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  1. SC_Dodger21

    Traction Control Always on??

    Read the forum
  2. SC_Dodger21

    Back to 2013 I guess

    Me too. I tried playing on the level below legend and was getting pole by 2 seconds, how is that fun? I have gotten good enough to compete on legend, but my point is that it's inconsistent. Half the races I'll get pole by over a second and then in the race everybody runs the same times as me, I can still win, but it doesn't make any sense. The other half of the races I'm a second off the pole and in the race I run roughly the same times as AI. The wheel to wheel racing is better and I enjoy the new cars, but I get no enjoyment out of a full race weekend. And when it comes to rain it's just ridiculous, the AI is barely a second off their dry pace and I'm actually dealing with less traction while the AI hits the gas flat out and speeds away. I spend a good amount of time playing with setups in every condition, it helps, but it doesn't solve the AI inconsistency or their absurd wet weather pace.
  3. SC_Dodger21

    Back to 2013 I guess

    I've finished my first season and the racing just isn't enjoyable, one race I'm 2 seconds faster than AI, the next I'm a second slower (playing with wheel on legend). Seeing as there will be no patch, I think I'm done with this game. I'm disappointed because I do enjoy driving the new cars, but there is no game mode worth playing. Career or GP mode the AI times are inconsistent, and online you have to deal with people who don't know how to race properly and the pad users with TC. I'll probably put it in to play a time trial every now and then just for kicks, but there is no point racing. Good job CM, you're losing your loyal customers.
  4. SC_Dodger21


    I've found the same thing, certain tracks I am very fast at and others I just have to hope to hold the train behind me, and it's pretty much the tracks you mentioned.  I'm only half way through my first season in GP mode on legend, with no assists and a wheel, I feel like I'm getting a better feel for the car and maybe next season I can do better at Australia and a few others.  The qualifying versus race pace is frustrating, I got pole at Austria by over a second and then come the race I had to hold 3 cars back basically the whole race, I had the third or fourth fastest lap time in the race about half a second slower than the fastest lap.  I've turned off weather so I can get a good feel for every track, when it rains its impossible to keep up with the AI in certain conditions.  I had done a race at Montreal with dynamic weather and I set the difficulty to expert cause I knew I can't compete with the AI in the rain on legend.  It started dry and I was about a second faster than everyone charging through the field, then when the rain came I had no grip and was sliding all over, my lap times were about 5 seconds slower, meanwhile the AI is still putting out basically the same times as when it was dry.  CM has never been able to figure out wet weather AI, it seems like it gets worse every year. 
  5. SC_Dodger21

    Pace times AI Legend vs Expert

    What is your setup? Here is my setup for Bahrain: WINGS:    6  Front  /   2  Rear BRAKES:    52% Front  /  48%  Rear: High Pressure: Standard Size ANTI-ROLL BAR:  6  Front  /  8  Rear SUSPENSION:   Height: 1  Front  /  2  Rear: Stiffness  10  Front  /  8  Rear CAMBER: Front  -3.50  /  Rear  -1.40                Toe:  Front  -0.05  /  Rear  -0.20 I just gave your setup a try and it was about .3 quicker than the standard setup.  I was able to do a 1:33.7 with your setup, and a 1:34.0 with the standard setup.  An improvement, yes, but not enough to make up the 2 seconds that I am behind the CPU in Australia.  I haven't done any race besides AUS so maybe the CPU is easier at Bahrain, which has been mentioned in this forum, but it doesn't seem like tweaking the setup is enough to compete on legend.  I am still open to the fact that with enough practice and the perfect setup maybe legend can be done, but the difficulty settings need to be adjusted.  Legend could maybe left alone, but expert needs to be harder, or they need to make an entirely new level (which won't happen).  Hopefully they don't sit on their thumbs for too long cause I'm getting tired of driving around tracks by myself because I'm lost between difficulties.  It's rather lonely...
  6. SC_Dodger21

