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  1. Yes. I'll actually be able to buy some cars now!
  2. That would be a great idea. I wonder why they didn't play any of the previous GRID games before working on this one. Hmmmmm.
  3. Agreed. We need to be able to tune cars between each race. Different tracks definitely need different gear ratios at least. We had that in GAS. Anyone on the dev team actually play that game? Either that or reset each car to default tuning for multiplayer.
  4. I'm not playing it until they get rid of AI in MP. If they don't do this, I want my money back.
  5. Played the 360 version for a few hours. Getting some time in on career before hitting online. Playing on hard difficulty with no assists. All good so far. AI aggression is nicely balanced I think. Having trouble with the street race on Dubai. Is it just me or is that track really slippery? All good so far. Thanks Codemasters for bringing GRID back to me!
  6. Just pre ordered for 360. Loved GRID, but I never even played GRID2 as it looked like an awful game. Hope my faith in you isn't misplaced CM. Autosport is looking good though!
  7. It was definitely the case in GRID.
  8. One of the little known features of GRID was that if you didn't wash your car, it became more resistant to damage at the expense of being a bit slower. Especially useful for DD cars. Will GRID Autosport have this too?
  9. If people were allowed to design fully custom liveries (like Forza) then this would have to be policed (like Forza). As there are always some idiots who think it's funny to put stuff on their cars that breaks XBox Live rules. IE nudity, bad language, sexual and drug references etc etc.There are similar rules for PS too. People get banned almost daily from Forza for stuff like this. I can't imagine Codies having the time or inclination to deal with that really.
  10. I saw on one of the GRID Autosport videos that corner cutting is punished by the car slowing down for a few seconds. I assume that this will be online too. I think it would be good if the online lobby host had control over the corner cutting penalty. IE could set how long the car is powered down for after a corner cut or even switch it off altogether. If you find the lobby is full of cutters, then the time could be made longer, if you are in a lobby with clean racers, then it could be switched off as even the best drivers go off track occasionally.
  11. You should be faster without assists than with them in Autosport. Double cool.
  12. In GRID assists made you faster, so most people used them. In Forza they make you slower so you are rewarded for racing with assists off.
  13. I was hugely disappointed by and very critical of many things about GRID 2 and never bought or played the game as a result as it was obvious I would detest it. It's great that Codemasters have listened and produced what's looking like a true sequel to GRID. I'm still slightly skeptical, but am cautiously looking forward to it and will almost certainly buy it based on what I've heard so far.
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