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  1. theravenousbeas

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    I'd sooner trust Jon Armstrong on how a rally car's feedback through the steering wheel should feel than some Australian basement dwelling neckbeard inbred posting in forums
  2. theravenousbeas

    ‘Camera Shake’ - SOLVED!

    This works with all the DLC cars?
  3. theravenousbeas

    Cars grip after patch?

    People ain't too bright...
  4. theravenousbeas

    Cars grip after patch?

    OP might be slightly insane.
  5. theravenousbeas

    Dirt rally 2.0 Driving force GT

    Not him, but my settings are SAT 50 TF and WF 0 Suspension at 60. WF is damper, TF to me interferes with SAT too much. You can try upping both to around 20-25. Rest of the settings is up to you.
  6. You yourselves caused the issue by changing **** you really shouldn't. There's a reason why they left those settings at 1.0 at most.
  7. theravenousbeas

    Tarmac physics fix for wheel users

    Interesting. The tarmac bits in Australia felt great with a gravel setup car. May be worth a look into for the devs working on improving the FFB. The tyre forces have to be more pronounced but without ruining the SAT.
  8. theravenousbeas

    DiRTy Gossip

    So the stage generator is gone? Nice. Can't wait for all the nolifers to learn all the stages and for the multiplayer events to suck dick. Why on Earth would you put so much effort in such ambitious tech and throw it in the bin instead of refining it further.