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  1. Codemasters what is happening with the game chat in Autosport?   More and more frequent, me and my friends are joining each other, and find there is an X next to the mic.  Sometimes leaving and rejoining fixes it.  Resetting the router doesn't seem to help.  Is this a CM problem, or a microsoft problem?  Anyone else experiencing this? 
  2. Your impact rating is indicated by an exclamation mark next to your name,  red, orange, yellow, green, or white Red = bad  (Hits other cars) White = Good (no contact made with other cars) Hit all the walls etc you like, that doesnt affect your rating.     Keep your front end from hitting other cars rear ends, and your rating will turn to white eventually.  If its your first ever race online, your impact rating is yellow.   join a playlist if you cannot find a custom lobby.  Or start your own custom lobby.   :smile: 
  3. With regards to F1,  personally I lost interest after 2010 and 2011.   I love F1 but its the same car on 19 tracks,  then the next year its pretty much the same,  ok there maybe some radical engine changes and driver changes, but its essentially the same game with the next years number in the title.   One F1 game,  updated yearly as a massive DLC but sold cheaper than a full game would be better in my opinion.  Most importantly though,  the one and only reason im giving CM games a miss for a while, is the fact that the last two I have bought, have been
  4. Yeah we do mate,  they go a little something like this,  :smiley:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9du1YpFoVI&list=PLC6g4mDRZ4s9qSmAoswQJ3BWPLYRXUv3n I just cant keep up with you guys in B class.   I guess your B class mechanic is the same guy who does my mini, lol.
  5. If the name starts with xplicit, or hard, R WE,  or lovely......they are not in my team.  They have made their own team.   Sorry for the confusion. You can spot a real nsr player by the lap times.  
  6. Sorry it may actually just be my xbox.   Its working on fluke's xbox,   I'll reset the router etc.   
  7. @justbiglee - Can you get someone to fix the racenet challenge for touring car.  It keeps saying racenet server is not available....but its fine for all the others. 
  8. You might see a car with no tyre, but for them, they could still have all 4 tyres.
  9. Its really down the game makers to think about these things during the testing phase.   Im sure its not that difficult to program in wall contact = slow down the car.   But its only on one turn, and it doesnt work out in anyones favour when the track is reverse.   Dammed if you do, and dammed if you dont.  
  10. Yeah, I really hate that yas marina massive cut.  Its actually quicker to stay on the track,   if you take the stupid cut, yes your speed is faster, but your going waaaaaay wide, and wasting time that way. Getting the chicane as FAST or faster is not that easy, thanks to being corner cut for using a bit kerb. Forza style clean lap system is much fairer in my eyes,  plus the sticky grass if you go too deep onto the grass.
  11. It could be lag, yesterday I was racing on okutama starting in first place.  My start was delayed for some reason,  everyone drove off then I could move.   I get into 2nd place,  I'm drafting 1st place over the line, and it gives me first place.  Even though I finished in 2nd.  
  12. Running Mt panorama in reverse gets rid of the wall ride.  During the Intel challenge I did not wallride,  and like the others lost out.   Racenet challenge I figured people will beat me by using it, so I'll use it.   It shouldn't be possible but it is,  so use it or not,  it's never going to be patched. 
  13. It was acceptable in the Intel challenge.   Apparently it's not cheating.  It's using your environment.   That's what I remember reading during the Intel challenge.    To wallride or not to wallride,  that is the question.  
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