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  1. On 4/6/2019 at 2:44 PM, JesseDeya said:

    How do you or any of us know how well they are addressing it? They haven't said anything of substance on the issue in five weeks. Here is the slightly cheeky summary of what they have said:

    • We know some of you want us to look at FFB, we're on to it, don't worry!
    • Most of you are happy with the FFB, some want it closer to DR 1.0.
    • Our handling team really needs to look at this. We want to get it right so it'll take some time, because we're professionals. Please don't ask why we didn't get it right for release.
    • Of all our customers currently beta testing our product, we'll select few of you, using chicken bones and tea leaves, to do a testing for us (for free) on an area we should have paid focus testers to do for us prior to release.
    • Just to reiterate, most of you are happy, some of you want minor tweaks, the rest of you are idiots that don't know what you want.
    • We'll continue to keep you updated, pinky swear. Have a great year! Buy our DLC!

    Stockholm syndrome 101. Wait a few MONTHS?


    I'd sooner trust Jon Armstrong on how a rally car's feedback through the steering wheel should feel than some Australian basement dwelling neckbeard inbred posting in forums

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  2. On 3/31/2019 at 1:35 PM, bbbwww said:

    try this. just extract it into the game's cars folder. It's just a subfolder per car with a cameras.xml file in it. If you don't like it, just delete these subfolders.

    It restores the dash cam you're used to from DR1 (and raises bumper cam a bit).



    This works with all the DLC cars?

  3. 6 hours ago, t0dA said:

    OMG, I found the problem! 😄

    It was in steam "General Controller Setting", needed to de-activate "Generic GamePad Configuration Support"...

    It's now detected in game and working!

    Can you share your wheel setting in game?



    Not him, but my settings are SAT 50 TF and WF 0 Suspension at 60. WF is damper, TF to me interferes with SAT too much. You can try upping both to around 20-25. Rest of the settings is up to you.

  4. So the stage generator is gone?

    Nice. Can't wait for all the nolifers to learn all the stages and for the multiplayer events to suck dick.

    Why on Earth would you put so much effort in such ambitious tech and throw it in the bin instead of refining it further.

  5. You know, as much as I applaud their decision to not add additional paid content for DR like they said, this would've literally been a goldmine for DLC. There's been so much hype around it, so many players that they would've bought literally anything.

    DLC can feel like a slap to the face (day 1 BS and such) but this particular game would've benefitted quite a lot from it IMO.

  6. Yes, the career mode is kind of an afterthought, which is shame. However "The raw driving is fun, but I can get that from other sims", apart from now ancient RBR you really can't get that and that is what sold DR to simracers and rally fans.

    I did the progression like this: 60s > 70s > 80s RWD > Kit cars > 90s 4WD and then deleted my save file like an utter idiot. It was a smooth way of progressing for me, although the kitcars weren't all that fun in Sweden.

  7. Now I have played F1 2016 its only fair I should balance last years rant with high praise this time around. 
    F1 2016 is really a huge step in the right direction in so many ways and addresses all the things that were awful about 2015 and 14! 
    The attention to detail, the feel and atmosphere is there and its clear the team there really get this weird sport we love. Congratulations to Codemasters a real return to form. 
    I haven't bought the new F1 game but I love all the praise it's been getting. It being a success as well as DiRT Rally bodes well for the next touring car game, which is what I'm looking forward to the most.

  8. IMO the second Race Driver is the best out of the modern Codies games. Both the sim and pro-sim handling modes felt really good with either a gamepad or a wheel and the AI was fantastic. In comparison, even in GAS it feels like the cars are floating over the track and oversteer/understeer feel artificial. GRID 1 was even worse, it was only slightly better than ToCA 3 which was a mess in terms of the cars' handling (handling on rails).

    What GRID 1 and maybe the first Race Driver game did much, much better than any other circuit racer on the market was the presentation of the whole package and the career mode. The sense of achievement of building up a team, driving seasons, making liveries etc. that, disregarding Forza and GT, no other PC racing game ever did (PCars is a disaster, don't even mention that). This, combined with really good AI (most important IMO), a solid simcade physics model that's pleasing to both gamepad and wheel users and a solid car/track list will definitely sell well.

    All the ToCA\GRID games have had these features but never in one game. That's what GAS should've been but ultimately wasn't. When Codies get this right, they'll have a great racing game for both the casual player and the simracer.

    What gives me hope is that they so many things right with DR now and it shows. Maybe this will inspire the necessary improvements for the next GRID game.