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  1. After playing other F1 titles and real sims, CM's F1 series feels like garbage. Even GT6 feels better. GP4 and pretty much every other F1 game I've played feels better as well. It's pathetic. Anyone else feel the same way, or have anything constructive or useful to say?
  2. As an American I can honestly say that NASCAR is boring to watch. Indy might be better, I'm sure it is, but I haven't watched any of it.  I live in a state where there are tons of rednecks and they all like their stupid dirt track racing crap. I know people from all around my area and only one of them actually watches F1 with me. Sad, really.
  3. Career mode sucks. They put us at an unrealistic disadvantage to make the game seem more immersive and enjoyable. On the contrary, it made it more frustrating and annoying.
  4. Yeah ofcourse its not perfect but its way better than it was before. GameStockCar Extreme defo has the most realistic sounds and I will be doing a comparison of that game too this week.  CM also pretty much half-assed this years game because they are focusing on next years. Understandable that it's not perfect but next years game better be mind-blowing.
  5. Even though I don't care much for your videos, I agree. Keep the flame and such on YT, not here. The game sounds good enough to me. Except for the off-throttle noise through corners. Sounds like the engine gets cut off from the fuel supply... which isn't what it sounds like IRL at all.
  6. He did not said anything about the sidepod glitch? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-5iWAB1DIs Glad I'm not the only one who has experienced that. Absolutely pathetic glitch that ruins the gameplay.
  7. I agree, CM are out to grab money and don't listen to us. Maybe, though, if we whine and complain and give them enough grief they will get the point. Maybe it's in the works for 2015. Honestly, 2015 is my last hope for CM. 
  8. I suppose we should all start taking your advice and call you Fuehrer. Or maybe Jesus. Get over yourself, not everyone else has the same views and enjoys the same things as yourself. We all have different agendas so stop trying to force yours down our throats. 
  9. Research. I have a Logitech G27 that is alright. Other than that I have no experience with other wheels.
  10. Catherham? When did they join the sport?
  11. Whatever it is that you have against console players, get over it. You look like an ass with a grudge.  I agree, we need telemetry. We also need a more immersive single-player experience and a competitive multiplayer. 
  12. Stop whining. It won't change anything. CM knows what we want, if they don't by now then they never will. This year's game isn't going to undergo any drastic changes, so why are you still complaining? Because you're upset that you're going to buy a game that isn't exactly what you want. 
  13. I think it was a stupid decison to change the point at which the LEDs light up. They now light up like 15000 RPM is the best shift point, when in real life it is actually 12000 RPM. How in God's name is that an improvement? Just says that they don't give a crap about replicating the mechanics of the sport truly.
  14. You need force feedback. Logitech and Thrustmaster are your best bet. Look around on ebay and Amazon, even NewEgg has some good deals.
  15. Did you read that on this forum? Can you quote on that? CBA to look. Are there any patch notes? I haven't been able to find any.
  16. First patch has been released, of course. Fixed the engine sounds. Good. What about the revs, though? Are they the same as pre-patch? I hope so, because if it is like 2013 where all you have to do is shift at the flashing lights, then it's boring. The fuel saving and choice to push a little faster at the cost of extra fuel was great and could prove to be a major factor in some online and even offline races. It sounded very fun, as well. I don't understand why CM would take that away (I am assuming they did in the patch because I read somewhere that they did).
  17. HartGoesHARD, I'll add you when I get on next. Do you have a mic?
  18. I thought I saw Williams in the top tier on that cz gameplay.
  19. The car does understeer, Alan said so himself. The oversteer is obviously a result of the immense torque from the powertrain. The understeer a result of the lower downforce, which makes the fronts grip less and slide away.  After watching some onboard video, I think that the handling could prove to be quite fun and challenging. Maybe even close to the real deal.
  20. Most likely. I didn't give it much of a listen because I couldn't hear the engine but it didn't show any signs of wheelspin visually when it happened. The wheels had traction, thus the gear should be keeping the revs down. At one point I'm sure I saw him go from 4th to 6th with all the LEDs on. Just interested and maybe a bit worried, too.
  21. Good video. Not sure what's what with the shift LEDs being on a lot...
  22. All the steering wheels are final. It has been confirmed that Codemasters assumed the teams were using those wheels, as the teams approved them. It was then to late to change them apparently. :( So Damn that's almost like formula 1 2010 where all steering wheels were the same which has made ​​me a little the game broken because you want everything possible as have genuine. But well , the Williams have also not beautiful Martini paint well the blue paint does not fit so well would have let the way and only the Martini will leave so that the car would at least still true ... But what micht
  23. The AI need plenty of work in this game. More independent drivers who make mistakes, as well as lap times. The lap times, I believe, may be due to the fact that the physics aren't realistic.  My belief is the AI run within the parameters of the physics defined by the engine. They push these physics as they drive on the track but don't exceed them. The physics aren't realistic enough to force the AI (as well as the players) to be slower, hence setting faster lap times than you see IRL.  Or, we could be accelerating faster than the cars IRL do. Or we could be navigating corners quick
  24. It's all personal preference. CM can't please everyone.  The AI still need work. They look glued to the track. Medium TC doesn't help us understanding how the car feels. Expert AI with the way this guy was driving is a shame, should have been further down the field IMO.  However, something I did notice was the engine temp. It looked like he was struggling with engine temp issues, which is good as it almost never happens on 2013. Very interesting to see, and pleasing. The steering wheel display is actually quite pleasing, as well.
  25. AI times in the wet compared to dry is just stupid. We can be competitive in the dry but in the wet the AI just flies away.
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