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  1. Even with a higher ride height I still encounter this problem all too frequently.
  2. I'm honestly very tired of the kerbs in 2013. About 50% of the time I even come into contact with one, it spits me off and into a spin or a barrier. I'm very frustrated and would appreciate it greatly if Codemasters would do something about it.  My question to the community is: have you had detrimental consequences resulting from contact with a kerb in an unrealistic fashion?
  3. Look how long it took them to announce F1 2014. They couldn't even tell us that it was called that until the announcement, so they probably are going through the same issues with copyright and licenses with 2015. I am interested in seeing footage or seeing details on this new engine, however. Maybe it will be a completely new EGO engine?
  4. F1 2014 will NOT be a PS4 exclusive, as has already been stated. Anywho, thanks, Hatta, for putting my mind at rest at least for a while. ;)
  5. I'm waiting as patiently as I can, granted I am incredibly excited to play the game because I'm tired of 2013, but still, it's almost the 12th round of the season and we still have almost no information whatsoever. Personally I find it a bit ridiculous as Codemasters said "soon" almost two months ago, if not more.
  6. You look like such a kiss-ass. Wipe the brown off your nose and open your eyes you arrogant fool. We are the fans, there's no reason why we shouldn't have information right now. I'm sure that if the FOM and Bernie weren't so anal about everything, we would have had a NA F1 2013 hardcopy as well as information on F1 2014.
  7. FIX Kerbs sending you off easily when using a controller. Very annoying on some tracks how you touch them and it spits your front end off at a 90 degree angleInvisible wallsAI being superhuman (no breakdowns,, as you can tell from the current season there are lots of failures. Also, it seems like AI just don't suffer from tyre wear like I do, and they are much faster than me in the wet for some reason)Certain animations glitching out, like when leaving the pits your driver hits the PL button like he isn't turning the wheelWhen navigating the menus, sometimes it likes to glitch out and not load
  8. I don't know if anyone has suggested this, but I really want warm-up (formation) laps and an option to spectate other drivers during qualifying, like in real life. It'd be cool if you could walk up to the pit wall and look over and watch people go by. Just a more immersive experience, you know? A parade lap would be cool, too. Amongst other things that I don't care to say because so many others before me have stated them.
  9. The site is back up! The American Xbox Championship needs one more person to start the season. I can promise you that it will be clean, fun, and exciting, so sign up and let's race!
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