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  1. chillyzy

    This game is so incredibly broken... [VOD]

    Bro, this game has so many issues, that it's ridiculous. Stutter lag I even stopped reporting. It's impossible to play multiplayer. I'm usually losing around 1 sec per lap. Now I cant even run this ****. I can't send you a specific report because I already removed this game. After around 200h (+much much more in prev editions) I have no energy anymore to play it.
  2. chillyzy

    This game is so incredibly broken... [VOD]

    Hey, Ego dumper crash every time I try to play since the last patch! Check Steam Discussion. Can't you fix it? I have free time now, I want to play this game! Can I bring the game back to the previous patch?
  3. chillyzy

    Car performance update last 2.5 month?

    That's weird, I've generally beaten all tracks I drive by 0.6 - 0.3 😮 I had a concussion in these 2.5 months time, but that not suppose to help 😂 Anyway - thanks for the info DylanWest2004!
  4. Hi, was there any patch with cars performance update in the last 2-3 months? I haven't played since then until last week and I thought I will be struggling to reach around my best times at Time Trial, but I beat all my records in 2 days. So I wonder if cars are faster now or something good happen to my head :D
  5. chillyzy

    F1 2019 Lagg / stutter

    Hi, thx for reply. Take a look at the attachment. There is also a screenshot from MSI afterburner: 2 red lines marks 2 lags that occur one after another in I think less than one sec. It's not even lagging, it stops game totally - 0 frames. 1 blue marked at the left end is where I stopped the game - that's why everything there is low. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ybQKkQhnwHSfyQDs8AHgh2zDsZ33k-Iw/view?usp=sharing I forgot to add that I have checked my power supply with an electronic metering device, the voltage (all) was very good, in range etc This is the only game I have this problem. DxDiag.txt
  6. chillyzy

    F1 2019 Lagg / stutter

    Hi, anyone has the same problem with freezing while racing? I have checked all posts about that problem, but it was from some time ago and there was no solution for that. From what I saw quite a lot of people have it. This drives me crazy! In each multiplayer race, I have 2-5 lags, that usually push me back a few positions. It's insane! I have not a very bad PC, so I think it's not the problem: CPU FX8350 + liquid cooling system GPU GTX 1060 6GB Ram 10 GB I have tried absolutely everything that I have found on the internet forums, vids etc, including setting everything that is possible to lowest, also to highest (someone advice that too), turning off all other processes in the PC background and many different things. How is that possible that the F1 official game has this kind of issue and other racing games do not have it? I hope the 2020 edition will be free of this. It's absolutely lame, Codemasters...
  7. Bring back 'Balance' in the car setup!!! 🤖