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  1. Are you guys serious??? How on earth could you allow the community to buy this game, knowing that it's unfinished and includes so many bugs. Multiplayer is absolutely unplayable. If this was any other product in the £50 price bracket you'd have major issues with TRADING STANDARDS!! The product you've released isn't fit for purpose. And to now say, "oh we'll get it sorted but can't tell you when at this star " is totally disgusting and insulting loyal customers (such as myself, who've bought every title you've released).  F1 2015 was so talked up by Codemasters, stating it was the game F1 fans had always wanted. 2014, which was basically an afterthought until the next gen title was released, was far superior to this embaresment. Last night I was racing with the guys I'm in a league with, no one knew where each of us were compared to our competitors and had to resort to asking each other if that was really them behind or in front of them. Nine times outta ten the car you could see wasn't that person at all. Try were on the other side of the track.  I'm contacting trading standards myself this afternoon to establish what consumer rights I have and I'm gonna exercise those rights to the hilt!  Codemasters don't seem to value their customer base whatsoever, just enjoy taking our money time after time and supplying them with a product which isn't fit for purpose.  I hate to compare your game to Project Cars, but those guys weren't prepared to release an awful game, so delayed their release date THREE TIMES!! You could do well by taking a leaf for their book.. Not only regarding their ability to produce a game that works, but their professional ethics also.  Digusting Codemasters and you should be ashamed of yourselves.  PLEASE PLEASE release a patch for all the current problems and give your loyal customer base some peace of mind regarding when we can expect to play a game that's able to be played.  Any news as when this will happen??And don't say it's coming soon and in the works for Gods sake!!