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    Xbox 360 game chat issues

    Codemasters what is happening with the game chat in Autosport?   More and more frequent, me and my friends are joining each other, and find there is an X next to the mic.  Sometimes leaving and rejoining fixes it.  Resetting the router doesn't seem to help.  Is this a CM problem, or a microsoft problem?  Anyone else experiencing this? 
  2. RTAnoskills

    Looking for players

    Grid Autosport is looking for players..... Can you help?
  3. RTAnoskills

    NSR Recruiting again

    Hey peeps,  recently I have received a few requests to join my club.   So im here to happily inform you, than YES you can't join us.  :smiley:  Sorry, no offence intended, but we are small and exclusive, and we don't deal with politics, so we are staying the small team we are.   Thankyou for your interest,  see you on the track or in a wall.  :smiley: 
  4. RTAnoskills

    Xbox live or Racenet?

    Anyone having issues signing into Racenet?    Keeps telling me I need to sign into Xbox live.   I am!  Is it Racenet or Xbox live having issues.  Took me ages to sign into xbox live too. 
  5. Some good races can happen http://youtu.be/P4Qpuey8dMg
  6. RTAnoskills

    PC Grid Autosport - MIC?

    The only MIC, connected to my laptop is the built in mic.   Its disabled.   Why does my name appear on screen when other people talk or make a loud noise,  it looks to me as if im echoing their sound.  I can shout as loud as I want, and I cannot make my mic light up.   I dont want to use the mic on my laptop as It will be like an xbox kinect mic, and every noise in the backround will be heard by the lobby.   when my name appears on the screen,   Is there noise coming from me?
  7. Its gonna happen.   But not to me......I don't own this game.  Enjoy
  8. @Loore   Are there any plans to make the upgrades actually work?  Sometimes I think they are, then next time in the car, it feels like its slower.  Some of my fastest ever laps, have been in brand new cars that have zero tuning capability.    Whats the point of earning the xp to rank the car, and unlock upgrades that dont do anything? Ride height tuning - Is this supposed to only be on tuner cars?   Mini Miglia/Lola B05/52 (maybe more) - Why cant I change the wheels or paint them? 
  9. RTAnoskills

    Grid/Codemaster's killer

  10. Is anyone else unable to sign into racenet at the moment?    Can sign in on PC.... is it just me? 
  11. This is not my work,  but I think its good advice,    DomBomb32 - This is what you dont know, and the reason that YOU are the bad racer, and not ME.    This was taken from http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/941103-gran-turismo-5/57778411 Cut n pasted here for ease.  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ever been online and been accused/accused someone of being a dirty racer? Been rammed and spun out? Hit someone and they spun out? It happens to everyone. Well I'm here to tell you about the most basic rule to remember when throwing around accusations: Whoever has the racing line has the right of way (track position in racing speak). I shouldn't need to tell anyone what the racing line is, but when it involves avoiding incidents it can be more than 'the optimum line around the track to keep the most speed'. The most common example of this online is two cars that are traveling side by side on a straight. One car has drafted the other, pulled alongside and they are now approaching a corner. The car that will be on the inside during the corner technically has track position, even if the corner is normally approached from the outside, and the outer driver must maintain his spot on the outside of the track through the corner. However, that rule applies only when both cars are side by side (any part of the cars overlap lengthwise). If the outside car is ahead of the inside car by a car length or more (rear bumper in front of the inside cars front bumper) and is on the optimum racing line, the the outside car has track position and is therefore free to take whatever line he pleases through the corner. The inside driver MUST yield in this situation. If in actual F1, for example, this scenario happens and the inside driver fails to yield, an accident will most likely occur and the inside driver will be penalized by the stewards. With changing speeds, either of these scenarios can cross into the realm of the other very quickly, so you must be aware of the other car's position and closing speed as best you can. If you have any doubt, maintain your place on the track but keep your speed, so if you're on the inside and aren't sure if you're alongside the other car entering a fast corner, keep your position but don't keep accelerating should the other car move in front. Discretion is the better part of valor. Some further tips to avoid incidents: - Do not try to force a pass on a slower car, especially on very technical and narrow pieces of track like the beginning of the Nordschleife. Wait for a straight and pass. - In the same vein, if you are being approached by a clearly faster car, give them space to pass. Otherwise you are very likely to both end up in the ditch, ruining your own race as well. - Do not constantly block. In F1, cars are allowed to make one move across the track to block and must remain in that position while the trailing car either passes or fails on the original line. - Don't race in rooms of 12-16 people doing a 2 lap race if you want clean races. The short length of the race and high amount of cars on track will make everyone very aggressive to make up as much ground as possible, a nightmare for clean racing. A nice 4-6 lap race with 6-12 people is much more satisfying and easygoing. - Let the race develop in the first lap. Drivers of different skill and cars of different speed will naturally settle into a position, don't be too aggressive in this stage of the race. - If you do spin out, don't rush to get back on track. Use the minimap to determine if any cars are fast approaching. Think: getting back onto a highway after stopping on the shoulder. Which also leads to... - Don't assume you're a ghost or the ghost in front of you will remain one. They can change at the last second and you'll both spin out. - Unfortunately, a lot of NA rooms are full of people who think they're right all the time, and will tell you so in their redneck accent using profanity (I'm American myself and have no shame admitting we have this stereotype for a reason). If this seems to be a common occurrence to you as well, join a European server and make some new friends. - Similarly, don't go around making accusations constantly over small bumps, it just makes others lose trust in you and you might even end up getting kicked yourself. Racing is not an exact science. After everything you can do to avoid accidents, you can and still will have them. Live and let live. And most importantly... - Winning isn't everything. A clean 2nd place is much more satisfying than winning but having the guilt of taking someone out. Remember, there is no stat tracking in GT5, so its all about having fun. By following these simple guidelines you can play both fairly and frustration free.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Gf2EQ-vkPU Really annoying,  its just kills it!
  13. RTAnoskills

