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  1. Hopefully Codies FINALLY take a leaf out of Geoff Crammond's F1 games with this new release coming up with F1 2015. I know there's been a lot of dissatisfaction voiced about a reported lack of career mode in the new game, but if that means they're moving more towards a GP2/3/4 style of game as a result, with proper TV-style replays and the ability to ride on-board with competitors in real time and in replays and watch what happened in a collision between AI cars then I'm personally all for it.
  2. Thanks for the replies, guys. Seems it's a problem with the GTX 580, then.
  3. I run a GTX 580 GPU and was wondering if anyone else playing the game using this card or another has had the same issue since the latest NVIDIA 347.25 update pushed through? The game gets as far as the title screen, then chequered blocks appear on the screen and the game crashes back to desktop. I've rolled back the driver and it's all good now. I've got the same latest driver installed on my other rigs with different graphics cards (GTX 970 and GTX 660 respectively) and GRID Autosport runs fine. It seems to just be a problem with this particular GPU (the GTX 580) so I'm wondering if anyone el
  4. Going back to the ToCA 1 - 3 glory days and obtain official licences for actual racing categories would be the logical next step. GAS has gone halfway towards going back to the ToCA glory days. Release the game as GRID 4 in the other territories and as V8 Supercars 4 in Australia, with all teams and tracks included like the ToCA games and re-introduce pit stops and actual tyre wear. This is my ideal vision for GRID 4.
  5. Basically there's no excuses not to have them in the next gen F1 game coming up. There should be no excuses not having them in the past 3 or so games but there's REALLY no excuses for the next gen versions...
  6. I'd rather have a system similar to GP 4 where you can ride on-board with AI and a TV feed-style replay system over scenarios any day. If you drove for Minardi, you had less BHP and would not be as fast as a Ferrari even without GPXPatch. Also, console restrictions and Bernie would have bugger-all to do with not implementing these features that, frankly should have been included about 3 games ago.... 
  7. F1 2014, I am of course referring to. STILL no ability to ride on-board with competitors in real time and during replays! STILL no better replay angle (like GP4, rFactor etc) and STILL only pissy, tiny replay lengths. It's also STILL not possible to go back and see what happened when a driver retires from the race, either. These were KEY THINGS that needed to be addressed, Codies and despite so many requests from your fans, the people who buy your games YOU HAVE STILL ignored these requests. Havind said that, F1 2014 is a great game, but why can't these features be implemented? It doesn't mak
  8. Who else would like to see the Holbrook Growler and the Lafayette Eulogy from DiRT Showdown included in GRID Autosport so we'd have a selection of vehicles to pick from in DD?
  9. Ah well we know the answer to this now, it would seem. PS3, 360 and PC. Surprised about no XBOne or PS4 release I guess F1 2015 will be the first next gen console game.
  10. I'd very much welcome Donington, Silverstone and Surfers if this is true. I'd also love to see some more Australian circuits myself like Adelaide street circuit, Sandown and Phillip Island.  
  11. Endurance should be ACTUAL endurance. Long races, with tyre wear, NO rubber-banding and pit stops.
  12. Yup, more tracks in addition to Detroit would be a great addition as well.
  13. Hehe, yeah you should be able to buy a Jupiter and put your own livery on it like all the other cars. That would be sweet and yes, impact ratings and repair bills should not apply to it. What would be even better would be the addition of the Holbrook Growler and the Lafayette Eulogy from DiRT Showdown so we'd have a selection of vehicles to pick from in DD.
  14. Rubber banding has NO PLACE in any racing game and I've very disappointed to see that it's present in this one. Patch it and get rid of it, Codies.
  15. Yup it would have made the game more complete. Hopefully pit stops will be in GRID 3.
  16. It seems you can't actually own this car so it seems you can't? Shame that because you could customise the livery in both the original GRID and GRID 2...
  17. Rubber banding has no place in any racing game. This really isn't in GRID Autosport, is it?
  18. GRID Autosport is, for me pretty much what I was hoping GRID 2 would be. It's a vast improvement but no pitstops in endurance races is very disappointing, especially since they were in ToCA 1, 2 and 3,
  19. That's a shame. Especially since the ToCA games, whilst not strictly sims still all had them. Ah well, thanks for the response anyway Loore.
  20. Who else would like this to happen? I know I'm not in the minority on this one...
  21. It's one of the few negatives of this game for me; No pitstops. Codies, is there any chance a patch can be released to make pit stops possible?
  22. Didn't do anything different today and just gave it another go and it worked. Go figure.
  23. Got the exact same problem here. It's a really big issue that needs to be sorted. Got the game on release date for the 360 and to this day have still not been able to download the content. Same 1% back to 0% issue.
  24. Oh yes, and also: 5. Notifications at the top of the screen a la F1GP series: "<insert driver here> is out of the race" when AI retires, and, of course the ability to replay and see what happened to the retired AI car and ride on-board and see it from the spectator's point of view as well. 6. As has been mentioned, the ability to drive the warm-up lap if desired. It doesn't have to be compulsory, but should be a choice. Basically, if Codemasters just follow the Crammond formula in addition to the great work they did with their previous titles and make it more of a sim it'll be a wi
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