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  1. I thought i read some of the added races tracks that happened last season like muchello and imola was added to the game. Was i wrong or am i missing a DLC download or what. Thanks
  2. kevinkirk

    Display suggested gear in cockpit view

    you see red and blue lights on your steering wheel lights, then shift up. Thats what the rev lights are there for. Following a suggested gear would hurt you more than anything because you want to use short shifting to help control wheel spin not by being in what gear the game tells you to be in.
  3. I never could handle the linearity steering on 0. It just threw me off the track anytime i even touched the thumbstick
  4. kevinkirk

    Buttkicker Gamer

    Im planning on buying one once it gets back in stock. My rig has a regular car seat. I have been brain storming how im going to mount it myself. Best plan i have so far is welding a socket to a plate welded to the springs underneath or something like that. Maybe connecting the socket buy running a bolt and a washer thur it and bolting it to something. I am also concerned about how noisy it is. My main concern is since im on xbox i assume i have to run it thur the audio signal. So i am worried that things like wind noise and engineer voices are going to get in the way of what i want it to pick up.
  5. kevinkirk

    Different setups = same time

    the most effective slider that shows the most change would be the downforce sliders. The camber and caster sliders might have some effect on tire wear but to me the sliders besides the downforce sliders barely change how the car feels. At least not near as much as changing them should anyway and no combination of them effects the car enough to make it undrivable.
  6. kevinkirk

    Different setups = same time

    there isnt enough range in the setup sliders for it to really effect the car. The sliders are just 2 or so clicks to the left or to the right. For example the camber settings range has only something like one degree of adjustment in the slider. To show how little that is, F1 wheels camber moves more that during cornering loads. The setup options are way to numb in these games and dont change the car anywhere near enough.
  7. kevinkirk

    Fix Suzuka Bump PLS

    doesnt that depend on what car setup your using?
  8. kevinkirk

    JayFerGaming F1 2014 Videos

    Dam dude,every video is you just banging on your rev limiter.Your car stops speeding up any real amount of speed when you see the blue lights.When you see your lights flashing.That is your car screamimg at you to change gear.