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  1. theravenousbeas

    Manage your expectations 🏁🏎🚥

    I realize people are disappointed but some of you sound a bit too loony. Its a bloody video game at the end of the day guys.
  2. TAA and AMDs sharpening in the new Adrenalin drivers works perfectly fine for me. I do the same in Dirt Rally 2.0 as well. Just update your drivers since up until recently sharpening only worked on dx12 games.
  3. theravenousbeas

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    So the stage generator is gone? Nice. Can't wait for all the nolifers to learn all the stages and for the multiplayer events to suck dick. Why on Earth would you put so much effort in such ambitious tech and throw it in the bin instead of refining it further.