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  1. Having problems with the DLC myself (I'm still working on trying to get the Road and Track pack, tbh, once I get that one to work I'll DL the others...) and as location was of note, I am attempting download from Houston, Texas.

    Yeah, I know that's more specific than U.S., but you might find the information helpful and I doubt that even if I had stalkers here they'd locate me in a metropolitan area with close to 6 million people.

  2. 1. Do you like Formula 1? Yes
    2. Have you played Formula 1 2013? Yes
    3. If yes, what do you enjoy about the game? 
    I was particularly a fan of the classic content, but I have quite a few racing games.
    4. What do you do in your free time?
    Play guitar, write, draw, attend auto racing events, travel, hike.
    5. Do you play a lot of video games? Yes
    6. If yes how many hours a week do you spend playing games?
    15-30, depending on mood, and finances.
    7. What type of games do you play?
    Mostly racing, occasionally get into 3rd person adventure or fighting games. Rarely shooters.
    8. Do you have any games consoles?  Yes
    9. If yes, what consoles do you have?
    FC Twin (uses NES and SNES cartridges), N64, Gamecube, PS2, Xbox (original - stock), Xbox (original - modified), Xbox 360.
    10.  How old are you?
    30 years old.
    11. Do you use social Media? Yes
    12. Do you prefer single or multiplayer games?
    A good game should have both, but I heavily prefer multiplayer that can be played with other people in the same room.
    13. Are you male or female?
    14. What genre most appeals to you?
    Each has their strengths and weaknesses.
    15. Would you consider yourself a casual, mid-core or hardcore gamer?
    Mid-core. I like to play a lot of classic things, and despite the size of my collection tend not to obsess over being super awesome at it. I'll use cheat codes to unlock things often, just so I don't have to spend so much time on a repetitive task.
    16. Where do you live?
    17. Where and how do you buy games?
    Retail, usually at a couple of retro gaming stores in the area.
    18. How much do you spend on gaming per month?
    About 40 dollars a paycheck. That comes to roughly 80 dollars a month. When purchasing retro stuff, that can go pretty far when some games go for 5 to 10 dollars each.
    19. What other games do you enjoy?
    Any well made racing game (usually with closer to simulator physics, real cars and locations), the old Konami beat-em-ups, The Capcom vs fighting games, Lucasarts and Factor 5's Star Wars: Rogue Squadron series, Star Wars Battlefront, and some of the better licensed comic book games (X-Men Legends and Marvel Ultimate Alliance spring immediately to mind).
    20. Do you play F1 2013 Competitively? With other people No

  3. Okay, here we go. Someone has already mentioned Highway Star, that's good. Here's a few more. I'll drop just links instead of posting the actual videos, because I've got a whole playlist.

    Rush - Moving Pictures - Red Barchetta


    Joe Satriani - Surfing with the Alien - Surfing with the Alien


    Sammy Hagar - VOA - I Can't Drive 55


    White Zombie - La Sexorcisto, Devil Music, Vol. 1 - Black Sunshine


    Golden Earing - Moontan - Radar Love


    Ozzy Osbourne - No More Tears - Desire


    Audioslave - Audioslave - Gasoline


    Motley Crue - Dr. Feelgood - Kickstart My Heart


  4. Loore said:
    DjFIL said:
    Interesting that this is almost 50/50 in response.  I think it's a lazy way to add extra content, and some of the reverses are worse than others.  I do wish there was an option to opt out of the events in career mode (set them back to their normal direction)... but it's not.
    Lazy is a harsh word and a bit unfair, our level designers worked flat out to get you all those locations, the majority of which we were told we "had to have them".

    I don't think we've ever unfairly promoted the game for having more content than it does. We've always said 22 locations with over 100 routes. Then when we revealed the full track list we detailed those routes, reversed included.

