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  1. I'll just reply to this since I can't be bothered to read the rest of your idiotic, blind, ignorant replies to anyone who's tried talking some sense into you and your fanboy group. I actually just tried to type up something to make a point about how you're so ignorant (unbelievably so) and how CM doesn't care about quality, but I've decided it's really no longer worth the effort. Go ahead and let them know it's okay to mistreat the loyal customers who sign their paychecks, while we are stuck with a broken game (or a stripped down remake of last year's F1 title). If you don't understand the poi
  2. Just because you want those things doesn't mean everyone else does and won't buy it.
  3. Corner extending everywhere in that video. Almost all of you.
  4. Just got a refund from Sony. Good game, but I refuse to give my money to crooks. Diablo 3 is mighty fun, though!
  5. I wouldn't. I'm close to trying to get a refund and getting Diablo 3.
  6. It's no good trying to explain to a fanboy that his beloved game is broken. Wake the hell up, you brown-nosed puppet. What happened to the days when we could just pick up a game and throw it in our console, and start playing without any problem? A month after release almost all bugs in the game should be fixed. Plenty of time.  But CM has other plans. They are giving us the shaft because they want to concentrate on doing the same for next-gen. Hype, hype, hype, play, find game-breaking bugs, "try" to fix them, shaft the game because they already got their money (even more applicable in th
  7. Sounds and graphics are fine. Obviously its still the old shitty AI that never make mistakes and can somehow floor it out of corners and still keep the rear in check, even in the rain. No surprise, though. Wouldn't have expected more.
  8. I don't remember him saying 'only' t-cam and cockpit views. He just said more. Can't tell you how much I absolutely hate how often the views change in CMs replays. I just want the regular TV angles like we see IRL. Not that difficult to understand and surely not that difficult to do.
  9. Wow, all of these glitches have been here this long? And they've been pointed out? 
  10. Last I heard, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny had signed off on the patch and was now on Bigfoot's desk waiting the final approval. Should go live any time now. Surprised,  would have thought the aliens would steal the patch off a lone hard drive at CM that contained the only patch data available and we would have to wait another 6 weeks.
  11. It is quite ridiculous and you bring up many strong points and arguments. So, CM reps, what say you? Project Cars, Assetto Corsa, iRacing, rFactor, and all the other titles are looking more and more tasty with all the neglect CM has been showing. I don't care if they have the official F1 license, doesn't make a difference if I can't enjoy myself.
  12. Good job, Codies. You officially blew it, from the looks of it.
  13. When you start you are the number two driver, so you will replace the number two driver. When you move to number one, you swap with your teammate. That's how it goes in real life.
  14. Stop bumping your own threads with off-topic posts.
  15. Season two, just finished the second event and here are the driver standings from 9th down (touring cars):9th - Aksel Berg w/ 26 pts9th - Daniele Moretti w/ 26 pts11th - Martim Sousa w/ 21 pts11th - Nathan Harder (me) w/ 21 pts13th - Gabriel Moreau (TM) w/ 12 pts13th - Hannah Wolf w/ 12 pts15th - Diego Gomez w/ 6 pts15th - Dimitrios Varga w/ 6 pts This game is something else entirely. Personally I think it's one of CM's best games, though it's definitely got it's faults (but that's not why I made this thread). Also, AI difficulty is very hard and no assists except for corners line. Would be hi
  16. Personally, I believe you (along with many others) don't understand this because you don't have a mature adult's mentality... You seem to think that video games should have high barriers to entry just to keep others who you deem less deserving out of your little virtual clubhouse. Why would I be here on a racing game forum if I didn't share similar passions for motorsport & gaming? I've driven high performance cars on race tracks & I love emulating those types of experiences in video games... ...I can also distinguish between reality & gaming. If a motorsport game was truly "real
  17. Now they've got the black-hole effect and I don't think they care much.
  18. You forget one thing - we don't have access to F1 cars in real life, nor the circuits. We play these games because our (well, at least for myself) dream is motorsports. It's our passion, and if we want a challenge presented to us in a virtual motorsporting world, there's no reason why we shouldn't have it. That's our "fun". Competitive, fast, roaring, white-knuckled motor-racing. There's no other way we can access this.  Personally, I believe you (along with many others) don't understand this because you don't have a racer's mentality or a true passion and desire for the sport.  Excu
  19. Even if I run 6/6 ride height at Bahrain and touch the exit kerb off the back straight it will flick my front end like a bothersome fly.
  20. Also, there are numerous videos on YouTube criticizing the kerbs on 2013. Go look for yourself. These people are also experiencing the same problems I have been.
  21. Do you use assists at all? I think you're lying, to be frank. It looks like the movement is too sharp and quick to be driver input. Seems the kerb spit you off and back onto the track to me. That's happened to me multiple times. How would you know what the kerbs are like? Have you ever driven on a race track before in your life?
  22. Look to the videos above to see evidence of my OP. Thanks, guys.
  23. Off-topic here but your throttle input is just the weirdest I've ever seen. I wouldn't even classify it as a feather-style. It's just outright strange.
  24. I get that '14 is just a gapper, but I already feel like they could have at least improved the game as it is to it's maximum potential (60 FPS, better AI, decent graphics that wouldn't impede the 60FPS, and a few other things). I really don't think this game will be worth more than $40 from what we've seen so far. I could be wrong because I'm not in the business, but I would sure like to be. ;) (hinting: hire me CM)
  25. Good Lord, that looks and sounds absolutely incredible. My God, I'm hyponotized.
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