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  1. CREST now supports hillclimb events: https://www.dirtgame.com/uk/telemetry/0
  2. Care to fill us in? Handbrake and updated player marker/cars? Well spotted. Plus there's a few cosmetic tweaks and additions such as the player(s) you're viewing being highlighted in the leaderboard.
  3. There's been some updates to the CREST tool today B)
  4. I think I've created a league on xbox, but when I try to link my xbox account with this account it says it cant because its already linked to a different CM account? think it might be one from the old forums? You'll probably need to locate your old RaceNet account, unlink, and then link to your new one.
  5. I know nothing ;) You can now switch to console platforms on dirtgame.com, so get creating those leagues!
  6. There's some new stats on player profile pages on the web site, plus a few bugfixes.
  7. There's a few new additions to the web site today too. Enjoy!
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