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  1. It's the traction control. Take it off and see what happens. What wheel are you using?
  2. They don't want to say they aren't giving us a patch beause that would deter some people from buying the game.
  3. This is quite possible and I've wondered the same thing many times. CM has much to learn, even from decade old games that got right what CM can't.
  4. I assume by 2H you mean two hour race length?
  5. Thanks for your comment.   I just wanted to understand what they represented now i do i can utilise the tyres temps and engine temps during a race and qualy.i have had all f1 games in the series so was interested in what they stood Cheers for your comment.  No problem. The only thing I don't understand is how the temps on the wheel are meant to reflect individual tyre temps. Say the right front is hot and the left front is a little cool. Maybe the number just indicates the highest temperature of the two?
  6. The numbers aren't irrelevant. The one on the left of the gear number is engine temp, the two on the right are front and rear tyre temps. You can also see your lap time and split on the upper left of the screen, with your position on the upper right. Not even close to irrelevant information.
  7. It's not Hatta's fault. He's just the messenger from what I've gathered. The rest of them at CM needs to smarten up and communicate with their customers.
  8. This is also an issue on the pc version of the game. As well as the PS3 version, too.
  9. As a PRL racer for about a year or more now, I think I can safely say that some of our drivers aren't very talented, and some are very talented. I may not have always been the best sport and I have only recently reconciled my actions, but I'm quite confident that this season is going to be a very interesting and competitive one. Accidents happen, and you can't judge the entire league based off one bad experience.  I'm grateful for everything Moogleslam does for us, and I believe he really does care about us.
  10. So you're dropping a second over 5 laps in a 100% race? Sounds to me like the issue is your driving and/or your setup. Tyre wear this year is brilliantly done (when compared to earlier CM games). I think you should really take a look at how you're driving and the setup you are using.
  11. I actually agree with the guy above me. I only saw one retirement in my first race at AUS. Vergne dropped out in sector 1, and no safety car was called out. Interestingly unsafe.  AI really, really need to be tweaked so that they actually drive like human beings (wheelspin, lock-ups, mistakes, wet weather pace). Even though they have been improved (barely) they need much more work now because of how difficult it is to drive the cars. Gamepads also have an incredible advantage. It's ridiculous, really. Wheel users are so bad in the wet, we can barely drive. It's like driving on ice. Pad
  12. F1 2013 is a sham compared to 2014. I never enjoyed it. It always felt like garbage and too arcadey and slidey. 2014 feels like a real step forward in terms of core gameplay. Much better than '13.
  13. The handling model is fine. They just need to adjust the AI so they actually lock-up and spin the tires. Right now they floor it off all the corners without wheelspin. Ridiculous. As for the traction control issues and brake lock-ups online with both wheels and pads, they absolutely need to make the TC assist less powerful somehow and make the pads slower in the wet and maybe give them a bit more wheelspin in the dry. I haven't done much with lock-ups but I really adore the rear-to-front load under braking and loss of traction in the rears if you get it wrong. I do feel like it is much harder
  14. Sounds to me like his problem is he is using a qualifying setup in the race. Tires going off quickly indicates a setup that is bad on tires and most likely bad driving techniques.
  15. I've noticed that on Hamilton's car, there is a section on the very tip of the nose that is turquoise, like the Petronas color. There was also something wrong with one of the Merc's livery on 2013, as well. I have a picture but no way to upload it... so it's kind of useless for now.
  16. I think it's pretty crappy how CM said they would have loads more information when F1 2014 launched. It's fully available all around the world now and you say we won't hear anything this year?  Now they're liars, too.
  17. Indeed, I agree with all of you. The new LED steering wheels can display more information and the engineer could use some improvements, as well as being able to see the mirrors fully in all cars.
  18. Just wanting to get a response from Hatta about when we can expect some news.
  19. Alright, so 2014 is out and all. Let's talk 2015, yeah? News, updates, media, let's go.
  20. I actually had this problem in 2013. It's to do with your setup, like you say. I believe it's like that IRL as well, so I agree.
  21. I'll have to disagree on that. GT6 has cars & tracks but it doesn't have racing. Poor AI with no option to adjust difficulty, most career races are catch-up format, arcade races are always catch-up with no option to enable standing starts, no qualifying, no option to enable mechanical damage, no option to enable fuel/tire wear & no option to enable penalties offline. Online options are pretty lacking too (GT6 has online practice, though). CM's F1 games have their flaws but unlike GT6 in CM's F1 games I can set up proper races offline. I'm not talking about the plentiful flaws that C
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