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  1. Hey @ragequit1, I've managed to sort the issue. For whatever reason, the first time I tried to set up a custom map the accelerator and brake didn't work after many attempts, in fact, the profile didn't even show the Sprint pedals, just 'Podium Wheel Base DD2' and so I came on here. So, I deleted the custom profile, then created a new one via duplicate of an existing Podium Wheel Base DD2 scheme and then deleted both the wheel and pedal axis and then set them up via manual calibration. Now it works as it should and 'Podium Wheel Base DD2, Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint' is showing under the scheme name. I think the reason it didn't work the first time is because I didn't delete the axes in calibration and recalibrate. Hopefully this helps someone facing a similar situation. Thanks for paying me a little attention, @ragequit1. 🙂
  2. As per the title, I am unable to map the HE Sprint Pedals in game. The game throws up some sort of error specifically mentioning that you have to set up a custom profile to use them but I am unable to do that. Can anybody help? Wheel base is a Fanatec DD2 and the wheel rim is the Fanatec F1 2020 Limited Edition.
  3. Nothing doing, other than use another browser for now. Codies, give your webmasters a kick up the backside and get this fixed! Firefox 37.0.2 and not able to log on: Secure Connection Failed The connection to accounts.codemasters.com was interrupted while the page was loading.     The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.     Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem. Please...
  4. Rapster

    Does XP have any bearing on team offers?

    Yup, totally agree that XP has nothing to do with team offers. If that were the case, the people who used all assists and played on V.Easy would never get offers from the best teams. The way it's implemented now is best; drive fast/well and achieve podiums = offers from the better teams.
  5. Rapster

    Question of the Day Thread

    September 1985, F1. Can't remember race location... I woke up to the blare of the TV at the end of the hospital ward I was on. I awoke, properly, for the first time in two weeks after being in a medically induced state of sedation. You see, two weeks prior to this moment, I had broken both of my legs into lots of little pieces and damaged my spine after a motorbike crash in which I hit a tree at ~70mph. I'm okay these days, if anybody was interested. Happy days, other than the injuries, you still used to be able to smoke and drink on the wards back then. Surprises most people today, that bit of info... But yeah, spent 4 months in hospital in which time I became hooked on F1 and have watched pretty much every race since.
  6. Rapster

    Does XP have any bearing on team offers?

    Okay, I started a new Career the other day, on Hard, only assist is ABS. Touring Cars: First Season, won all races for Oakley, completed all Team objectives and offered drive for Razer.Second Season, won all races for Razer, completed all Team objectives and offered drive for Ravenwest. Those were the only two seasons I participated in before being offered a seat at Ravenwest and were all done at the first event in the Touring Car discipline. Yeah, I will be upping the difficulty level.
  7. Rapster

    Why im not 1st on Global Challange

    Which game are you writing about?
  8. Rapster

    GRiD Autosport

    This is the announcement of the Black Edition: "One of the key bits of feedback we took from GRID 2 was that you didn’t care for a wide spread of pre-order bonuses, you wanted something more simple, tracks were a no-go and most importantly, you wanted something that wouldn’t fragment the Community itself. All these thoughts were taken into account when devising the GRID Autosport pre-order offering, so, with this in mind we’d like to introduce you to the Black Edition. Included inside are the following: Exclusive Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Coupé Black Series car Exclusive Black Edition white Ravenwest liveries for Black Edition cars Online premium sponsors 20 extra ‘Black Edition’ online livery patterns 10 new sponsors with objectives" So, going by this, it does sound as though you have a valid reason for complaint. Nowhere, I've read all the blog entries, does it say that you have to purchase the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Coupé Black Series car, in fact, all blogs state, as above, that the car is included. Maybe somebody from Codies will make an official comment on this matter?
  9. They used to live under bridges scaring goats and stuff, now they live in condos with access to superfast Internet... Damn trolls...
  10. Rapster

    I need help!!?!

  11. Unfortunately this only applies for the ones just trolling. It doesnt solve the real problem which are drivers that doesnt bother do break in corners or that use this tactic(read below) to overtake positions: Those are the situations you have to address. The ones that smash into people in corners and the ones that takes you out on purpose. These people most often drives around with green or sometimes as yellow because they dont do it enough to become red. But thats enough to completely ruin the race for other people. I wish CM would actually address this and make it so that the driver coming from behind always is responsible to avoid bumping into the car in front. If you take a driver out like this, then you should receive a "white line" penalty until the driver you just ran of the road is in front of you again. This penalty will be negated(not be implemented) if the driver in front changes lane and rams into you while you try to overtake them. Simply put, if you see the white arrows marking a car nearby, you are not allowed to change lane to where that car is.If you ram someone out like this then you will have the penalty. And lastly. Receive the penalty more than 3 times during a race and you're disqualified from the race. Cars blocking the road after a crash will of course not cause cars coming from behind getting a penalty.  If its too much then add it as an "clean race"-option which could be turned off an on. And make also play list be divided into a everything goes list and a clean racing list. Do this and im sure you will see first corner crashing and crashing people out on purpose will disappear. I think that would be seriously difficult to implement...
  12. Rapster


    Have you looked in the 'Wheel Settings' thread? I think you'll have more luck in there... http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/993/share-your-wheel-settings-here
  13. Rapster

    Grid Black Edition

    Nope, not for me anyway...
  14. Rapster

    What A.I. difficulty are you using?

    Yes, I moved from Hard to Very Hard, especially in Touring Cars. I found I was beating the AI way too easily in the lower level cars in the Touring Car discipline on Hard. As an aside, I have tried Medium difficulty too, out of interest, but found the AI too erratic at this level.
  15. Rapster

    What A.I. difficulty are you using?

    They're both and the same. The difficulty level is a preset which applies to the AI and can apply to your 'Assists' settings. However, you can change this at any time through a race weekend in the Event menu. The 'Assists' preset options can be changed independently of the difficulty preset in a custom kind of way, keeping the AI at their predetermined level.