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  1. 1. In race replay and highlights the recording skips several frames at the end of the race when the player controlled car crosses the finish line. It happens every time, so also when you rewind a bit and watch crossing of finish line again. It also happens when watching an AI car on another part of the track while the user controlled car crosses the finish line at the end of the race. It’s probably coming from the actual race because the skipping also exists when actually driving. Maybe because driver of the day image is loaded. Because this is a new feature and it didn’t happen in F1 2019. 2. Windows 10, PC 3. 1.06 4. All game modes 5. This happens all the time when watching replays or highlights. Tested over 20 times with different cars and game modes. Replicate by driving a 5 lap race and watch replay or highlight. 6. Tried to reinstall game but problem still there. 7. Fanatec Club Sport Wheel base 2.0 and fanatec csp v3
  2. Ronage

    * NEW FEATURE * - Spectator Shortcuts

    Wait does this mean I can use this in replay in single player too? That would be extremely cool.
  3. Ronage

    Real 2020 calendar

    Yeah I agree. That could be a real problem. Licensing issues and time. So probably the answer is no. We get what was the original plan and we can at least decide on which tracks we want to race in 2020.
  4. Ronage

    Real 2020 calendar

    I know that a lot about 2020 season is still unclear and venues in limbo. I was wondering however if there will be a feature to create the real calendar in F1 2020. meaning that you can drive twice in Austria and silverstone e.g. and that the GP’s have the real name. So Austrian GP and GP of Steiermark? i think it would be cool because it would be the first time ever we could actually drive the whole season in real time. Every race on the same day like the real drivers.
  5. Ronage

    I am not a rookie anymore

    Yeah but that’s my point. We should be able to claim our number when we go with the scenario that we are not a rookie. Then the real driver who has the same number will get a random number. I understand that this would be a bit weird with Hamilton because his 44 is part of his “brand” but I don’t like that a new driver like Latifi is getting my number. but yeah. The feature is probably not as important that there will be time of the devs waisted on it.
  6. I think the game should start to be able to track your records from game to game. I am on board since 2010 and before that I had a GP4 career from 2002 until 2010. so I would like to at least tell the game that I am a veteran driver who won the championship 4 times in my career. Think about it. There are scenarios in that who can spice up the F1 game. For example I am an old champion who is struggling to get a new contract in a top team so I try to make a smaller team better. also I want to be able to keep my number 6 and not having to give it to another driver when I start a new year with the new F1 game. I do 100% races and my season is usually during line in real life because I do practice and qualifying and race on the same day as it’s in real life. so this year latifi is getting number 6 and I have to think about using 66 again. This is unacceptable as a 4 times world champion 😉 any chance of getting such a feature in next game?
  7. Ronage

    HUD for replays in F1 2020

    I never understood why they don’t have at least Tower on the top left and a drivers name and position Badge and the f1 Logo in offline single player. They have it in online spectator mode so it should be in single player as well. This feature and the possibility to save full replays would be the cherry on top of a great game.
  8. Ronage

    Suggestion, restrict cockpit view

    I totally agree we need this. I want to play more online but right now I think most of the guys playing in t-cam have an unfair advantage over me. I still refuse to play in t-cam. I want to feel like the driver of the car and not like a viewer of a race.
  9. Just a small thing I want to add: it would be nice if in career my name and national flag would be shown on the overal belt line on all other drivers. That should be on „live“ coverage in game (driving, cutscenes, etc.) and also on the pictures of me in the menu. It shouldn’t be that much of a problem to add and it would more immersive. Also on the tarmac in the pits would be cool.