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  1. So Single Player will have the team offers ala Dirt 3 then?
  2. http://www.codemasters.com/uk/article/new-grid-autosport-touring-car-gameplay-video-reveals-aggressive-fast-racing/ Mentions Bathurst in the article. :)
  3. I popped in the disc, went into single race and couldn't find any repeated layouts (like GP Circuit - B) or something to that effect.
  4. I'm guessing it's because the Indycar series only has 18 races, Toronto, Detroit, Indianapolis and Houston get two races, and there's another race at Texas Motor Speedway near Dallas. Adding a date at Circuit of the Americas would make 4 of their season races in Texas. Ticket sales might not justify that. Edit: and Fuji Speedway would give me some old school Pole Position nostalgia. But that's not an oval. :P On the subject of Ovals that have established road courses, there's Rockingham, Daytona, Texas World Speedway (not to be confused with Texas Motor Speedway), Indianapolis, Iowa, Auto Cl
  5. Motegi could be a possibility. Daytona is owned by International Speedway Corporation, which was founded by Bill France Sr. (who also founded NASCAR). Being that ISC and NASCAR still have VERY close ties that would be a serious licensing issue. It's possible, but it's very unlikely.
  6. I still think Indianapolis is likely because it was in Grid 2. Additionally someone from the Codies team mentioned 'ovals' in a post, so my money is on Indy coming back. (I also thought DTM cars would show up, so obviously I don't know much - but I called that'd Bathurst and Brand's Hatch were 'likely' and those are in.) As far as the others Indycar currently, I dunno. Pocono would be nice, since the only games I've seen it in are NASCAR games. Milwaukee would be pretty cool too. However, when they say they have 100+ layouts for 22 locations, I have my doubts as to how many ovals without inf
  7. Well, I have my doubts we'll see a field of stock cars in GRID: Autosport, but if it makes you feel better the Chevy SS is a Holden Commodore with a new front end, and the V8 Supercars (themselves naturally aspirated, rear wheel drive, V8 racecars with a little less horsepower compared to a stock car but 300 lbs lighter) are already in.
  8. Factory team liveries could happen (ala the Chevy Cruze in G2) but usually real life liveries tend not to happen in Grid unless you make them. That said, I've had no problem making liveries for whoever I want to race as in Grid thus far - it's all unlocking the sponsor graphic.
  9. Well, we have so far: SepangYas MarinaMount Panorama Brands HatchSan FransiscoDetroit (possibly for Demo Derby only)HockenheimParisWashington D.C.JaramaunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownWith the inclusion of Indianapolis, Circuit of the Americas, and Spa seeming likely to me for various reasons. Of course, if Codies hasn't posted everything by the 24th I'm gonna come on here and give y'all the full list of everything, since I'll be able to pick up the game at Midnight GMT -6 that day.
  10. This was a hard choice for me. Dirt (or Colin McRae: Dirt, if you're from Europe, I guess) had a good selection of rallies, actual short course truck racing and rally cross on real circuits, and the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. Online was nearly non-existent though. Dirt 2 had some good levels for Raid (including Baja with the option to use Trucks and Buggies point to point, and Morocco). I also appreciated the diversity of the vehicles in those classes. Dirt 3 had more good rallies, and Group B became a dedicated class, which was a big step to me. Sadly, nearly all of the good content for the tr
  11. Riverside's a tough cookie, and I know that with the short development time Pocono is even a stretch, but my wishes don't necessarily have to be realistic. Honestly, the only facepalm moment I'll have is if the Indy Car is in without Indianapolis. COTA would be a VERY pleasant bonus, and I've been yapping about it since they opened the circuit two years ago, mostly due to fan provincialism, but also because it's a complex racetrack and loads of fun to play on in the F1 games (game? 2012 was the last one to get a physical release in North America). Having just checked @Loore's twitter feed, I
  12. That's funny. Anyway I went with V8 Supercars. Every game on 360 has either had Bathurst and no Supercars, or Supercars and no Bathurst. Took long enough to get them both together.
  13. When I pre-ordered the black edition at Gamestop it was listed at 49.99 USD. Not sure how much that helps.
  14. They used to run Lamborghinis and Porches in GT500 races (and a GT1 Maserati MC12) so that'd make enough sense to have them in Endurance. Nice to see the V8 Supercars make a comeback. EDIT: Super GT500 class in endurance, not Porches, Lambos, and Maseratis.
  15. Will I have the option to turn of or change sponsors for individual cars? I want to make one of these paintjobs for a Dallara DW12:
  16. TOCA 2 and 3 have rally stages in them, but the team has confirmed there aren't any point to point tracks in Autosport. Unless Rallycross falls into one of those disciplines that Loore and all of them have been mentioning (FIA RX has a Super 1600 Touring car class, but that'd be a hell of a stretch) I doubt there will be any cross-pollination from the Dirt series.
  17. I'm going to let you Europeans figure out what should be in from your side of the pond. But if Autosport is going to continue to use the three region format for the tracks and cars, this is what I'd like representing the Americas. Tracks: Indianapolis Motor Speedway (I don't need to justify this circuit's presence, make sure to include the GP and Sports car circuits)Pocono (You've already got the Dallara DW12 Indy Car in, there have been some great races featuring the Indy Cars at the speedway in Long Pond, Pennsylvania)Circuit of the Americas (As a circuit used by the American Le Mans series
  18. That was a Tuesday also, usually a large release like that will get a midnight release (or even if a a few smaller games are all coming out that day), Gamestop will stay open late and give out posters for upcoming games, Wal-Mart will have a line in their electronics section.
  19. Because our distributors release all our video games on Tuesday, not Friday. It's the same with music albums and DVDs, but not new movies, which release on Friday. Don't worry, I'll let you know how it is. :D
  20. Pretty sure there only called DTM? “Deutsche Tourenwagen-Meisterschaft” (German Touring Car Championship) would be the origin of the acronym, though I'm not certain it stands for anything at the moment.
  21. http://www.dtm.com/en/News/Joint-future-for-DTM-and-Japanese-Super-GT-from-2014.html Makes the most sense to me. I'm just some guy from Texas who likes racecars, so my word is hardly ironclad, but you'd call a DTM BMW a touring car, no?
  22. Struck them out on the list. Also nixed Monaco, Valencia, and Marina Bay. Those just seem very unlikely to me. And to the OP: That Nissan R-35 GTR Super GT500 in the front row is a Touring Car. The Japanese Grand Touring Car Championship just starting working with DTM rules a couple of years back - so you DTM fans might be in luck.
  23. A little conjecture here with regards to the tracks: Given the following in the announcement: "GRID: Autosport will feature 22 locations with a combined route list that totals over 100!" And this quote from James Nicholls: "... we decided to do one more GRID game with our existing technology last year, after we shipped GRID2" (Bearing in mind that this quote is in full regarding why this game won't be on Xbox One or PS4 - The full interview is here.) Now this doesn't mean that there won't be any new tracks, but there's probably going to be a lot from games released by Codemasters with the E
  24. At 0:50 in the announce trailer the street cars appear to be passing a large cathedral , Milan or Paris returning possibly?
  25. This. I was looking foward to trying Classic mode in F1 2013 but couldn't bring myself to have only a digital copy. As it is, I'm already concerned about DLC with the 360/PS3 generation, since some of what I already have is inaccessible without an internet connection (nothing on a Codies game that I can tell). As someone who still plays TOCA and Colin McRae from time to time I would be immensely frustrated if I discovered I couldn't play all of what I'd purchased simply because the servers went down.
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