    It's an interesting discussion though so will be watching this thread to see how it pans out.
    22 locations. I'm going to run through my racing games with dedicated circuits for Xbox 360 really quick, and we'll see how many locations we have for each:

    F1 2010, 2011: 19 environments
    F1 2012: 20 environments
    F1 2013: 21 environments, +2 DLC
    Forza 2: 12 environments, +2 DLC
    Forza 3: 22 environments
    Forza 4: 24 environments, +1 DLC
    GRID: 15 environments
    GRID 2: 14 environments, +2 DLC
    NASCAR (all of them): 22 environments
    NFS Pro Street: 12 environments
    NFS Shift: 19 environments, +1 DLC
    NFS Shift 2: 34 environments, +10 DLC
    Race Pro: 13 environments, +5 DLC
    Test Drive Ferrari: 20 environements

    Seems pretty decent for this generation, honestly. This is especially true when you consider Shift 2 had about half the cars Grid Autosport does, and about 8 of those tracks are dragways or small ovals, and most of what comes close consists of series oriented games.
  5. MaXKiLLz said:
    Funny how some people accept mediocrity.  Even defend it.
    I'll accept the "mediocrity" being that I have to play this on an Xbox 360. To me it's better than them going full out and I don't get to play one because I haven't dumped a large amount of money into a gaming PC. For the amount I see some of you guys pay for a PC, steering wheel, racing games, switches, pedals, and the like I'd rather buy a racing go kart or a beat up old car and start actually racing.

    EDIT: And since you like games with such awesome detail, I should point out AR-670-1 mandates the wear of distinctive unit insignia on the left shoulder of the ACU uniform on those solid patches - which should be velcro. It's missing either the IR tag or tab which covers it on the top half. Speaking of the top half, the soldier is not wearing the U.S. Flag on his uniform (right sleeve), nor the unit insignia for the unit he has deployed with presently (assuming he has spent at least 60 days in country or engaged the enemy) or prior just below. He's wearing the wrong protective headgear, and his left sleeve does not have those three small pockets that you can place pens in. The resolution on the camouflage pattern is non-existent and the developers were far to lazy to properly model the fire mode selector switch on his M4 Carbine. Whatever game you took that screenshot for must be absolutely terrible.
  6. @HDTanel

    There is a replay (you said there wasn't at 7:59). It's in the pause menu, 4th option down. You also have the option of watching it from the results screen, and on my Xbox there is a control to upload to Youtube (which I have yet to try).

    I don't want to finish watching this. You took 4 minutes to give an introduction and background and explain why you're speaking in English instead of your native language. All it seems like you've done since, and I'm at the 13 minute mark, is talk about cockpit view. I knew about that 3 weeks ago. It was a very public thing. I'm bored, I'm leaving.

  7. RobertKNL said:
    at a certain point my engineer told me my gearbox was starting to malfunction, later on it looked bad and finally (on the last lap) he said the gearbox was pretty much done for. Since I'm driving automatic I didnt't notice ANY difference,
    I've had this happen as well. I am also using automatic transmission.
  8. You have to switch to manual gearing to map your gear shift buttons. Dirt 3 was the same way, and so was the first Grid I think.

    EDIT: The first Grid wasn't, but Dirt 3 was definitely the same way. I switched to manual gearbox *it's in the assists menu* mapped my controller buttons, and then switched back to automatic.
  9. Okay here's what I've got so far experimenting with predominantly Open Wheel cars. I'm running on Xbox 360 with Gamepad (3rd party, my first party has worn sticks).

    The feeling of the open wheel cars still isn't there. They slide too much and are far to "floaty" even with all tuning variations tried. I have only tried IndyCar, mind you, but without pits, thse cars are going to be virtually un-racable unless in 2-3 lap races. You can almost get there with the right tuning and a Fanatec wheel, but they still drift around corners. That just isn't realistic. But who knows, maybe they are suited for ovals, and the other open wheelers are better or there are some things I am missing with tuning or wheel settings.
    I'm going to disagree on the handling of the IndyCar. With finesse and a proper racing line you should be able to maneuver the IndyCar flat out around both of the oval tracks present (just like they do in real life - I've even been getting comparable lap times). I haven't been getting the sliding you speak of (unless I do something stupid or hit the grass) having run on both ovals (a 15 lap race around Autosport and a 20 lap race around Indianapolis - which is roughly 10 percent of actual race distance).

