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  1. I have the same issue on a Dell 9520 (XPS 15).   also with one of these awesome QHD+ screens

    It's a GTX 850m in an "optimus" configuration.  It's my understanding that there is a some goofy business because of how the dedicated video card gets signal out to the display, which is apparently by direct injecting it into the Integrated Intel Graphic's buffer/pipeline.  

    I read that disabling the panel display on various optimus system may allow for the dedicated video card to do it's thing without the intel graphics being involved.  I plan to test this, but not sure which of the outputs (mini display port and the HDMI) might be connected, and documentation on the dell is sparse, to nonexistent.

    I've tried editing the XML file as describes here to no effect.

    not that it helps anyone here, but i think this no fullscreen mode might be related.  @rubberfer , what laptop do you have?
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