    Pace times AI Legend vs Expert

    What is your setup?
  7. Yes, I use cockpit view, no line, no assists.  I don't want to turn traction control on to be faster on legend, that takes a lot of fun out of driving the car.  The only thing I can do is drive with a middle of the pack team on expert for now.  Maybe I just need to get better to compete on legend, but from what I've read on here nobody is good enough for legend.
  8. It was $10 cheaper here in the US compared to last year's game which wasn't even available as a hard copy here, not much but at least its an acknowledgement that they didn't put 100% into this game.  I've spent $50 on a lot worse things.  I'm pretty used to CM disappointing me so I'm not as outraged as I used to be towards them, they definitely aren't a first-class company, but at least its a decent F1 sim to play.  I don't see any other options, for PS3 at least.  Like I said, I think they did a good job on the new cars which is much more important to me than how the menu looks.  I just wish they didn't have us do the beta testing and someone could have figured out some simple flaws before releasing the game. And also like I said, 2015 better be damn good.
  9. I enjoy driving the new cars, I think CM has done a good job with that, but that's about it.  The biggest problem for me is there is the difficulty levels.  On expert I'm over a second faster than everybody with a Ferrari in career, and on legend I'm 1-2 seconds slower than my teammate.  So its pretty unplayable as of now, the only way to race competitively is to drive for Force India or Torro Rosso on expert, but that isn't fun to me.  Other issues are the same ones from last year, and the year before, and the year before that.  The most annoying is the AI not getting out of your way when they are slow, in fact it seems they try to block you in the middle of a corner, but I can deal with that as I have been for years, and all the other little bugs in the series as long as I can have a competitive race.  It seems they've focused all of their attention on 2015, which is understandable, but that game better be damn good.  In the meantime I'll wait for a patch to make the game playable, hopefully they don't wait a month like they usually do
  10. SC_Dodger21

    Pace times AI Legend vs Expert

    Glad to see I'm not alone
  11. SC_Dodger21

    Career AI have fully developed cars from race 1

    Does GP mode keep track of your points each race?  I've never tried GP mode, only done career.  I don't care about the name and helmet I just want to compete in a championship
  12. SC_Dodger21

    Career AI have fully developed cars from race 1

    I have only played career mode since the game came out and you're right you aren't in a fully developed car especially in the first season with Lotus, but doing the r&d you usually progress quicker than other teams and catch them by the end of the season.  If you stay with the team the next year you will start with a better car depending on if you choose to focus on next year and you might be 1 second faster than anyone else by the time the season is over, which is no fun either.  The tough thing is finding the right balance where you're competing for wins every race, but not lapping the field.  I usually try to change to a team who finished around 4th in the standings the year before and try to catch the top teams by the end of the year. The setups that you use in GP mode with a fully developed car probably won't work with cars in career mode especially when it comes to tire wear, that might be why you are so far behind your teammate and struggling with tire wear.  Also if you're the number 2 driver on the team your car will be a little behind the other in terms of development.  It usually isn't too hard to beat your teammate I've found for the most part, play with your setups and driving style and you might find some time.
  13. SC_Dodger21

    A question for Codemasters

    Ditto all that, spot on. People expect a perfect game, which is totally unrealistic.  There should be improvements every year trying to get closer to perfection, but it will never be reached, which is life.  2013 was a great game considering the complicated nature of real life F1, I don't think people understand that.  I just hope they can make improvements to the game while still tackling the tough task of an entirely new car and style of driving for 2014.  Fingers crossed...
  14. SC_Dodger21

    NellyFurtado: 'Career mode has become stale'

    Totally agree, the interviews were a waste of time and resources for codemasters, I would always choose the same answers without reading the questions just to get it over.  I don't get how people get enjoyment out of reading made up news clippings that only they will read, I know I just beat my teammate I don't need to read a story telling me what happened, I was there, I was the only one there in fact, I don't need a recap.  I would much rather see more focus on the physics on track and AI driving than superficial gimmicks that really don't effect the game.  And I'm pretty sure you can be let go by a team if you aren't doing well, you won't get an offer to renew the contract at the end of the season and your only offers will be from Caterham or Marussia.  It's very rare a driver is fired mid-season in real life, and it would be kind of dumb if the game just fired you and you couldn't race anymore haha.
  15. SC_Dodger21

    F1 2013 / PS3 / G27 moan

    I use a G27 for ps3, works pretty good for me. FFB can definitely can be improved, but it doesnt really hurt my lap times. Advanced wheel setttings- everything at 0 FFB- 100, 100, 0 Wheel weight can be played with, I move it up to 30 on certain tracks, mostly about preference Hope it helps.