    I want to say your AI isn't as good at Oval Track racing, but I could be wrong, The row of NASCAR and IndyCar games on the shelf next to my console may indicate that oval racing is one of my strong points. I've noticed on tracks that feature right turns as well the AI is much more competitive.

    Speaking of the AI, What I see so far, I like. They respond to aggressiveness in kind, but reasonably. They block decently, and even caught on when I attempted a feint. The AI in high speed portions makes pretty good use of drafting.

    Corner cutting penalties are greatly improved from Grid 2.

    Handling of other open-wheelers is so far spot on, damage modelling is great, graphics are to your usual standard of excellence with exception to the strange cockpit view blurriness (I do feel like it's a little overboard). T-cam on the open-wheelers is excellent, and I like that the IndyCars get rolling starts. Caparo T1 is done very well. The touring and muscle cars I've tried so far have good physics to them, they seem even tighter than the first Grid (and for that matter, so does the Formula 3 car), which I found a little shocking.

    And it was very kind of you to make Autosport Raceway's oval suspiciously similar in geometry to Pocono.

  10. ^^^ NASCAR games have, extremely unfortunately, been garbage in general for the last 8 years or so. It's sad really :(
    The problem is that no one wants to take NASCAR seriously and do more than a lazy attempt at it. They throw in the 20 ovals and 2 road courses on the Sprint Cup schedule, throw in 1 class of car that may or may not have multiple models, and call it a day. It would not be incredibly difficult to do something akin to what Codies did with F1 2013, throw in a few classic car models, support series and some matching tracks. Most of the changes to the schedule in NASCAR have added tracks as opposed to replacing them.
  11. Just to clarify something . From when I preordered then preloaded on my ps3 it says it will unlock on the 23rd which is today at 9pm pacific standard time. So with Sony I'm sure it will be after that time but I will be playing it tonight at some point. When it does unlock I will let you guys know.
    Which is Midnight 24 June if you live in New York. They're running on Eastern Time, because that's going to be the first people to actually reach the release date.
  12. Wild speculation:

    Sometimes if you pre-order something from Amazon (or another online retailer) they'll send it with enough time to ensure it arrives by release date (IIRC they used to guarantee you would have it on release date). In their efforts to do so some people have ordered something online to get it a couple of days before street date, because the post office kind of prides themselves on getting things to people fast and they don't know that something contained in the package *technically* hasn't been released yet.

    It's *kind of* like when I ordered F1 2013 from Amazon's Canadian branch a few weeks ago. They estimated I'd have it by the 24th, I received it a week ago - 5 business days after ordering standard international. The post offices tend not to screw around with holding things anywhere.

    EDIT: And kudos to Codies Birmingham for not actually region coding F1 2013. I'm enjoying playing with the Lotus 98T very much. :-D
  13. This track should be mandatory for all racing games, even NASCAR lol.
    You say that, but the NASCAR games are terrible at adding tracks that aren't on the current Cup Series - even if the game includes the support championship cars. It's so bad that the old EA Sports NASCAR games had Nationwide cars and fictional road courses, even though the Nationwide series has had races at Road America, Mid Ohio Sports Car Course, and the Cup series has had races at Willow Springs and Riverside.

    To race stock cars at any of those tracks in a 360/PS3 generation console game the only options are to use the K&N 400 series DLC in RacePro (I've seen people on other forums wondering why those 700 bhp American cars had such poor handing - they're almost exactly spec for Nationwide series stock cars - except a Cadillac is used instead of a Ford and the Charger and Challenger are present), or set the AI to Identical cars and use a custom ugrade build of a Camaro or Challenger in NFS Shift/Shift 2.

    I guess you could do it in Gran Turismo or Forza, but with Forza you have to use an online lobby with a custom rule set.

    EDIT: Also used within the last 30 years by NASCAR national series (Cup, Nationwide, and Truck) - Canadian Tire Motorsports Park, Road Atlanta, Suzuka East, Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, Circuit Gilles Villenueve.
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