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  1. Platform: PC, game version 1.13.0 Version: Deluxe (steam) + Season 3-4 + Flat Out pack Experienced where: New Zealand and only with new cars from Flat Out pack: Group A: Subaru Legacy and 2000cc: Subaru Impreza S4 Can u replicate it: Yes Description: Lens Flare effect in graphic options is making sun light go through the ground/hills etc in new cars (Legacy and Impreza S4). Out of the car views are not affected by this. picks of it (stage is New Zealand: Ocean Beach Sprint Forward 25seconds in at sunset time-of-day but I think this glitch will happen anywhere when
  2. Hi, I'm trying to race as realistically as possible which means: 1. I need to know the correct handbrake information for the car. By that I mean which cars really had a handbrakes that could be used while racing (like in hairpins). 2. Also need info for realistic transmission choice for every car.  Meaning which ones had H-shifter+clutch, direct H-shifter(no clutch), sequential stick, or paddle-shifter(s). It's so difficult to find all this data just by myself from internet so I'm hoping that Codemasters would share that information if they already have it. Or they could get it more eas
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