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  1. ZombieWAR

    F1 2019 A disaster.

    1) The day iracing has a fully working Formula 1 section. I'll be first to go back to iracing. Sadly they dont even have the license to produce a full season. So no. 2) Nico continues to be a part of Formula 1 behind the scenes. Personally i would take the word of a seasoned veteran then a first time rookie like Lando Norris who is currently a driver and is paid to talk gold about F1 the game regardless if he may think its a bad game personally. 3) Very simple. Because in Formula 1 you will never see a driver on another team's car. Specially in a game that claims its trying to emulate what we see on TV. 4) F2 something even i wanted. Sadly the way it was implemented is a gimmick because it does not affect you at all. Win or loose. You are going to F1. What's the point of even doing it? It rewards you nothing. 5) Graphics are ok. The first Project Cars by Slightly mad still looks better.
  2. ZombieWAR

    F1 2019 A disaster.

    Well thats my entire dilemma wildcat. If there was another company making a fully licensed F1 game featuring all tracks, cars and drivers of a Formula 1 season. I would go buy that instead of this ****. Sadly Codecrappers is all we have. And i still love Formula 1. So this is all we have. And its horrible.
  3. ZombieWAR

    F1 2019 A disaster.

    I dont own the game. I wont buy the game unless its 5 bucks. Yes i got a hold of the game for quite sometime thanks to someone like i mentioned in the original post. My review is based on that time i had with it. I do realize its a game. And that's exactly why F1 2019 completely sucks. Its catered to resemble Mario Kart and it handles like a jet ski. Its unrealistic. What we need is a sim like most serious members here have been asking since F1 2010. This game is a joke.
  4. ZombieWAR

    F1 2019 A disaster.

    F1 2019. The worst rushed Codemasters game yet. The way the car handles the worst yet and the most unrealistic we have ever had. Like Nico Rosberg said in his youtube vlog "unrealistic" and after trying it out i agree with him. Your so called sim racer in charge is a joke. Unrealistic race weekends. A Ferrari driver doing a special race weekend on a old Williams for example. Never going to happen in real life. Relive Senna and Prost! With no actual moments to relive from that era. Or even a classic track to relive a moment in that era. Stupidity at its finest. What a gimmick. Formula 2! another gimmick, no matter how well or bad you do in the game you will advance to Formula 1 regardless. Formula 2=waste of time. The only thing i can say is that the graphics are looking okayish. Even then a regular xbox one struggles. Congratulations Codemasters. Dont know how you manage to make a game worst each year. i'll buy the game when i can find it used for 5 bucks. All its worth in my eyes.