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  1. Very strange issue, hopefully the developers can fix it. Because it looks like it happens random, I understand Barry could not replicate the issue. As I said I also started a new career, and in the first race no issues. But mayby after a couple of races it appears. Probably something like a damaged saved file?
  2. Same problem in my team, In my case the problem only exists when I load the save game which I made before patch 1.12 came out. Since then every race I drove in My team there are no blue flags or corner cutting rules. However when I start a new career or drive a single grand prix everything is fine. Other people only having the problem with a mid race saved game before patch 1.12 came out?
  3. I noticed the same issue in my career. I race with 100% race lenght and every time i make a mid session save this happens. when i load the save there are no blue flags. happend two races in a row. I guess it will happen the third race in a row when i load the current saved game. It is pretty clear there is a problem after patch 1.12