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    Will you continue to play GRID 2?

    i deleted grid 2 to make space for grid 3 since its so shit.
  2. so whats happening with this? is it anything like ebay cars in a game we all used to know and love? do collisions effect performance?does the ratio of races entered/races won effect the performance?does mileage effect performance? i haven't managed to give it a good test yet.

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    I'd like seconds on the low chase cam. Quite noticeable on the mini, needs raising a bit. I'd like a quit option in the pre race set up menu, it's a long wait if you don't want to play that track or game mode & can't quit till the pause menu. I'm not keen on the menu music. Good racing though, it was nice to be back on some of the old, good tracks. The new tracks tend to have to many slow corners.

    I am sorry Codemasters but this is a disgrace.

    i think the cars sound dull, very muffled sounds from exhausts----very boring. the menu system is as crap as grid 2---- joining party, do you want to leave session & party, wtf is that? i dont give a shit about a party & i didn't ask to join one. shouldn't have tuning but it can be disabled.  its too hard to leave a session when you want to & have to wait till you are racing to quit. there should be a quit option in the pre race screen. still doesn't look as pretty or run as smoothly as grid 1. 6 YEARS LATER!!!! corner cutting penalties boil my blood, gravel traps is all thats needed, how many times do we need to talk about it? the names & flags above multi player cars look a bit crap i.e. not as good as G1. but i must say i am enjoying the driving side & have had some good racing, its a game codemasters should be proud of in that respect, its been nice to race on the tracks of old. the sensation of speed isn't quite there in the touring car class compared to the G1 standard but i think i can get used to that.

    The 'I purchased Autosport' Thread

    this games a real grower, feels crap at first but give it a hour & I'm sure you'll all love it.

    Anyone played it online yet?

    I've got a touring car lobby open now if you guys want to join

    Anyone played it online yet?

    I'm playing online but I'm only seeing two open lobbys across all disciplines? whats that about?!!!
  8. okutama…… hope i spelled it right. hands down my favourite track in g1 for touring cars and id love to see it back
  9. 2014 ebay bmw all time rydell 850 volvo estate

    Grid Autosport

    @Loore  theres a couple of things id like to see in a video. 1 a car being driven at full speed not sandbagging behind a pack to make a pretty vid 2 the corner cutting penalty system including getting rammed off track on a corner 3 all the options for assists, collisions, tuning, flashbacks, penalties, laps, (i feel theres far to many options here plus having custom lobbys rather than just voting like the good old fashioned way i think the online is getting far too diluted)
  11. I'm saying no, i appreciate that pit stops would be good in endurance racing but i feel the need for pitstops would take away from the pure racing in a pack and add too many variables. i know if pitstops were implemented it would end up being across the board in all racing and lead to set ups tyre choices and all that crap and I'm just not into it.

    GRID3 "a must have" features list.

    didn't grid 2 have rubber banding too? we don't want any of that either

    What you want to see from GRID

    thats probably part of the ploy to get you to buy all the DLC just so you can join a single lobby

    GRID3 "a must have" features list.

    looks good to me flash, the features to delete are more important to me than the ones to keep! 3 top choices right there and I'm sure everyone who's played grid 1 extensively and tried grid 2 will agree.
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