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  1. I've seen and heard enough. F1 2014 as a gap-filler is fine. UI and everything looks fine. The entirety of the game looks okay.  My only problem is with the sticky rear end and AI never locking up. The way the AI and physics behave are just not realistic. That's what I am concerned about. The wheels are totally fine as long as they display relevant and useful information.
  2. CBA to read OP's book. From skimming through it I can say that my opinion is that you are a twit, Zombie, nothing more than a boy who wants some attention. OP is pointless and flamebait. We want an enjoyable and good F1 racing game, which CM has failed to allocate. If you can't handle that, then please and kindly fuck off, mate.
  3. I miss the days when drivers could just push and go all out instead of worrying about tyres and fuel all the time.
  4. The rear light flashes for lifting and coasting, not harvesting. They are playing with the dials to alter engine maps and brake bias, which I assume we can do in the game up to a point. The MGU-K harvests in the same way as KERS did, under heavy braking, which is why they are altering brake bias constantly. They can also change differential settings. That is one thing I do really want to see in the next-gen game because it does play a fairly large part in grip and tyre wear/heat distribution.
  5. Agreed. The slack work on the cockpit is very annoying and pathetic, to be honest.
  6. ERS isn't like KERS and I think thats confusing people a little bit, KERS activates on a press of the button and is activated by the driver when he wants however in 2014 ERS is automatic the car is deloying it quite often infact exiting almost everycorner ERS is active to give acceleration, only time its not auto is for overtake button which i doubt is in game at this point haha anyway as ERS is automatic you wouldnt need a display of how much you have left like you do with KERS once your used to it youll probably forget ERS is there completely (unless you come out of a slow corner on old tyre
  7. Go to Codies official F1 Twitter account and you should see what I am talking about.
  8. What is a bit much for you? I like immersion but having a cutscene like that seems immersive but boring. Maybe if they just cut straight to us and let us know if any other drivers had any words of us, then I could deal with it. Personal preference. 
  9. There was some GameDigital conference at which CM was showcasing F1 2014. They let people play the game and one even complained that they were DQ'd by the game. It's on Twitter. So my question is: why not take that gameplay and release it on here so we have something to see? 
  10. That's a bit much for me. Impossible, as well, because they haven't got a system which works like the human brain to string together words in a realistic manner that provide a sentence relative to the topic at hand.
  11. You're joking if you think they thought about that at all. Give the players an option that could only positively impact the experience? Pfft, forget about it.
  12. I want an incredibly improved game. If they don't pull out a game that tops the likes of GP4 and F1:CE in terms of immersion and AI, then I'm throwing in the towel. Presentation will, undoubtedly, be improved dramatically (if CM decides to actually try). Bugs and glitches? Yeah, I mean, seriously. It's Codies, of course. Oh, and if I can't use my G27 I won't be buying the game.
  13. I also went to the Spanish GP, low end grunt is impressive, you can also hear the cars cut through the air on the drive by. Just missing the high end scream. You can blame that on the fuel flow limit and reliability issues. Most reliability has been sorted and, if the manufacturers were comfortable, they could rev the hell out of them. I love the turbos, but for some reason these cars are so much more quiet than the old turbocharged cars. Maybe it's down to exhaust design and the new hybrid power.
  14. http://www.vgchartz.com/gamedb/?name=F1+2013&publisher=&platform=&genre=&minSales=0&results=200 800,000 sold worldwide, and that's not including PC. I was just going by what MickeyMotionz said in his video. Still quite poor numbers, to be honest.
  15. @MickeyMoTiOnZ‌  But you need a $2000 PC to apreciate your 4k graphics and mods instead of a $250 console... Is it really cheaper ? Next gen consoeles are $400 and you don't need 4k graphics, and thats what will probably make pc gaming cheaper. Everyone will be on that 4k hype! And these consoles can't even run games properly at  60 fps and 1080p. They usually have to go with 30fps and 1080p or drop the resolution and keep the 60 fps. Not true. Halo: TMCC runs smooth as silk at 60FPS on 1080p. No reason (except for pure lack of effort, or laziness) why games can't do that.
  16. F1 2013 barely sold 300,000 copies, less than a third of 2010 sales. 2014 may get 200,000 but no more. Pathetic excuse for a developer.
  17. Well said. Personally I'm seriously thinking of writing a letter to FOM about the lack of authenticity in the game and the extreme lack of acknowledgement on CM's part to their customers questions. Fantastic idea. I never thought of that and I fully back that action.
  18. CodeMASTERS. Ironic. I will be attempting this later today and get back to you all.
  19. CM isn't even trying to sell their games anymore. They weren't at Gamescom, E3, nowhere to be seen anywhere.
  20. Exactly @doyley101‌ ,but they gotta bitch even though they may not buy it . Bitching is just in people's DNA . You lot are pathetic. I bought the game. I was unhappy with it after discovering the bugs. I started complaining. CM took their sweet ass time with support. More people complained. To my knowledge we still don't have a US PS3 patch three or so months after release. What harm does it do to let the developer know that they can do a better job? Sheep.
  21. CM won't do anything about it. I'll be Santa Claus if they do.
  22. They have a right to "bitch". Codemasters is being lazy, and as paying customers we have the right to bitch and not settle for low-grade support and laziness like you lot.
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