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  1. It's worked fine for me except for the DLC problems, but I've gotten most of those to work. (I guess I'm not fated to have a drift Camaro just yet...)
  2. Sprint Pack and Road and Track Pack (for some reason Touring Car Legends worked fine - which is weird but cool) United States. 
  3. Having problems with the DLC myself (I'm still working on trying to get the Road and Track pack, tbh, once I get that one to work I'll DL the others...) and as location was of note, I am attempting download from Houston, Texas. Yeah, I know that's more specific than U.S., but you might find the information helpful and I doubt that even if I had stalkers here they'd locate me in a metropolitan area with close to 6 million people.
  4. I thought it was a tad weak at first, but after adjusting the setting in the in-game options menu and picking it up to 75% (It was at default 50%) Seems good now.
  5. Just going to leave this here, in case they decide to put another classics mode in:
  6. Okay, here we go. Someone has already mentioned Highway Star, that's good. Here's a few more. I'll drop just links instead of posting the actual videos, because I've got a whole playlist. Rush - Moving Pictures - Red Barchetta http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjjNvjURS-s Joe Satriani - Surfing with the Alien - Surfing with the Alien http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-OK7sS855M Sammy Hagar - VOA - I Can't Drive 55 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvV3nn_de2k White Zombie - La Sexorcisto, Devil Music, Vol. 1 - Black Sunshine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqPClltS5k8 Golden Earing - Moontan - Radar Lo
  7. Lazy is a harsh word and a bit unfair, our level designers worked flat out to get you all those locations, the majority of which we were told we "had to have them". I don't think we've ever unfairly promoted the game for having more content than it does. We've always said 22 locations with over 100 routes. Then when we revealed the full track list we detailed those routes, reversed included. It's an interesting discussion though so will be watching this thread to see how it pans out. 22 locations. I'm going to run through my racing games with dedicated circuits for Xbox 360 really quick,
  8. I'll accept the "mediocrity" being that I have to play this on an Xbox 360. To me it's better than them going full out and I don't get to play one because I haven't dumped a large amount of money into a gaming PC. For the amount I see some of you guys pay for a PC, steering wheel, racing games, switches, pedals, and the like I'd rather buy a racing go kart or a beat up old car and start actually racing. EDIT: And since you like games with such awesome detail, I should point out AR-670-1 mandates the wear of distinctive unit insignia on the left shoulder of the ACU uniform on those solid patch
  9. @HDTanel There is a replay (you said there wasn't at 7:59). It's in the pause menu, 4th option down. You also have the option of watching it from the results screen, and on my Xbox there is a control to upload to Youtube (which I have yet to try). I don't want to finish watching this. You took 4 minutes to give an introduction and background and explain why you're speaking in English instead of your native language. All it seems like you've done since, and I'm at the 13 minute mark, is talk about cockpit view. I knew about that 3 weeks ago. It was a very public thing. I'm bored, I'm leaving.
  10. I've had this happen as well. I am also using automatic transmission.
  11. North America has it, and it's only because all our stuff comes out on Tuesday (not Friday). We're still getting it the same week as everyone(?) else.
  12. I haven't noticed any rubber banding by the AI. I developed a 2 second lead at Indianapolis that only grew during a 20 lap oval race. I wound up lapping 3 competitors.
  13. Two thumbs up so far. I'll go more in depth later, I actually want to get back to playing it now that my Xbox power supply has cooled down.
  14. You have to switch to manual gearing to map your gear shift buttons. Dirt 3 was the same way, and so was the first Grid I think. EDIT: The first Grid wasn't, but Dirt 3 was definitely the same way. I switched to manual gearbox *it's in the assists menu* mapped my controller buttons, and then switched back to automatic.
  15. I couldn't tell you, poor guy can't seem to qualify above 15th.
  16. If it's anything like open wheel, you qualify once for the weekend and use that grid position in both races. Edit: According to the intro vid the second race is supposed to be reverse order. So:
  17. Okay here's what I've got so far experimenting with predominantly Open Wheel cars. I'm running on Xbox 360 with Gamepad (3rd party, my first party has worn sticks). I'm going to disagree on the handling of the IndyCar. With finesse and a proper racing line you should be able to maneuver the IndyCar flat out around both of the oval tracks present (just like they do in real life - I've even been getting comparable lap times). I haven't been getting the sliding you speak of (unless I do something stupid or hit the grass) having run on both ovals (a 15 lap race around Autosport and a 20 lap
  18. The problem is that no one wants to take NASCAR seriously and do more than a lazy attempt at it. They throw in the 20 ovals and 2 road courses on the Sprint Cup schedule, throw in 1 class of car that may or may not have multiple models, and call it a day. It would not be incredibly difficult to do something akin to what Codies did with F1 2013, throw in a few classic car models, support series and some matching tracks. Most of the changes to the schedule in NASCAR have added tracks as opposed to replacing them.
  19. Looks similar, don't you think? That's a Brazilian Stock Car Chevrolet Sonic. They compete against Peugot 408s.
  20. Which is Midnight 24 June if you live in New York. They're running on Eastern Time, because that's going to be the first people to actually reach the release date.
  21. Wild speculation: Sometimes if you pre-order something from Amazon (or another online retailer) they'll send it with enough time to ensure it arrives by release date (IIRC they used to guarantee you would have it on release date). In their efforts to do so some people have ordered something online to get it a couple of days before street date, because the post office kind of prides themselves on getting things to people fast and they don't know that something contained in the package *technically* hasn't been released yet. It's *kind of* like when I ordered F1 2013 from Amazon's Canadian bra
  22. You say that, but the NASCAR games are terrible at adding tracks that aren't on the current Cup Series - even if the game includes the support championship cars. It's so bad that the old EA Sports NASCAR games had Nationwide cars and fictional road courses, even though the Nationwide series has had races at Road America, Mid Ohio Sports Car Course, and the Cup series has had races at Willow Springs and Riverside. To race stock cars at any of those tracks in a 360/PS3 generation console game the only options are to use the K&N 400 series DLC in RacePro (I've seen people on other forums won
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