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  1. kevinkirk

    It's time for telemetry

    To be honest I just cant wrap my head around the inner working of either. What ever I find to read about it, its much to over my head to understand how each works. I cant understand the lingo of what it says.
  2. kevinkirk

    It's time for telemetry

    One of the biggest problems with f1 2019 is they do not have any damper related setup options. Its a critical setup option in any formula car is that good bit off data sent in both shared memory like PC uses and UDP like console uses? Because in the 2018 game it wasnt, making UDP console users only able to have much more basic apps than PC shared memory users had because of the much less data being sent thur UDP than was being sent thur shared memory. Just make sure when your reading whats being sent its talking about UDP and not shared memory because they are different things if you are using it on consoles.
  3. kevinkirk

    It's time for telemetry

    Consoles would have to use UDP. If this game is like last years the UDP isnt sending out all that much information thur it like PCars does. The games UDP is only sending basic things like what you see on your dash and info thats basically meant for being able to use shaker rigs when playing the game. Like I said, last years game was like that and I dont know if they added more information being sent for this one. Maybe someone from codemasters could tell us what information is and isnt being sent thur console UDP.
  4. kevinkirk

    It's time for telemetry

    whats the point of having telemetry when the car setup options are so bare bones and numb in this game that you cant use it to fix what telemetry says is going on with the car? For example If I recall even the camber and caster settings is the game only has 1 degree of change available in the slider. That isnt enough to change whatever telemetry might show the car needs.
  5. kevinkirk


    those two sides are not proportioned to each other. The tire looks bigger in the right because everything else including the car looks bigger on the right side. The left side tire looks smaller because everything including the car looks smaller in the left. Thats called being in proportion.
  6. kevinkirk

    F1 2019 change log/fix the bugs!!!

    You do list some things that could be called bugs, but the majority of that list is just things you want changed in the gameplay or things in the gameplay you want to be different than how they were designed to work. They are not bugs
  7. a unlocked on throttle diff gives the rear better traction because the inside wheel is being allowed to turn at a different speed from the outside wheel on corner exit. That also makes the rear of the car rotate more. To me it feels like the slider in the game to the left labeled unlocked makes the rear of the car rotate less on throttle as if the inside wheel is loosing traction not allowing the rear to rotate.
  8. kevinkirk

    Held in pit box after stop is complete - race ruined

    I havnt ever been held in the pits for that long so maybe thats why I can make what im suggesting work, but if that is happening it needs to be fixed.
  9. kevinkirk

    Held in pit box after stop is complete - race ruined

    seems like anything that causes them to need to use their head and adapt to situations that happens they call a bug.
  10. kevinkirk

    Held in pit box after stop is complete - race ruined

    Just like in real life if you lose time in the pits over a crowded pit lane then thats on you and your choice to pit when the pits are crowded. The best time to pit to lose the least amount of time is part of F1 strategy. The general rule is to not pit the same time cars around you are pitting for that reason. Do the opposite of what they do when it comes time to pit.
  11. kevinkirk

    Honestly, The Physics Are Terrible

    yep, to me these games has allways felt like the cars have no weight to them what so ever. Like they jerk into a direction instead of turn into a direction and doesnt have any sense of friction between the tires and the track. Changing set ups is just simply a circle of making the car jerk slightly slower or making it jerk slightly faster into turns. Like the handling model is only simulating corner entry and corner exit and leaving out the mid corner physics of a car going around a corner.
  12. Im not trying to bash the game but the whole game is one big assist no matter how you play it or what settings you use. Why have a melt down about this one setting being a assist when everything in the game has built in assists?
  13. sorry for the double post, my internet is throwing a fit.
  14. sound like your issue is more about not using the braking markers place on the sides of tracks as a braking reference. Thats what you should be using to judge the moment you brake.
  15. kevinkirk

    Worst pre release ever!