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  1. brettzOr

    Controller Mapping Issue

    Cheers.Thanks for the reply
  2. brettzOr

    Controller Mapping Issue

    Hey guys.  I have an issue with the custom controls set up on PS3:I like to play with my controlls as such:Accelerate:  Right Analogue Stick UpBrake:         Right Analogue Stick DownGear up:      R2Gear Down: L2 The only problem is: The game will not let me Set L2 as gear down. L2 is not being used by any other function but the game just wont let me do it.Its a tiny bit frustrating problem as thats how I play all Racing games on my controller. Surely this is a simple fix.
  3. brettzOr

    No current gen version? Seriously?

    Er, it’s nothing like that at all. WIndows 2000 is in no way still a common thing to find on PCs nowadays, but the vast majority of gamers out there today still have either a 360, a PS3 or a PC as their main gaming machine. I’m not saying it wouldn’t have been great if Codies could have announced a next-gen racer already, but if we’re going to moan that they haven’t, let’s at least keep the scathing analogies credible :) Yeah 200 was0 a bit far fetched. XP would be a good analogy. Still very common but its going out of date.
  4. brettzOr

    No current gen version? Seriously?

    Main points on here that Codies should listen to: 1. There are many of their fans that have upgraded to PS4/Xbone and traded in their old consoles for them and do not have the option to play the new grid.-Same goes with people who's consoles broke down and have waiting for and paid for new tech.2. There is not exactly any Racing games out for new tech. There is roughly 13,000,000 potential buyers for this game that do not have any other racing option to play on their shiney new consoles. The game should be ported and advertised at that. Codemaster fans will happily buy this game on PS4/Xbone over old tech - even if it runs and looks exactly the same.-The point has proven that both versions can exist and customers are more than happy with games such as COD, BF4, Need for Speed, Tomb Raider, Lego game etc etc..  Something that I havn't seen posted on here yet but the thing that makes this the worse decision they could make is this. They told us this game is made for its fans. If that were true: It would be available to all of there fans. I have both the PS3 and PS4 left but I find it so very odd that a game can be announced and released 5-6 months after the next gen consoles have been released and for it not to be on these consoles, It just doesn't make logically sense to 95% of the population. You can try and spin it anyway you want, but it doesn't make it right. I am a huge fan of Codemaster games, I buy them new without thought on release, I just can not bring myself into buying a PS3 game. It has no longevity and no replay value. Next gen is where any well established company should be.To point out to PC Master Race guys: This is the same as Codemasters making this game only available to play on the Windows 2000 OS. You don't want build a pc with that on it, or find an old laptop you kept just in case the unthinkable happens,just for one game, you want to keep playing on your new rig for many many obvious reasons that should not need to be pointed out to programmers that know what's going on. I refuse to buy this game on old gen consoles. Which sux, because the announcements on this game sounds like it will be amazing.Its a huge disappointment that Codies are just ultimately out for a bigger cash grab and are beelining it as "something built for our fans" With how much people despised Grid 2: The biggest cash grab yet: You think they would have actually listened to their fans.