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  1. mikehaller88

    Overtake button as hold rather than on/off

    Just noticed this has been added in the latest update and wanted to say thank you!
  2. mikehaller88

    Overtake button as hold rather than on/off

    Also makes it harder to apply the throttle out of corners I watched that video of Lando Norris in Austria and he is clearly told to "hold it" for a few seconds. It's current implementation of on/off toggle, certainly doesn't fit with this. It just makes it a faff to use. The most effective way to use it as a brief burst for a few seconds coming at the start of a straight to get you up to v-max quicker, having it as a hold is just much simpler way to use it. In real life they wont be using it through corners or in traction zones. Maybe the on/off toggle is easier for controller users ( i use a wheeel) but there should definately be the option at least
  3. mikehaller88


    Same issue here, just finsihed China in season 2 of my team with 50% races & 90 AI, had about 1 VSC per race, but not a single proper safety car in 26 races. Very strange.
  4. Having played the game for a bit last night, one bit that i think could be improved is the Overtake button. Currently you press it to activate & then press it again to turn it off. I find this quite cumbersome and think it would be better if there was option for it to only work when the button is held down. This stops it being accidently left on at the end of a straight and is more in keeping with how its usually used which is for a couple of seconds early in the straight. I'm not sure how its used in real life, but i don't think it would hurt to add it in as an option