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  1. Kalamede

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    I know some of what im going to say  has been already said, but I'm going to repeat and reinforce them. I played 2 days, 9 hours total, I have read a very very lot of real racing and car behaviour in all ways, I come from AC but im going straight to what I want to say: - FORCE FEEDBACK for me is the FIRST prority, it's the only way to feel the car and it's really very dead at the moment, you can't feel hits or what is going on under your wheels and you cannot almost feel its behaviour, without a good force feedback this game wont save itself to be tagged as arcadey. - DEGREES OF ROTATION it has to be the same as the real car, or at least more than the actual degrees. - CONFIGURE CAR AERODYNAMICS specially for hillclimb cars, its the most noticeable thing and almost the first you need to config without make your car way strange at different situations and to be able to get some oversteer!! - MANUAL CLUTCH not an automatic clutch with an annoyingly slow gear change that upsets the car and so we can do power shifting - AND there are a strange and annoying thing: when you move for example a quarter of your steering wheel really  fast, the game moves the wheel a little more and goes back correcting it, it gives you a really strange behaviour specially at low degrees of rotation. The rest of the game is amazing knowing it have 2 months old, very good job, amaaaaaziiiiing, and physics are very great to begin PD: Sorry for my wrong english :blush: