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  1. I also have this question. I'd like to add a second portion to this: Are y'all planning to add classes which may include some of the vehicles in the standard game? For example if you were to release a classic Le Mans pack with the 1969 Circuit de la Sarthe and a Porsche 908, Ferrari 250LM, and an Alpine A210, would the Ford GT40 be included in the new class (in this extremely hypothetical and awesome scenario)? Simplified: Are you planning on adding only completely new stuff or will some of it integrate and supplement what you've already added?
  2. And of course, any North American members of the forum are likely to spill the beans when they pick up the game early Tuesday morning (or Tuesday afternoon if GameStop isn't doing a midnight release, I'm actually on my way there now to pay any remaining balance on the pre-order and ask.)
  3. Was tempted to vote Endurance, but I'll start the career in open wheel. As someone who was weaned into motorsports with Indy Car (and NASCAR and NHRA), It seems like the natural move to me.
  4. I can now actually confirm that. I've obtained a PAL copy of the Complete Edition. Runs perfect with my NTSC Xbox 360. EDIT: I don't know if it's the update I just had to download or the way it was programmed, but instead of showing a PEGI rating it shows an ESRB rating prior to the start screen. And I've noticed the default location of my player is the United States.... hrmmm.
  5. AVUS Nurburgring Nordschliefe Red Bull Ring Magny Cours Adelaide Mount Panorama Ceasar's Palace (Las Vegas in the 80s, so the cool factor on this one is pretty high) Fuji Indianapolis Motor Speedway Long Beach
  6. I just discovered that region coding is optional on 360 games, so I'm slightly curious. I'm a disc kind of guy, even if getting it across the Atlantic would be slightly more expensive. EDIT: Apparently not; after a more thorough search of the forums. :-D
  7. How long is Autosport raceway's Tri-Oval?
  8. @RallyDriven The Super GT500 was the Nissan R-35 I thought? Other than that and the Honda HSV 10 (which are both listed in Endurance) I thought there were no other Super GT 500 cars confirmed or speculated?
  9. It could. I'm just having trouble thinking of one that'd be cool to drive in, because half the time when I travel I'm relying on public transportation, or going places that are better left in a Dirt game...
  10. Crud. Forgot Singapore. Right. I guess 'Other' will be getting a few more votes then... And I'm gonna hit Other, I'm undecided between Long Beach, Shibuya, Monaco, Milan, and Yokohama.
  11. I think @Loore mentioned it was a city circuit, and not Hong Kong. So which of the following would you like to see? I of course encourage discussion of the possibilities raise by "Other".
  12. Long Beach has been a mainstay of the American Le Mans Series and Indy Racing League (and CART) for years. I'd be absolutely okay with that.
  13. AI vehicle selection changing based on the car you select for a race to match the precise class. In the original Grid, I've noticed if you select one of the three classic prototype cars (Ford Doran, Nissan 390, Mazda 787) you opponents will also select classic prototypes. If you select from Touring, Super Touring, or GT3 in Grid 2, the AI will select all cars from that class (but no DLC for AI in that game). Anyone else notice this in Grid 1? Or even better, notice this kind of thing with different types of vehicles? It doesn't seem to work with the Classic Pro Muscle but I'll be messing wi
  14. No, you'd think that if you go to Texas you'd find somewhere that sold one, but I didn't. I did find a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader outfit but passed on that. Here's where the cheaper ones are, down here at least. Some classy ones can be had here: And of course, there's mom and pop stores clothing stores. Pretty much any store with "Western Wear" in the name has some really nice ones.
  15. A couple of questions regarding what has been revealed: Um, isn't that 22 confirmed locations? So we have all of them revealed now? (Except DLC, I guess...) There also seems to be nearly complete overlap with Grid 2, which I don't mind, because with G1 style handling it'll be awesome. The only track missing is Chicago... part of a future DLC or just left to the wayside, y'all think? The stream I've found of Autosport Raceway, an oval with an interior road course? (judging from length of the front stretch, a Superspeedway?)So, did anyone find out if we could use Detroit for more than Demo Derby
  16. Yes. The image posted only shows for the corners at Darlington (which is between 23-25 deg) and Martinsville (11 deg).
  17. I was happier when I noticed Grid 2 selected matching racecars when I selected one from a race class (GT3, Touring, Super Touring) to make up the field of opponents in custom event. The problem you're pointing out I noticed also, it seems like GRID 2's AI would not pick any of the DLC racecars within that class. I'm not sure what the issue with that would be, perhaps someone from Codies could clarify what that issue is.
  18. Assuming that the tuner class will have muscle cars, these muscle cars will be race-ready, right? Something more like this: And less like this: And will there be at least one class where the muscle cars race by themselves? EDIT: Replaced the second Plymouth Roadrunner picture with one of the same year.
  19. This image is for the most part accurate and to scale. The author points out on the website, that as depicted, the entire layout as drawn would fit inside the infield of Talladega Superspeedway twice. He actually goes a little into the physics of it on the website. It's kind of brilliant. EDIT: It appears I have for want of a reason to explain why the ovals are different, stumbled upon a website where a physics professor explains concepts in NASCAR. Interesting.
  20. I suspect all three of those screenshots are from Grid 2. My reasoning: WSR logo visible in the first 2 pictures.HUD font is different in the first 2 pictures from known screenshots of Grid: AutosportThe logo on the hood of the SC10 is one of the clubs from Grid 2 (EDIT: "The New Union", from season 1 of career).The first screenshot is on the Abu Dhabi streets, which would be an as of yet unconfirmed track (but a welcome addition?) (EDIT: That's flimsy, I know, but the other reasons stand on their own).
  21. Anyone figure out this track? I'm gonna bounce it off Mont-Tremblant (tbh, it could be Hockenheim from an angle I'm not used to...) I'm gonna look into this one too, I think. EDIT: Hockenheimring, the short circuit.
  22. If it makes you feel better, you can think of it as a 500 mile long drag race, because that's pretty much what it is.
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