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  1. If this is the reason why you would or wouldn't buy F1 2014, then just step away from the computer and go do something else and forget about it. Honestly, people like you are why the series has turned to garbage.
  2. So in other words, you're wrong. Leagues are not the biggest part of the game. They don't keep the games going by any means at all, because most are fairly limited access and unheard of to a majority of racers.
  3. I'm sorry but leagues keep the game going, they attract the people through out the whole games life cycle, that's why I've got 500 hours on the thing, AI are just too slow, leagues are the biggest part of the game Most people pick up the game because of the career mode. They want to feel like a driver and race against the real drivers. Then, once they get tired of that (if they ever do, considering there really is a lot of stuff to do offline), they go online and start racing against people. If they are quick enough and serious enough about winning, they may, or may not search for a league
  4. As do I, excuse any negative tone that may come across from myself. I find that common sense lacks in our world, and haven't got much patience. 
  5. It's not about running out of fuel, smart one. It's about exceeding the 100kg/h of fuel flow limit. Why do you think Ricciardo was disqualified from Melbourne?
  6. Thats the benefit of racing in a league, they become your friends, I'd give it a go. Already have. I play way more than anyone in the leagues I participated.
  7. Depends on your pace, I've been struggling to adapt to my new wheel so expert is more than enough for me for now. League racing is quite boring for me, I'd enjoy racing against friends more.
  8. It's just a hotlap. We didn't get almost anything besides graphics and sound from that video. I'm almost positive that it isn't the final build, either.
  9. Actually I would value a good AI system combined with good physics and a decent career mode over a league any day.
  10. You wrote a ton of worthless posts in this forum. One point of this thread is to expose this. Even in F1 2015, PC will be better than the next gen console versions. All Codies development is done on PC's first, then ported to consoles. Come to reality. I've made three different threads discussing three different topics that CM needs to improve upon and/or fix. How is that pointless? I'm giving them feedback, which should be used to improve the quality of their product(s). Remind me of how that is "worthless". Who the hell cares? Good for you, if you play on PC, awesome. We all know that PC
  11. Is being a straight to the point gamer wrong? Did you miss the first part of the first two points I made where I said I would like to see them too? When someone has to say "No offense" then they clearly know what they're saying will be taken as such. Where have I given the impression that I'm a "5 minute quick quick" (Whatever that even means) player? If you've read my points in other threads as well as this one properly you'd see that I'm someone who would like to see the game as a full blown sim with all the immersion that can be added. But only once the absolutely necessary elements are up
  12. What does this thread have to do with "PC over next-gen"? In "Message for Steve" I wasn't talking about the kerbs. I was talking about immersion and general enjoyment. Different topic entirely.  Honestly, this thread seems pointless.
  13. That's why they should give you an option to skip it.  Don't ruin everyone else's experience just because you're in a haste to get on track. Exactly, so instead of removing it entirely, they should have reworked it, not throw it in a scrap pile altogether.
  14. Oh, and the way you titled it makes it look like a fake F1 2014 hotlap video, just so you know. Very misleading and misinformative.
  15. Looks to me like the car was shot onto the track by the kerb. At least, that's what would have happened to me. However, it only happens like that when I am giving it throttle, but it feels and looks like it's the front of the car that's being affected by the kerb. Maybe that's what is throwing me off on the whole thing. You could have just posted this in my thread as it pertains strongly to the topic. 
  16. Why did you remove all the things from 2010 onwards that added more immersion and fun into the game? So you could cut development costs? It really makes no sense. Take a look at F1 CE. You could learn a thing or two about immersion and what "Live the Life" is. You better step up your game, Steve (quite literally). If you expect your franchise to continue to thrive, then give us a reason to buy your games.
  17. Okay, so when I just barely touch the exit kerb on the turn after the back straight at Bahrain, with just the slightest little knick, my car should be reeling out of control and almost in a spin?
  18. I'm in a bit of a pickle here as I've just bought a very nice Logitech G27 and I play on PS3. I wish to buy an XBOX One when Halo: TMCC comes out. I also wish to buy Codies next-gen F1 title when it comes out, but I really like my wheel and see no need to get a different one any time soon. So my point is: LET ME USE MY G27 ON XBOX ONE.
  19. I had it happen at Hungary in scenario mode last night, too. Coming out of turn 3 the exit kerb threw me back into the middle of the track, like, it pushed the car sideways.
  20. On a positive note, this game is incredibly more fun with a wheel and I am absolutely loving it much more than I ever have with a pad.
  21. Then why am I doing so well in Australia all the time? Wynterdust said:
  22. I agree, it's just the spins and spits that do happen are unbelievably unrealistic and should not be happening to such extents. However, I have just gotten my first wheel (Logitech g27) and am still adjusting to it. So maybe once I do get used to it I will be able to catch myself. 
  23. F1 2013, career mode, Marussia. Expert AI. Finish 6th or so in Aus. The rest of the races, exactly 18th. Why? The game WANTS me to finish there, so it makes an enormous gap between the 19th and 17th cars and caters the pace to set me in that position. I'm sick of it, honestly. I've never played with such a rigged and scripted (don't you dare say it's not) AI system.  Every single game ever created is scripted, because someone has to write the code to allow such and such outcome. Variables may change but the output is the same. No developer has thought or, much less, delved deeper into AI
  24. I completely agree with the guys above me. Old-ass games have better features that most developers these days just don't want to spend money on, so they can save some and still get their sales. Most people don't understand this and that's how they get away with it.
  25. Bahrain is one of, if not the worst. Abu Dhabi is pretty bad as well, I just hate getting spit off without a chance of saving it.
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