    No engine noise in TT

    @Loore I keep starting a TT, (various tracks n car class)  and All I get is Turbo whistle and tyre screech.   No engine revs.   Can you get the team onto it,  I know we wont see a fix for this.......this year,  but it would be nice for it to be fixed when Ive got an Xbox One. :neutral_face: 
  14. RTAnoskills

    Stewards Inquiry Please

    Im 1st in the 1st turn,  There is a bang, heard and felt, then im sideways.   I wait for the apology from this AWESOME racer.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmX8Z0HeMvg I expect better from "Grids so called GOOD racers"......not a stupid message. 
  15. RTAnoskills

    World War - Episode 3

    Could anyone tell me, what is going on with Russia and the Ukraine?  Are they or aren't they doing WHAT??  Is anyone concerned about episode 3?   From what I can make out,  Russia is moving in on Ukraine, and " WE " the western world are imposing sanctions on Russia.   Don't we buy gas from Russia?   Winter is on the way.   Can I connect to the internet during a nuclear holocaust?   What about after?     How much is a house in Switzerland? 
  16. RTAnoskills

    @Loore, Forum font and text

    Has anyone noticed the text on the list of threads looks like a inkjet has printed on paper that absorbs the ink.   The text looks all "spidery".  (LOL im not sure if thats a word in any language)  Is it me, or is this the forum?   It looks horrible, text everywhere else looks fine, other sites etc.  p.s........Wheres my Volvo 850 :smiley: 
  17. RTAnoskills

    Skyline or Sierra Cossie

    Which do you prefer?   @FanticUA - Why do you like the Skyline?   I saw your video of your win on Algarve in the skyline.   It was a good clean win.    While watching your video im recognising some names,  and im laughing to myself.  They should all be ashamed of themselves.    No disrespect to you FanticUA, but a skyline, should NOT be beating any Sierra,  (on this game) What was your fastest lap?  1.37.*** or 1.38.*** or 1.36.***  Cant make out all the times. Im for the Sierra all the way.  The skyline launches very well, but the cossie isnt exactly a slug.   
  18. Sizes to cater for all  :smiley: 
  19. RTAnoskills


    WOW thats a joke CM.   Why dont you permanently stop these people. 
  20. RTAnoskills

    Why are NSR nailing me?

    Im sick of this.    All offenders will be punished!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPiu3df3wPI&feature=youtu.be
  21. RTAnoskills

    3.46 club

    Are there any members of the intel challenge 346 club who would like to share their setup?
  22. RTAnoskills

    Console patch is here!!!

    Ive just turned on my Xbox, and I have the patch.     :smile: 
  23. Thanks for the patch, Eventually.   @Justbiglee, @Loore, @Satine, @CODEMASTERS Could you please explain to me what a "TIME TRIAL" is?  The intel challenge states in black n white, that its a "TIME TRIAL"  on the racenet.com page explaining the competition.  Yet in reality its a "RACE"  with your brilliantly coded A.I. If anyone has read the small print, they will know there are numerous warnings not to cheat, use automated software etc,  any BS times will be banned atc.   But what It doesnt say is:  What happens when the company running the competition has labeled the events wrongly.   Its like the lottery saying they will pick the numbers at random, and then dont.   WHY IS IT SOOOOOOO DAMN HARD FOR YOU TO GET THINGS RIGHT.  Is the person behind this fiasco, the same person responsible for coding the savegames?  WHO, WHEN, WHERE, WHY AND WHAT - ASKED FOR FULL DAMAGE ON THE RACENET CHALLENGES? 
  24. RTAnoskills

    Time Trial

    Gotta say, this is actually not that bad.   I would have prefered, every track and every car combination. But I gotta say, this is pretty good.   Why are the leaderboards not viewable from racenet?  Thats my only issue with it,  not a major issue, or a complaint really, just a question.  Should be quite close when this eventually makes it to the Xbox. (and of course the PS3)   :smile: 
  25. So if you pre order Autosport you got the Black edition.   With exclusive liveries and a merc.   Ok fine.  But why then release the black editions exclusive stuff as DLC.?    Honestly codemasters, Why? Lol