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  1. flying lizard´s 2012 le mans liveries were awesome
  2. my favourite is the audi v8 quattro  and of 2014... the btcc honda civic wagon 
  3. mine are touring cars and endurance , nowadays i think that are the most exciting motorsport disciplines , all of them will be good as well as i´ve read 
  4. and of course i agree with the provisional confirmed tracks malaysia, abhu dhabi, hochemheim the jarama!!..
  5. i will choose 2 from each region , not confirmed tracks and carstracks : donington   suzuka           daytona                        motorland /algarve     macau(street)  laguna seca  ,and le mans cars endurance toyota ts040  corvette c7r  a DP                       audi r18+      hpd arx03    street , time attackm3 sport   z tune r34  evo 9  corvette zr1 mustang gt500svt
  6. A mixed bunch of disciplines , as DIRT had .focused on off roading escene . rallycross , raid / baja (trucks and cars)  , hillclimb ( not trailblazer crap) , rallyng , head 2 head , and CORR alike championship would be fantastic  open world rally raid stages would be interesting and fun.  
  7. Q: will there be real teams as in the first grid ? and real race drivers as antonio garcia and dirk muller ? Q: what about prototipes (LMP and DP) in endurance racing? GREAT JOB CODIES the game seems really spectacullar carry on working as you´re currently doing , we love games such as GRID 1and the first DIRT  . THANKS!
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