open wheels versus regular cars convey many differences, handling for each car has good level of differences in feel + Love the feel of oversteer and understeer in different cars especially with TC off, like the requirement for careful throttle control in many high power RWD cars + Handling differences between track and street and especially cobbles in Paris etc. are very noticeable + Very much like the handling in general, very solid, good feedback, good variation across groups and cars, very real and lively with both wheels + Some of the DLC groups such as Touring legends give a very good selection of cars in a very exciting category and add a lot within their own merits + Point to Point races are excellent addition DLC, narrow road races accentuate speed coupled with good track side discrete graphical fidelity, very nice addition to track races Lots of things I like in GA, I will move onto things I do not like so much; - Menus dark ambience in general gives negative environmental vibe dampening enthusiasm - Choosing car types from numerous sub groups in split screen mode is difficult without external reference as to which cars are in which group - Some of the DLC are not so well done, would of liked to see DLC that add a lot to the game on their own, such as an exciting balanced car group plus unique tracks, which I felt the touring legends pack added but others not so much, for example a car group with a track group that is tailored to them and stands out from the base tracks, I felt the point to point races are a good example of difference and variety. For example a street car group with street tracks, or a selection of cars from one era with tracks thematically oriented around that era that offer great difference to default. - Lack of wet tracks and weather - Lack of pitstops and endurance racing seems to have had little love - Needs more racing varieties And finally things that I think have been done poorly; - Online racing integration, I can't find online players to race with though not so much of a problem as I can race at home with friends, the lobby system looks like something from the 1990's this is a great game that should of retained players for a much longer time through an immersive online system, I heard their were lots of cheaters after release that scared players away. - General integration of online elements through menu interactions from first boot up are very poor, plays as an offline game with online elements through some back door system, would of liked to see something much more integrated and modern - For example official support, races, servers 24/7, in game ui showing of online players and what is happening in online world from the moment of log on, an online experience from the moment a player logs in, official scoreboards and ratings and leagues, stringent anti cheating measures and steam banning etc excellent matchmaking and careful management of competitive groups to keep shrinking player bases from seeing empty servers etc. - Needs much greater integration of online aspects into game through every aspect for the modern world, would retain players for a much longer time - Rapid release of DLC in mini packs? Needs to stop, staggered release of "service packs" of DLC that offer much greater features over a period of time would hold players longer, ie. SP1 6 months after release etc. something to hold players longer and bring them back en masse, and give game greater lifetime support - Grid 2 and Grid autosport release at similar time, the very concept of a single developer releasing 2 similar genre games in a few months of each other is absurd, I looked at the steam charts at the moment and I see; Project Cars 1300 online players Assetto Corsa 700 Players Grid Autosport 500 Players Grid 2 300 Players I cannot believe that that the split off player base of grid 2 cannot handle the better realism of Grid autosport and would not of purchased it if the resources of Grid 2 were pooled into a 1 game release of a better grid autosport - with a much better high vis release and online integration, the splitting of the player base, development resources and marketing focus by making 2 very similar games rather than 1 seems stupid to me, I am sure elements of a simcade game can be tailored for new players such as easy default assists, street tracks, single player careers with un lockable cars (if that is what is needed to attract the casual masses?) and many other game factors, so long as their is a sim heavy model at its heart that can be gradually exposed as players become better. ************ Finishes my feedback! hope it is of some help, GA is a great game that I feel could of nabbed all the steam driving player base if it was released in a better fashion. I hope that for the next release the produces have much greater ambitions, their aim should be to make the only racing game worth talking about!