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  1. Checked this forum having tried to play "Connecting to Server" for the last two evenings - when it kept crashing just on the "repair car" screen was when I gave up. I know Codemasters want to track the credits against accounts and enable the challenge rally stages - but to have such a dependency for what most users believe is an offline, solo, career mode, is not very impressive - they will have lost a lot of credibility with PS4 users who are trying this as PS+ users. Personally I still enjoy F1 2019, Dirt Rally, and (even!) the new Grid - but at the moment I'm not sure I'll bother goin
  2. I'm sure I'm not the only one who appreciated how often you were on the message boards and responded to posts, which were frequently critical about parts of the games that you personally had no direct control over.   It was a pleasure to have met you last* year at the community event - and I wish you all the best for the future. (*edit: wow - actually the year before last - doesn't time fly?!!)
  3. there seem to be few enough people online on PS3 as it is - this is only splitting up the online community further
  4. On PS3 it seems you only get the trophies as part of an online race event, and not from reaching level 10 (or higher) via RaceNet challenges. You don't need to uninstall though - as soon as you enter an online race at level 10 or above you will get the relevant trophy (happens at the point you move from the lobby to the event - just sitting in the lobby doesn't trigger it)
  5. Same here - PS3, second lap, tried twice, froze/crashed twice heading along Conrod straight as well.
  6. Remember when companies used to release full games, and then if they were popular and the fans wanted more, they might release DLC to enhance it further at a later date?! Seems the model now is to release three quarters of a game, with the rest already planned for release as DLC a few weeks after release (or via a "Season pass" that doesn't actually tell you what you would get, or how much it would be if you bought things separately) - and then re-release the game as a "Complete" version in another 6 months time including all the DLC. If this meant that release prices dropped then that would s
  7. Not only the car number - it would be useful to be able to modify sponsors too to suit the events you enter for the team.
  8. Agree - also have same issue with team livery.  If you sell the car you originally designed the team livery on, you have to design it again from scratch as you can only apply it to other cars, not apply then edit.
  9. On PS3 I find with the chase and far chase camera that a lot of the view is blocked by your own car - making bends blind, even with the racing line on (which you also can't see!) It's also strange that there is a "rooftop" type view in open wheelers and only one chase cam - this view would be great in the other disciplines as well. Found an image of the car's position on screen in Grid, and compared it to GAS with the chase cam - even though the view angles seem pretty similar, car seems to be significantly higher up the screen in GAS, meaning less of the track ahead is visible.
  10. Overall a massive improvement on Grid 2 - but still noticed a few minor points that could be better: Online playlist - touring car - nearly every track is "xxx (reversed)".  I remember a similar issue being raised about Grid 2 and a fix being put in to at least reduce the frequency of reversed layouts - please can the same be done again. Race engineer - "your rival / team mate is in the middle of the pack" - completely useless in a 16 car race, as this seems to account for any position between 4 and 14.  Just tell me he is in 5th or 10th - I can work out if that is ahead or behind me
  11. Random order grid in the online playlists would be my preference - I know it's something you can set in the custom playlists, and I think random is actually the default in those cases.
  12. If you do some of the other disciplines, you'll notice you are in 21st position every time!    Something definitely wrong with the leaderboards!
  13. Another old lurker here - I started on the spectrum, so first racing games were:Nigel Mansell Grand GrixFull Throttle (bikes - but racing round Silverstone if I remember right)and even Codemasters "BMX Simulator" :) Also spent hours on the spectrum "Formula One" game which was a team management simulator rather than an actual racing game - great fun waiting for your team cars to zip past the start/finish line every now and then with a farting noise!
  14. @Loore - more info on the tuning and upgrading in multiplayer would be good - one of the frustrations in Grid 2 was the potential (and frequent!) imbalance between cars in the same race (albeit that was at tier level rather than the GAS discipline split). Q1: How much difference to performance (rough percentage) in multi-player will upgrading / tuning a car make, compared to the stock or loan model? Q2: Is there a "free drive" track in multiplayer where you can test your tuned/upgraded car? Q3: Paying for repairs from damaged was mentioned - is that applicable to owned and loaned cars or just
  15. From what I remember we were let loose with four types of cars - a touring car, an open-wheel, a street car and what was probably one of the endurance ones, across a handful of tracks (several of which have not yet been revealed so may not be in the full game ... I will leave that to @Loore when he is good and ready! :) ) We were set up with a single car on track time-trial style mode simply to enable us to assess the handling, and given around 15 min with each car / track combination, and a choice of controller or wheel.  All the while each of us were monitored by an attentive Codem
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